Lolita Lempicka: Elle L'aime 2013

Hey Hey APJ,

Today we are wandering the mainstream halls of department stores. Yes it’s designer fragrance day and I was surprised to see a lovely new bottle in the designer section last year. Earlier this year I gave myself a quick spritz. Lolita Lempicka is a favourite mainstream house because they are often edgy and boundary pushing. Their original Lolita Lempicka, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin and L de Lolita Lempicka Coral Flower have been favourites of mine through smelling on my mates. So, how did the new one measure up?

Lolita Lempicka: Elle L’aime 2013

Christine Nagel and Serge Majoullier

Elle L'aime Lolita Lempicka FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, neroli, lime
Heart: Coconut, jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, myrrh

Can I first say how terrible I think the name is when you aren’t French. Elle L’aime? Isn’t that like “Pretty Lame”? or “So Lame”? What a crap name.

Elle L’aime, for those that are wondering means “It’s Like”. So what is Elle L’aime like? Well, the fragrance is pretty and wearable. The citrus opens with a zing and already there is a beautiful fat coconut note pushing through, it’s very gourmand on my skin. Like a Lemon Meringue Pie with Coconut sprinkles and Vanilla and Biscuit base. All ice cream delicious. Fun.

As the very slightly breathy jasmine and the thick, glutinous, fatty ylang oozes in all slinky-like they are paired very nicely with the citrus remnants and the coconut. Though I am pretty sure there aren’t a LOT of natural parts in this recipe the whole vibe is surprisingly dense and the sillage is quite noticeable though you have to sit somewhere for nearly a minute before the fragrance pushes its way out from you. The jasmine and ylang heart is surprisingly green, maybe remnants of the neroli(?), but it feels like some kind of sappy leaf has been torn and it’s just a hint behind the rest of the fragrance.

I think Elle L’aime will be a perfect first grown up fragrance or a lovely addition to your easy wear, spritz and forget wardrobe. In fact, though they don’t smell much the same I am reminded of Annich Goutal’s Songes, a sugared version made in the 21st century perhaps.

They have done a nice job on the sandalwood, it has some lovely facets of the Australian sandalwood but there’s probably not much of the real deal, if any. It’s warm, buttery and cuddly and has a lovely softly polished age to it that sits very well with the vanilla and of myrrh I can see no sniff or scanty scent. But that could very easily be me, my nose is notoriously wonky.

Photo Stolen Fragrantica

The girl in the picture is well chosen as representative. Elle L’aime is pretty, creamy, at once lovely and perfectly groomed, she is probably arriving at the party in this shot and will not change overly throughout the night. I imagine her leaving only very slightly mussed and a little less expectant, perhaps even a little sparkle from the dancing and the kissing. While hard core perfumistas will probably be bored to tears by Elle L’aime because it is in no way challenging or outrageous. If the job of perfume is to smell good then Elle L’aime is doing a good job. I smell lovely right to dry down in well over 5 hours till Elle L’aime is just a quiet hum of something close to nothing….

Further reading: Now Smell This and NYMag: The Cut
FragranceNet starts at $37/38ml after coupon
My Perfume Samples has $2/ml to $7/5ml

Do you ever go mainstream? Which designer fragrance house in department stores will get your attention when you wander through? Do you await a particular crews latest? Does a bottle ever capture your attention?
Portia xx

14 thoughts on “Lolita Lempicka: Elle L'aime 2013

  1. *laugh* “so lame”… that cracked me up!

    i’m not sure who translated that for you, but wouldn’t it be “She Loves It” ?


  2. Hi Portia,

    What a fun (and funny) review! To answer a couple of your questions: When I shop mainstream (I do but only through the discounters) the bottles and gift sets are my downfall. Some of the bottles are so fabulous that it doesn’t even matter what’s in them! Also I am on a red lipstick kick these days and one of the LLem/Elle L’aime sets includes a great looking red. BTW – the Lolita Lempicka (LLem – Elle L’aime) play on transliteration aside – I just can’t trust Google Translate. Its lame!

    Azar xx


    • Thanks Azar,
      Yes, Google translate can be lame but still at 1-3am when I’m writing it’s close and though it can cause confusion I like that bit of it too.
      Yes, trolling the discounters at night is one of my downfalls too. It’s so fun. LOVE a bargain.
      Portia xx


      • Portia,
        I can hardly stand it! The Elle L’aime – lipstick set has not been discounted anywhere (yet). I am going to have to control myself. BTW, do you have any recommendations for bright red or orange-red lipsticks? I’m looking for florescent orange-red, semi matte. I have a couple of favorites (Estee Lauder Envy Impassioned and a couple of the MAC reds). I know that Val is not just a cookie queen but the queen of red lipsticks as well. Perhaps she would be willing to reveal her favorites?
        Fiery Azar xx


        • Ha Ha ha! Azar, you will be so sad. I don’t even own a brand lipstick. The only thing I use are Ben Nye Lip Pencils. they are the best on earth and I only use Plum.
          Portia xx


      • Thanks for the tip, Portia! I never thought of using stage make-up but why not? Ben Nye has some good looking reds and the prices are good too. My favorite red of all time was a stencil brand fat lip pencil that I can no longer find anywhere…hence the frenzy for red.
        Azar xx


        • You are welcome. Everyone’s worst make up fear. LIPSTICK DISCONTINUATION!
          I sit at tables with my girlfriends and every now & then it is the topic de jour. It seems to give ultimate fear no matter the price point.
          Portia xx


  3. As for translations, it could be either she loves it or she loves him – and as Azar mentioned, a fun play on words with the designer’s name. In any event, it only works in French!



    • Hey TaraC,
      Righto. It all makes sense now but you can imagine my delight at finding the name and having a snigger to myself. It’s the little things that make life special.
      I am glad to know the truth of it though so when I make the joke I can reference my knowledge so people will be amused at my patter and amazed at my breadth of knowledge. Win Win.
      Portia xx


  4. I really like all the LL bottles, although none of my local department stores (or my local Sephora) seem to carry the line anymore. I’ll have to get a sample–all the notes sound lovely to me, and this may be the closest thing to a green floral I can enjoy.

    The last thing I sprayed based purely on the bottle was a Katie Perry thing — Killer Queen maybe?– and I regretted it.


    • BUM on the Killer Queen, I have to admit that I quite liked it: and the bottle.
      As to green, yes the hint is way back in the far background. If green is your nemesis then I think Elle L’aime could be right for you.
      I am wearing it again today, just because I like it so much. I smell lovely.
      Portia xx


  5. That name is something. 🙂 I do go designer. I’ll always smell things from Chloe, Narcisso Rodriguez, Balenciaga, and a handful of others. But then, I suppose I always smell pretty much everything that is released in the drugstore, but I’ll tend to give a few designers a little more of the benefit of the doubt that I might like their perfumes.


    • Hiya Natalie,
      I am quite excited about the new Balenciaga, though I only liked the Florabotanica bottle really.
      Yes, Chloe have had some hits too and NR can do no wrong for my skin, I think he uses something particular in the bases that works well for me.
      Portia xx


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