Aqua Sextius by Cécile Zarokian for Jul et Mad Paris 2014

OK Happy Huffers,

Today a beautifully presented silver spray sample arrived from the Jul et Mad crew. Can I tell you from the beautiful and detailed packaging that I already feel like I am having an uber luxe experience. It all feels so finished and thought out. Then I went to look up the perfumer Cecile Zarokian whose name rang only faint bells for me till seeing that she has been quite prolific and done some fragrances I know well: Amouage Epic Woman, Tango for Masque and Pink for Undergreen. Curiouser and curiouser I decided to do a first spritz piece for you today. Come with me and try ….

Aqua Sextius by Cécile Zarokian for Jul et Mad Paris 2014

Aqua Sextius Jul et Mad Paris FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citrus zests, bergamot, mandarin, orange, grapefruit, tea notes, mimosa blossom
Heart: White flowers, sea notes, fig, pine tree resin
Base: Labdanum, amber(gris), cedar, guaiac wood, oak moss, musk

So the structure reads very much like a chypre, lets call it a modern chypre. The fragrance is in parfum concentration and I have to give a big fat bravo to Jul et Mad for doing 5ml, 20ml and 50ml bottles. It means that you can test, enjoy and have choice to suit your budget. So important now that fragrance is becoming increasingly expensive.

How does Aqua Sextius smell on my skin? Well, the opening is fun and fizzy citrus, very smile inducing and sweet. The mimosa is clean and adds some warmth to an otherwise cool sweetness and the whole opening is effortlessly wearable. I can already imagine it becoming a go-to for the opening alone. I am reminded of another fragrance but can’t put my finger on which one. If summer, or the dream of summer, could have a scent then Aqua Sextius could definitely be it. this is scent of the fun summer that you want always to remember, like a scent-track.

FigsPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

It’s not long before we get salty fig and resins, here there is a soft, elegant reminder of Womanity; sensual and not in your face at all like the Mugler. Here we are treated to similar parts but put together for an unstructured creamy linen suit and a pistachio T-Shirt rather than the spiky, shoulder padded, OTT and aggressive tone of Mugler. While Aqua Sextius is infinitely more wearable I think I prefer the Womanity at this point, for me anyway. Aqua Sextius is light and spare, clean and fresh in the modern 2014 new vision of such things. It feels bang up to date and has a lovely sillage. That’s basically how it stays on my skin for hours, just getting quieter and parts of the fragrance slowly falling by the wayside. At every point I find Aqua Sextius very wearable and non confrontational. It is interesting enough for a perfumista, but more importantly I think almost everyone would think this a fabulous gift.

laughingPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

After about 8 hours, yes EIGHT hours, I am left with a slightly salty wood waft that is barely discernible. Very sexy: if I didn’t know better I would think it was my own smell. It’s not my own smell, it is a beautiful mask.

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Colognoisseur
Jul et Mad have 3 sizes all in a Parfum concentration: 5ml/22.50, 20ml/95, 50ml/230 (All with postage inclusive!! To the world)

One of the comments I really love is about the name: Empliau writes, “Aquae Sextiae was the Latin name of Aix en Provence. Aqua is feminine in Latin and requires a feminine adjective. Aqua Sextius is simply impossible and grates upon the ear.”

Have you tried the lovely little beastie?
Portia xx


9 thoughts on “Aqua Sextius by Cécile Zarokian for Jul et Mad Paris 2014

  1. I love, did you hear me? LOVE that it comes in those three sizes which makes it very accessible. I wish everyone did that. It sounds so yummy that I think I will get a 5 mil and take it for a spin. Thanks Portia you are a doll!


    • Hey Handsome,
      So nice to see you here. I hope all is well where you are.
      Yes, the sizes are super, the 5ml bottles are lovely and you can decant a couple of ml to spritz as and when you need.
      CLEVER Jul et Mad.
      Portia xx


  2. I need to spend more time with Aqua Sextius: while I agree with most of your impressions for this perfume, it was strangely short-lived both on my and my vSO’s skin. Maybe it was a strange weather – I’ll try it again soon. But, in general, I think Jul et Mad are doing everything right: reasonable number of perfumes, great packaging and very nice purchasing options.


    • Hey Undina,
      See you here always brightens my day. I wonder if it being winter here has meant I got a longer scent life out of Aqua Sextius? Usually I have the opposite problem but this was tenacious.
      TOTALLY agree that they are doing their line right. They should be held up everywhere as a benchmark for all new independents.
      Portia x


  3. Green citrusy perfumes are not generally my thing but I’ll make a point to try this one, cause I really like all three of JeM previous perfumes. I own a FB of Stilettos on Lex and I’m planning to get the 20 ml of the other two-a perfect size! Also I like the work of Cecile Zarokian.


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