Felanilla PG21 by Pierre Guillaume for Perfumerie Generale 2008

Hiya Happy Huffers,

I hope this finds you happy and well. Obviously, it may not. If you are not either or neither happy nor well then I hope at least we can take your mind off your troubles for a few minutes. If you can, or want to, go grab a cup or glass of your favourite. I have a cup of Korean tea here, it has a freaky nutty flavour that is both repulsive and more-ish. Jin also tells me that it is a good aid in digestion, cool, I’ll take that too. Hang on, I’m going to grab a refill…. I put some honey in this one to soothe my throat, trying to make yourself heard above rowdy pub crowds can take it out of your voice and my throat is a little tender tonight.

Felanilla PG21 by Pierre Guillaume for Perfumerie Generale 2008

PG21 Felanilla Parfumerie Generale FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Italian iris, amber, hay, saffron, Tahitian vanilla, banana leaf

My mate Lakshmi swapped me a 10ml split decant of this for something in my collection, I didn’t even try it for a while after he gave it to me. One day though it made it to the front of the to try box and I think I was running out the door and grabbed the first thing to hand without really looking, mmmmm warm was all I thought till in the car I was assailed by the most beautiful and sensual vanilla/amber and I was lost. That 30 minute journey became all about Felanilla,

Felanilla Parfumerie Generale Warm Feet PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Felanilla is beautiful, interestingly I can’t find most of the listed notes, for me and on me Felanilla is a vanilla/amber/saffron bomb that has some other stuff in the background that stops it smelling like a bake sale and keeps it firmly in the un-gourmand sweet range, a warm, dry, comfortable, sweetness that is both enveloping and welcoming. A hug, fire, fresh coffee, hot bread feeling. There are definite nods in Felanilla to the perfumery of years gone by. The amber is soft and resinous with none of the dark or scratchy backbite of an Ambre Russe, here we smell a caramelled amber both smooth and weathered. The story is not a long one, basically Felanilla continues in much the same vein till dry down only getting slightly dryer through the heart (I think it may be the iris/hay), a little bit of a bed-head/fur thing happens and comes & goes and then the whole fragrance grows sweeter towards the end as it fades. Having now read a few reviews and most people get a much more varied journey than I do with Felanilla, maybe I’m not paying enough attention or maybe my skin throws a different ride.

Felanilla Parfumerie Generale Catfur Doug Waldron FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Longevity is excellent but after the first couple of hours Felanilla gets very close to the body and you need to be quite close to notice fragrance.

Even though there is not much story on my skin I totally enjoy wearing Felanilla, the fragrance hits a sweet spot with me and I find myself reaching for it quite regularly, of the 10ml there is now only about 3ml left. Will it be a full bottle in my future? I’m not sure, though it’s different I don’t think it enough different from L’Eau d’Ambre by L’Artisan or Ambre Ceruleen by Huitieme Art. When I finish those bottles though it could be the one I go for.

Further reading: The Non-Blonde and Grain de Musc
First In Fragrance has €94/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/ml

Have you tried Felanilla? Did you enjoy its warm silky caress?
Portia xx




10 thoughts on “Felanilla PG21 by Pierre Guillaume for Perfumerie Generale 2008

  1. Lovely review, Portia. For me Felanilla is also not very complicated but utterly delicious and a little bit filthy. My sample is nearly empty and I can see a full bottle coming soon.


  2. I haven’t tried Felanilla but I am really tired of the “bake sales” and would love a vanilla with a vintage reference. This might just be the right new vanilla for me. Thank you, Portia, for another great review.
    Azar xx


    • Hey there Azar,
      I have a soft spot for the bake sales too but you’re right, this is a totally different fish. If I had more I’d send you some. There may be a FB in the very near future, I’ll let you know.
      Portia x


  3. Hi Portia,
    To me, Felanilla is a very grown-up vanilla but I prefer rather playful ones. There is a note in Felanilla which reminds me of antique shops (probably the banana wood?) which is interesting but…In German there is a saying that interesting is the little sister of boring – and that’s absolutely not what I mean. I mean interesting in a way of being exotic or challenging, probably like your Korean tea…
    The only serious vanilla in my collection is L’Artisan’s Vanilla Absolument.


    • Hey there Anka,
      I love Vanilla Absolument too. I can see where you think they relate and I find Felanilla softer, less robust and more nuanced. I am going to have to do a side by side though to fully remember. Thanks for the tip.
      Portia xx


  4. I am very partial to Felanilla, which is in my top ‘animalic vanillas’, along with Labdanum 18 and L’Ombre Fauve. Gotta love a perfume with banana wood and roll-in-the-hay absolute. 😉


    • Heya Vanessa,
      Did you get me to smell L’Ombre Fauve in Blooms? I have a feeling you did but can’t remember, it was a pretty overwhelming day.
      Portia xx


    • Yeah, I have no idea what that should smell like so I can’t say I smelled Banana Leaf. I wonder if it smells at all like the Banana?
      Portia xx


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