Vohina by Pierre Guillaume for Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

Hiya Niche Nerds,

I know how much you all love Pierre Guillaume’s physique, handsome face and abject fear of wearing too many clothes. The fact that he makes lovely, wearable, interesting fragrances can be bypassed quite easily for a lingering look at some of his images, he is quite stunningly spectacular. One of the great things for me about this man and his frags is that all three of his perfume companies, I think they are his businesses but he may be their perfumer only, feel like they are a good fit for me. Huitieme Art Parfums, Parfumerie Generale and Phaedon all have something intrinsic that invites me in, as if I’m already part of the gang and I can just come and have a casual sniff that may tuirn into full blown love at any moment. I feel much the same way about Guerlain, Olympic Orchids, L’Artisan and Estee Lauder: not that all of these companies offerings work for or on me but they feel friendly.

Vohina by Pierre Guillaume for Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

Vohina Huitieme Art Parfums FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
White honey, peach blossom, hay (LuckyScent calls it Lavender Honey)

Huitieme Art Parfums is a brand that I particularly like. The scents that I have spent any real time with have all worked on some level for me. So today I want to look at Vohina, I tried it in BLOOM Perfumery in London back in February and because I was too excited and couldn’t concentrate properly the girls have me a lovely carded sample which I’ve only just come across. Now I can spend some dedicated sniffing time with Vohina, YAY!

SMILE! This is so different to my memory and expectations. The white honey is waxy and animal, peach blossoms are pretty and surprisingly sweet (to be honest I get more fruit than blossom) and the hay seems still green at the beginning. I love how Birgit says in the middle of her winter, “I need the warmth of the sun, not an oven, I need blue skies and green meadows, not my living room. I need the sparkling freshness of a light summer scent.” Yes, Vohina is spring in a bottle, perfect for wear in any season and shot through with the splendid zing that can only come from the huge resurgence of life that spring is, like the world’s annual heart beat.

Vohina Huitieme Art Parfums Spring Blossom Catherine FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

The honey takes a waltz with the peach right through the centre of Vohina, they are beautifully paired and in constant frisson. There are more things going on but if I told you I get a soft BarBQ and smoke through the heart you would think me bananas, and when I say that there is also a candy sweet sugariness like the strawberry part of Strawberries & Cream lollies and the pink Musk Sticks I know you will think I’ve gone barmy but there they are for me. Bold as brass.

As Vohina moves through its lifespan the spring turns to summer, the honey becomes less apparent, fruitiness recedes and the green haystacks brown off to straw. There is a clean-ness to Vohinas dry down, the musks? Could it be the lavender? Is there a whisper of it twisting through?

Sometimes I think my nose has gone a bit haywire, Vohina bears closer inspection.

Vohina Huitieme Art Parfums Haystacks Geograph.UKPhoto Stolen Geograph.org.uk

Vohina is lovely but my skin eats most of it in under two hours and leaves me with a very soft, a faint sweet musky woodsiness. It is pretty and wearable and I could imagine Vohina being an excellent gateway fragrance for someone who is testing the niche waters from a steady diet of designer.

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Scented Hound
LuckyScent has $125/50ml and samples
First In Fragrance has €95/50ml and samples

Which of this line have you tried? Do you like Pierre or his fragrant aesthetic?
Come on, join the conversation, we love to read what you think in the comments below.
Portia xx



10 thoughts on “Vohina by Pierre Guillaume for Huitieme Art Parfums 2010

  1. I really like Pierre and not just for the obvious reasons 🙂 I need to try more in the HA line. I only really know Poudre de Riz and Myrrhiad which are both great. This sounds like a lovely one to get to know next.

    Ah February with you at Bloom…happy memories.


    • That was a wonderful day Tara. How much fun did we all pack into it. I ended up grabbing a 15ml of Epice Marine. Every time I wear it my first thought is of our time in Hermes in Selfridge & Co. It’s a very happy place when times are blue.
      Portia xx


      • That makes me happy to think you’re reminded of me and that day in Hermes when you spray Epice Marine. I remember how good it was on you.

        I’ve more happy that it cheers you up when you’re feeling blue, though I hope that’s not often.

        Big hug xxx


  2. Aah I had instant love for Sucre dEbene in this line…sort of the lokoum style but with a haunting greenish note. It reminds me of one of my all time delirious loves…the smell around the cane mills in Queensland when they are processing the burnt off cane….yes did you see that photo of Pierre that popped up somewhere in his budgie smugglers recently??!! Xo


    • Ha Ha Ha! I think Pierre was smuggling a Corella, those smugglers were packed.
      I love the way he introduces unexpected notes in harmony, a bit like Serge Lutens but less confrontational.
      Portia x


  3. I must say, after the opening of your review I couldn’t help but expect a picture of Pierre 🙂 However, I loved your review as well! I am very curious about honey notes in perfumes (I haven’t tried that many, but it seems like it can often add a very subtle dirtiness), and this one sounds lovely!


  4. I do love the image of these waltzing notes, dancing along together. And I agree the PG lines are all very welcoming. Almost as welcoming as PG himself. 🙂


    • OOOH! Have you met him Natalie? Did he welcome you in a special way? Naah, just being naughty, but did he?
      He He He
      Are you fled back home yet?
      Portia xx


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