RAOK: Random Acts Of Kindness in a Perfumista’s World


Post by Ainslie Walker



Random Acts Of Kindness in a Perfumista’s World

I noticed “ROAK” trending on the Facebook Fragrance groups I belong to (Fragrance Guru Nation, Facebook Fragrance Friends etc.) It stands for Random Act Of Kindness.

In short, people give out sample vials, atomisers or bottles of fragrances, for free. Announced sometimes with a question or quiz people must answer, sometimes it’s first in, best dressed and BINGO! Some lucky member anywhere in the world gets to try new fragrances FOR FREE! Crazy, no?

For various reasons, I like having bottles in their original packaging. Recently I bought a perfume and to my surprise, the parcel included FIFTEEN 3ml decants!! A lucky dip. Was I going to be converted?!

It’s impossible to experience all the fragrances and brands we read about, so RAOK’s enable us to sniff a bunch of newbies, for free! The risk is, of course, that the fragrances may not be in their original condition, contaminated or have experienced poor storage conditions such as heat/light (Ed: which can happen to bottles or decants and it is a risk every time you don’t buy brand new sealed bottles less than 3 years old)…but for the joy, I think it’s a risk worth taking. Here is a quick fun flirt with some;

02L`AirduDesertMarocain FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Tauer – L’air Du Desert Marocain – I’d never smelt an ‘Andy Tauer’ before. Hooray! Instantly warm and balmy. coriander and a touch of sweaty cumin. The end of a dry hot day? Incense or dry woods like cedar. Sweet in the dry down. The spices continue to smolder. I am reminded of the Middle East. In particular when I spent a night camping in the desert in Egypt. Beautifully odd and a little creepy at times. (APJ LDDM Review<<JUMP)

1969 Parfum de Revolte Histoires de Parfums FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Histoires de Parfums – 1969 Parfum De Revolte – An empty vial, as it leaked en route, but can smell powdery peachy, vanillary sweet. It reads well on Fragrantica – cocoa, cardamom, rose, patchouli, clove, musk, apricot, coffee.

Pure Boadicea the Victorious FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Bodadicea The Victorious – Pure – Oooo yum, I’m having images of somewhere tropical. Fresh and fruit-spiced. I could drink this. So fresh and tropical but earthed by some deeper resins and woods. There’s some real strength to this one! Victory is mine! (well at least 3mls of it)

Fleurs d`Ombre Violette - Menthe Jean Charles Brosseau FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Jean Charles Brosseau – Fleurs D’Ombre Violette Menthe – Would have walked past this in a store, however this is a hit for me! I love the powdery woody violet notes immediately. The sandalwood is strong and buttery. The mint keeps the violets contemporary. Nicely balanced. I’d like this as bath oil. A few hours on, the freshness dies a little abruptly.

Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse Histoires de Parfums FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Histoires de Parfums – Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse – Had heard good things about this brand, but never worn them. Saffron, suede, menthol maybe a touch of tuberose, but not the pretty notes… I expected more. It isn’t pretty on me…? Anyone?

Frapin1270 Frapin FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Frapin 1270 you can read Portia’s APJ review<<JUMP. I discovered I do actually like fruity fragrance and have now even bought a full bottle from Peony in Melbourne.

So much fun!! A big thank you to Cassandra* for the hours of pleasure and new discoveries you have given me. I will always remember your kindness.

Ainslie Walker xx

*Name not changed, with permission

15 thoughts on “RAOK: Random Acts Of Kindness in a Perfumista’s World

  1. Hey there Ainslie,
    I love this post. So fun and always a good idea to share the frag love. Who of us will go through 100ml of anything but our most favoured frags. This way we all get a spritz.
    Portia xx


      • Yep. The decanting is what I dislike the most. I have so much stuff. Yep. My next APJ post will be a Von Eusersdorff Giveaway. Patchouli. Thanks for the inspiration!! ❤️


  2. Yay for RAOK!
    It’s so much fun to experience overlooked or undiscovered fragrance courtesy of a perfume pal.
    It’s how I found Creed’s spice and wood.




    • Yay! That’s great, I have recently collected 16 of the Creed fragrances – I will see if I have the spice and wood and give it a go. Ta for the tip off!


  3. Every time I see those RAOKs I feel really good about our community.

    I need to find and try again 1969 Parfum De Revolte: I remember liking it one time I tried it at Anthropologie but then it was gone and I’ve never seen it again.


    • Yes, it is always a positive in my news feed and puts a skip in my step in reality when I am given one. 1969 sounds great – let me know if you find some! x


  4. I had the same thing happen just last week–I bought a couple of lightly used bottles, and got about ten samples sent along with them! Perfume people are lovely.


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