"14°S 48°E” EdP Natural Terroir Perfume by Vero Kern for Richard Lüscher Britos 2013


Post by Val the Cookie Queen



Malvin Richard, Lukas Lüscher and Serena Britos (RLB) contacted Vero Kern with regards to creating a fragrance for their project. Unique fragrances, created around and characterized by certain landscapes, plants and people. Hence “Terroir”. (Please jump to Olfactoria’s Travels and read the account of my visit to the launch!)

ValCQ Terrior


I wondered how Vero Kern got involved in this fascinating project, so I asked her! They did not know each other. RLB contacted Vero when they were looking for perfumers for their project. They knew of her from various press articles and blogs. Conveniently, they all live in Switzerland too! Vero fell in love with the concept from the beginning. especially with their Terroir philosophy. She felt that it fit in very well with her personal goals in perfumery. It was a distinct advantage of course that Vero had started her scent career with aromatherapy. Working with
natural materials requires experience.

“14°S 48°E” EdP Natural Terroir Perfume by Vero Kern

for Richard Lüscher Britos 2013

MADAGASCAR “14°S 48°E” – Confidence in the Unknown

Please look at the website: it explains clearly here the three levels of each fragrance. Each of the Terroir perfumers were briefed; the materials they would chose needed to correspond with these levels, the core of the Terroir concept.

Vero´s choices included:

Top: Green mandarin, Bergamotte, Citron
Heart: Ylang Ylang (the main star of 14°S 48°E) Frangipani, Pink Pepper
Base: Vetiver, Cacao, Vanille, Tolu

“Madagascar is known for its incredible biodiversity …… a melting pot of cultures …… the Ambanja forests …….”

The Terroirs are only made from natural raw materials.

ValCQ Vero Tree

Now is the part where I should tell you how it smells. I have been wearing this more on than off for the last five weeks. Walking around with my nose glued to various parts of my body is not the best way to enjoy this glorious fragrance. I realized that when my daughter walked into the room and commented on the lovely vanilla smell. I couldn´t detect that in close proximity. There is a killer burst of sour citrus as the beginning which is totally invigorating. It slides seamlessly into a quite spicy and slightly bitter bouquet, balmy and relaxing. Ylang Ylang buzzing around like a bee. The vetiver is earthy. The vanilla cunning!

My first try out of 14°S 48°S was in the winter. It was nice, but something was being held back. It is completely different in the heat. It thrives in the warmth and releases its aromatic secrets more willingly. I don´t have much experience with naturals, but I would say this is quite tenacious as it lasts, liberally sprayed, about 6 hours on my skin. The flaçons are fabulous.

I am sat here in a big cloud of it: a huge .vero.profumo. fan (have I ever mentioned that) and it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to try some of Vero Kern´s other work. A million thanks to the fabulous Vero for her help and photo and to Lukas for the generous samples.

All naturally yours

Photos Donated by Val CQ

“14°S 48°E” EdP Natural Terroir Perfume GIVEAWAY


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1 x “14°S 48°E” EdP sample
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Entries Close Friday 15th June 2014 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
I will crack out my dead armadillo, which did not come from Madagascar, pop the names into it, and get one of the kids to pick one.
The winners will have till Tuesday 19th June 2014 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.


37 thoughts on “"14°S 48°E” EdP Natural Terroir Perfume by Vero Kern for Richard Lüscher Britos 2013

  1. I follow by email. This intrigues me because I live in a hot humid area (Florida US) and you said it really blooms in the heat. Thanks for the draw.


  2. I live in South Florida and I think this scent would thrive wonderfully on my skin in our tropical climate. I follow by email

    Many Thanks


  3. I follow by email. I’m a fan of Vero’s work already and am looking forward to this one. I love supporting a project that uses naturals, and this one sounds right up my alley. And you had me at ylang ylang. Thanks for the draw!


  4. Hi Val! Lovely review. I follow by email and would love to try this perfume. I am a big Vero Kern fan and love the idea that vanilla can be detected in the heat without being overpowering.


  5. Heya Val,
    Great work as always. LOVE the photos.
    DNEM but good luck to everyone else.
    Hugs to the family, and yourself Val.
    Portia xx


  6. Oh, how delicious. So, how do I start? It interests me because it’s a Vero Kern, because I want to go to Madagascar one day, because I love the notes and because I love perfumes that can stand and work well in the heat.
    I follow via email.


  7. Vero Kern working with naturals? Must try that!
    The notes sound like something I would love too, does Madagascar have that tropical feeling I wonder.
    I follow by email


  8. i am smitten with the idea of a terroir concept perfume… i love that they are using raw natural materials.. i love they are drawing attention to our globe and it’s jewels! ecology and perfume; my favorite pairing by far.

    i follow by email/wordpress.

    thank you for the lovely article and draw!


  9. Wow, Val. A Vero vanilla. Sound heavenly. Love that pic of her and the tree.

    6 hours is great longevity for a natural.

    “Balmy” is such a great description and the perfect word I failed to think of when writing a review recently.


  10. What a lovely post, Val! Super photos too. DNEM, though. I’m so overloaded with samples right now that it just would’t be right to enter for another.
    Azar xx


  11. I’ve been fascinated for many years with the plant species indigenous to Madagascar, especially the bizarre looking succulents like the Euphorbias. I’m a big fragrance collector, mostly Niche, and find the story behind Vero Kern eventually developing her own line–more for the pure passion of it and not the money–is quite commendable. Plus she’s pretty damn hip, from what I can tell.


  12. I follow by email. This sounds delicious! I had the pleasure of meeting Vero Kern in Paris several years ago at Denyse Beaulieu’s house, a very fun evening! Love her Onda and Rubj parfums.


  13. Wow, this scent sounds fantastic. I’m also a huge Vero fan. After a weekend where our temps ranged from 35-38, I’m curious to try this in our warm weather.


  14. I follow APJ via e-mail, and also on Facebook. 🙂 I’m looking for a scent that will bloom in our North Texas summer heat (90’s-100’s from now through September) and I love citron and ylang-ylang as notes in general. And anything Vero has put a hand to MUST be wonderful!


  15. I follow by bloglovin. I would love to try this as I’m a big fan of Vero Kern and the Madagascar terroir sounds terrific!


  16. Email follower! I’d love to find a great vanilla scent. Vaniglia del Madagascar was too strong for me, so this one has me intrigued.


  17. No need to enter me. I’ve got my nose pressed to my wrist right now huffing this one. The Ylang-ylang is intoxicating. I might be biased though because I’m another Vero fangirl. Her perfumes always seem to check off all the right boxes for me.


  18. I love vetiver and vanilla, and I’ve never tried anything from Vero Kern before but I’d love to start (I also love her dog, though that is not a reason to want to try her perfume…or is it?). I follow by email, thank you!


  19. Hey Portia, I follow your blog through bloglovin.

    I would love to smell this perfume, as I love cacao and have a range of perfumes based on Cacao co2. If it is a natural perfume only 😉



  20. I follow by email and this perfume interests me because of the ylang and vanilla combination- it sounds very different from Songes, but as Songes is a favorite of mine and utilizes many of the same notes, I’m definitely wanting to test this.


  21. Thank you for the giveaway, Val! Follow you guys by email. This one interests me a lot: first, Vero Perfumes is a line I have been curious about for ages, Vero Kern being the kind of woman I consider chic, and her interviews conveying so much intelligence. Then, it is inspired by Madagascar, a place that I am extremely curious about. That tree! Last, but certainly not least, the Shalimar-like notes are super appealing to me. Not to mention it is a natural perfume! Please, count me in. 🙂


  22. Following via email and also on bloglovin as Lubica K.
    Why would I like to try this? It has really novelty name and I also love idea of creating fragrances by certain landscapes. I ve studied geography so I ve fallen in love with it immediately. 🙂


  23. Hallo, Val,
    thank you and APJs for the giveway!
    I follow by email and on the FB page.
    I still haven’t tried anything from the fabulous Vero Kern,
    I haven’t been to Madagascar,
    I am pretty picky about vanilla scents,
    and I haven’t won anything in a while – aren’t these enough reasons for me to wish to try this curiously called fragrance, Terroir? 🙂
    Well, let me give you one more – it sounds like a clash of incompatible ingredients that make it in a harmonious amalgam. I am already salivating!


  24. I love Vero Kern and I’m interested to try this because I’d love to visit Madagascar someday.

    Thanks, Val!

    I follow by email.


  25. I love what I have read about the concept of Richard Lüscher Britos Terroir Perfumes, Vero Kern(of course, Andy Tauer, too) is more than great recommendation and I’m always intrigued with exclusive usage of natural raw materials. I follow via RSS, WordPress, mail, FB, twitter. Thank you! And, OMG, I almost missed this chance! 🙂


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