Linden: An Ode to Linden in Fragrance


Post by ElizaD


An Ode to Linden

Not rose, not lilac, not peony, not gardenia, not jasmine, not lavender, not lily, not carnation, not geranium, not mimosa, not freesia, sets my heart a leaping like linden. And many thanks to that wise city planner who years ago planted them along streets and in parks in the town where I live.

Linden Blossom Lime_tree Tilia WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

As the days start to grow long and the earth warms, the lindens blossom. The air is magical. As the wind moves, and the sun filters through the leaves, the trees seem to sparkle in their greenness. I could sit under a linden tree for hours watching bees work each tiny burst of cream-colored flower.

Perhaps it is because I love the real fragrance so much that I have been disappointed by the two linden-based scents I have tried. Fragrantica indicates there are many more to sample, but I am afraid each will let me down.

Linden Blond Tabac Voluspa FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Linden Blond Tabac by Voluspa

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Blond tabac absolute, lime (linden) blossom, tuberose, red grapefruit, woodsy notes, tonka bean

In my collection is a full bottle of Voluspa Linden Blond Tabac. It’s a lovely perfume on its own, sweetness mellowed by tobacco, but it doesn’t smell like linden to me.

Linden. Tilleul D`Orsay FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Tilleul (Lime or Linden) by D’Orsay

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lemon blossom, watermelon
Heart: Cyclamen, linden blossom
Base: Acacia tree, bee wax, hay

Tilleul by D’Orsay comes closer, and though it is purported to have a top, heart and base it’s very linear, warming to my skin as I wear it. It has decent sillage and good longevity, and if someone were to gift me with more, I would happily accept. Because now my brain recognizes the smell as the perfume Tilleul, and Tilleul is supposed to be linden, and linden makes me happy.

But I want to open a vial without knowing what I will smell inside, a blind test if you will, and find myself transported onto the grass under a linden. To be wrenched off my forward path to go in search of the tree that emanates such a lovely smell, as I do often when I am riding around town—I think I know each tree within a 2 mile radius of my home.

Is that too much to ask? Does such a thing exist? If you know, pray tell. It’s summer here now, and while the shade of a linden offers a cool respite, and the gorgeous heart shaped leaves still sparkle, the fragrance is just a memory.

Fragrantica has a wonderful article on The history of the Linden

And here is another way one might Experience the “intoxication” of linden flowers

So now it’s up to you. Do you have a favourite Linden Fragrance that I need to try, one that you love particularly or do you have memories of Linden trees too?
ElizaD x

(Ed: Dear ElizaD, you just taught me that Linden Blossoms are not from the citrus fruit bearing plant but a totally different species. I am the complete dumb ass. Ha Ha Ha Laughing. Thank You.)

17 thoughts on “Linden: An Ode to Linden in Fragrance

    • Hi Shylotus,

      I have not tried that one. I do have a sample of Zeta coming from Tauer, so I will order the Unter den Linden also. Thanks for the suggestion!


  1. The scent of lindens is a transporting one for me, and I haven’t found a perfume that offers that transport. I enjoy Tilleul and, to a lesser degree, Unter den Linden, but they aren’t the real thing. I have never found a scent that duplicates honeysuckle or a lavishly blooming wisteria, either, although I’ve tried many that purport to do so. Maybe we should be grateful that there are some ecstasies that only nature can give us.


    • Yes Feral Jasmine, I think you are right. I have to remember to soak up the smell in nature whenever possible and be so glad that they grace my neighborhood! Learning some of the history and importance of them makes it more meaningful. In fact, I watched a movie call “Grand Budapest Hotel” the other night, and listened to the amazing Balkan music during the credits only to find that the song was called “The Linden Tree.”


  2. I’ve only smelled linden in blossom a few times, but it is truly enchanting.

    I have been bitterly disappointed with every single linden fragrance I’ve tried, including Andy Tauer’s Zeta which generally gets good reviews, and I’ve come to understand that perfumery linden tends to smell to me like harsh powdered cleanser wherever I encounter it. It may be my skin, but I’m just not interested in smelling like Comet, thanks very much…

    DSH LiLi (lily and linden) is rather nice, if prim – which linden blossom isn’t. And DelRae Amoureuse seems to come close to it in feel, if not exactly right in the smell: luxurious and open, intoxicating to the senses.


  3. Thanks for this post, I love linden in fragrance as well. I was surprised with Kerosene Pretty Machine, which has a lovely linden note. And even though it has a fair amount of chamomile, I also liked an indie, Skye Botanicals Fuzzy Blue Blanket. I haven’t had a chance to try D’Orsay Tilleul yet, or Unter den Linden but they are on my want list. Del Rae Amourouse was a no go on my skin. I liked Tauer Zeta, but it didn’t make me think of linden….. has anyone tried Jo Malone French Lime Blossom?


    • I tried French Lime Blossom once, but was in a hurry…it was a quick sniff at a store. I may get me a real sample and try again. Although I have not had much luck with JM fragrances in general.


      • I’ve owned and tried JM French Lime Blossom and really really enjoyed it. Emptied my bottle during a hot humid NYC summer then got distracted by new perfume loves and somehow didn’t repurchase!
        Disclaimer: Although I also adore the natural scent of Linden, I don’t get the chance to smell Linden very often so you may wanna consider that! 😉


  4. I haven’t smelled real linden so I can’t help you there. I can’t find a peony scent that really smells like the ones that I have in my yard. It seems like everyone has that one scent that just can’t be duplicated for them. It’s frustrating but it makes me appreciate them more when they are blooming I guess.


  5. Ah I sooo want to try Tilleul, but haven’t had the chance yet. I love the scent of linden, I love how it looks, I love linden tea, it’s just awesome in all ways.


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