Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash by Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy


Post by Portia


Hey the bubblicious APJers,

I like to have bubble baths. For anyone who reads this blog regularly this is hardly news, but for newbies I thought it best you be told. I have bubble baths when I’m getting ready for work or if I’m stressed. Sometimes drawing myself a half bath when I just want to feel clean. In the summer it’s cool baths and in the other seasons as hot as I can stand it. There is something so energising and calming about being submerged and surrounded by bubbles. After my bath it’s a quick sluice under a cool to cold shower, no matter what the temp or season.

Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy


Obviously my mates are on board with this great love of mine and recently AF Beauty bought me a bottle of Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash by Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy. They call it Sensual but I beg to differ, ain’t nothing sensual about this zingy little player. We are talking Ethyl Maltol heaven here: sugary, fizzy, zesty and fun.

It’s like bathing in a cross between Mugler’s Angel & Guerlain La Petit Robe Noire, very fizzy sugar, berries and praline. I like it. It creates a perfect base for any of the Angel line or its gazillion copy cats. I particularly like original Lolita Lempicka, Liberté by Cacharel, Miss Dior Cherie or even Truth or Dare over it. There’s not a huge difference made in their fragrant wear but a little extra zip and sizzle never hurt anyone.


As you can see the Aussie back is darker and more lavish looking than its overseas counterpart above. This is taken from my bathtub with me inside, so it’s practically porn. He He he.

B&BW has this for a song, you don’t have to use it as bubble bath because it’s a shower gel too. There are also a wide range of extra products in the same fragrance range to choose from. All at that deliciously bargain B&BW price. NICE!

Do you like to have a bath?
What are your rituals?
Portia xx

13 thoughts on “Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash by Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy

  1. Funnily enough, I was thinking about you earlier when I was in the bath…mind out of the gutter thank you. I poured in Shalimar shower gel which creates loads of bubbles and indulgence, just lovely.
    Also bought some Tresor d’Oriente Aegyptum gel which purportedly has a kyphi scent. Quite nice also.
    Kniepp lavender bath essence cheap thrill!


  2. The bath is my safe place. I couldn’t live somewhere without one. The hotel room in Barcelona didn’t have one but I somehow managed to cope for 4 days 🙂
    I have a preference for oils and am using the ones from Elemental Herbology at the moment. I need to start making my own.


  3. I have an assortment of Lush bath bombs, L’Occitane stuff and Chanel No. 5 bath milk which is totally fabulous. The bottle is huge, like a factice, it is gorgeous!


  4. I love baths but, unfortunately, I do not have a good one now – so it’s mostly showers for me (with whatever shower gel I have at the moment – Chanel No 19 is what I used recently). But whenever I stay at a hotel with a nice bath, I spend quality time with it 🙂


    • Hey Undina,
      I was thinking of you because my BFFs Kath and Alice are currently holidaying in Hawaii and having a wonderful time.
      That CHANEL No 19 sounds good, does it have the notes from the top or base?
      Portia xx


  5. I have been having regular baths Portia due to your influence haha!! So relaxing and refreshing, anything with rose or lavender. Need a o get my hands on some no 19, sounds great.


    • YAY! I am an INFLUENCER! Thanks Anna-Maria,
      We should split a bottle of the No 19 Gel. You can have the bottle I’ll just have half the juice.
      Portia xx


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