Karen Gilbert in Sydney!! September 20 2014

Hey There APJ Crew in Sydney,

One of my mates Karen Gilbert is coming to Sydney in September, so save the date Saturday September 20. I have begged and cajoled her into hosting her 1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class here in Sydney. This is the event that Karen runs worldwide and it will be her first ever training day in Australia. A once off, one time only deal with someone who has worked in the fragrance industry for years as a Perfume Evaluator at IFF, then on to working as a perfumer herself and consulting for some of the world’s best known brands. Now Karen is writing, fragrancing, teaching and traveling the world. We are so lucky that she has agreed to host her 1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class here in Sydney.

The day will be held upstairs in a wonderful old Sydney hotel that is famous in the area for its delicious food. Lunch will be provided; simple, hearty fare like creamy Italian pasta or Thai beef salad and there will be loads of fresh crusty bread.

The first FIVE people to book will get an autographed copy of  Karen’s latest book Perfume: The Art and Craft of Fragrance. I will be buying these and getting Karen to sign them because I think the day will be splendid and the books will be a wonderful momento.

Just so you all know, I will be receiving no kickback for organising this event and that Karen is doing a very special price because it’s for me. Normally in the UK a day with Karen will cost guests around £200 each (that’s over AUD$350) and having Karen teach a corporate day is beyond my wildest dreams. You can book here 1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class<<JUMP. Also, there are a very small amount of guest places for this event because Karen wants to make sure everyone gets as much of her attention as possible.

Can’t wait to spend the day with you getting a better understanding of fragrance and how the industry works. We will have a great time together, promise.
Portia xx

Karen Gilbert Natural Beauty BookDepositoryBookDepository AUD$19 delivered worlwide

Karen Gilbert Art Craft Fragrance BookDepositoryBookDepository AUD$16 delivered worldwide

1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class

I’m so excited to be running this 1 day perfumery class in Sydney Australia!

Do you want to create your own fragrance or just learn more about perfumery?

I have been wanting to run a class for my Aussie readers for ages so when Portia of Australian Perfume Junkies suggested fitting one into my September trip to Sydney I jumped at the chance.

For those of you who have never met me before you can read more about my background HERE

All my classes are very in depth with lots of industry insider tips as well as lots and lots of hands on practical experience. Many students who have done classes with other teachers and are still stuck find that even after the 1 day class it all makes sense and falls into place.  I tend to tailor each day to the experience level of the group so each class is a unique experience. This class is suitable for beginners or more advanced students

Karen Gilbert Perfume

1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class

This introductory workshop in perfumery will give you the opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the history of perfumery and then work with a variety of materials to design your own fragrances. You will have plenty of hands on experience in blending and creating your own accords and finished fragrances.  All materials and equipment are provided and no previous experience is necessary. All you need is imagination and a love of perfumery.

Topics Covered In The Class:

  • The History of Perfumery
  • The Sense of Smell and What it Means To Us
  • The Beginners Guide to Training your Nose
  • Classifying Fragrances
  • Top, Middle and Base notes and Why They Are Important
  • Creating Accords
  • Practical Blending Techniques
  • Naturals Vs Synthetics

By The End The Class You Will:

  • Have an understanding of the historical significance of fragrance
  • Have learned about the different ingredients used in perfumery
  • Easily be able to classify aromatic ingredients into the different fragrance families
  • Understand how accords are created
  • Have practised blending top middle and base notes
  • Have created your first fragrance

You can book here 1 Day Introduction To Perfumery Class<<JUMP

8 thoughts on “Karen Gilbert in Sydney!! September 20 2014

  1. Karen is fantastic and I’m hoping to see her tonight funnily enough.

    Well done you Portia for making this event happen. We are lucky to have people like you who get things going. It’s sure to be fabulous.

    You’ll have a great time. I hope you’ll cover it here.


    • WOW Tara,
      I hope you & Karen had a great time tonight. She is a bundle of energy, isn’t she.
      It will most definitely be covered here on APJ.
      I can’t wait.
      Portia xx


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