Kashan Rose by Emilie Coppermann for The Different Company 2013

Hi there Frag Fiends,

One of the companies in the fragrance world that I really love is The Different Company. I bought some of their 10ml travelers from Zsolt at Le Parfum in Budapest in 2013, and then dropped my Oriental Lounge in the Thai First Class Lounge Shower Room in Bangkok early 2014 (I know, what an asshole I am) but the lounge never smelled better. I still wear Sel & Vetiver regularly and will one day own a FB of Tokyo Bloom. There never seems to be a lot of reviews for The Different Company, they fall through the cracks. Well, I just grabbed Kashan Rose from Surrender To Chance and I think you should know about it, a very reasonable price for 100ml of top quality niche fragrance.

Kashan Rose by The Different Company 2013

Kâshân Rose by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann

Kashan Rose Different Company FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Sage, litchi, pink pepper, cardamom
Hearet: Persian rose, hawthorn, peony
Base: Ambrette, sandalwood, musk

Pink pepper done beautifully. A sweet, wet fruity opening that is made interesting and unusual with what I think is a nod to sage & cardamom but really just reads as a herbaceous green-ness to me. It offsets a very realistic fresh litchi, just peeled from its cocoon. Transparent fragrance, like a shimmering fine silk sari, wraps me delicately but I am still obviously fragrant.

Kashan Rose Different Company kashan rose festival IranReviewPhoto Stolen IranReview

Luminous, that is the word that comes to my mind while wearing Kashan Rose. The colour of the juice is almost exactly the colour you would expect it to be. A fresh pink, light, bright, bubbly and effervescent. The rose when it arrives is a soft garden rose, light and cool and softly green like a fresh cut, not too fragrant garden rose. Very pretty, though a bit sheer for my taste. I can imagine Kashan Rose becoming a favourite work scent, or a first scent for a young woman. The mother of two next door would swoon for Kashan Rose, I will give her my decant and she will drain it in a week. Like the picture above, the rose petals are floating on air. A whispered swish of fragrance that is subtle but noticeable, especially up close.

Tonight I wore Kashan Rose to work and though no one commented I did get soft wafts through the night and now that I’m home I can still smell what I think must be hawthorn and some lovely musks, there may be sandalwood but I don’t get it prominently. Yes, even at the 6 hour mark there is still some fresh rose.

The nitty gritty, will I buy a bottle? Though I really like Kashan Rose very much the answer is “probably” not for me. Why? Well, I have a LOT of rose fragrances from Red Roses to Mohur, Diabolo Rose to Sa Majeste la Rose and on to Midnight Oud. That’s just off the top of my head. This sheer, transparent rose seems too prim for my flamboyant tastes. I will be buying Kashan Rose for friends though. It’s a great price, wonderful scent and the packaging is super luxe. They will be thrilled to have something so unavailable here in Oz.

Kashan Rose Different Company Persepolis001 WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

First In Fragrance has €90/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

I am leaving you with a 35 second video of the Kashan Rose & Rosewater Festival 15-31 May each year. This is something I would DEARLY love to do.
Portia xx

Rose & Rosewater Festival, Kashan

10 thoughts on “Kashan Rose by Emilie Coppermann for The Different Company 2013

  1. I love Sel de Vetiver and Rose Poivree from TDC, but I haven’t tried Kashan Rose yet. I’ll have to give it a sniff the next time I have a chance! I have no need (yet) for another rose in my collection, but I never tire of trying new rose perfumes. Thanks for the review!


  2. Hi Portia,
    I love persian rose oil. Very light and fresh to me. Perhaps I would like Kashan Rose even though I tend toward the bigger, spicier rose perfumes and attars. Thank you for another great review, beautiful You Tube and photo of Shiraz (?).
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      If you like bold roses this may be a bit wimpy, but for a change it could hit the spot.
      The picture is Persepolis, it has me ITCHING to see Iran.
      Portia x


      • Hi Portia,
        A couple of our summer guests were friends from the old days in Iran. We spent a lot of time remembering picnics and outings to various cities and ruins around the country. The nearest big city to Persepolis is Shiraz. Iran is a beautiful country. We hope to return there one day.
        Azar xx


        • I am SO on that adventure with you Azar. can it wait till 2016? I have a traveling moratorium in 2015. Except for a week trip to see Jin’s family in South Korea.
          Portia xx


      • Sounds like a plan! In the meantime I will brush up on my Persian and track down my old book “Travels in a Paykan”. A Paykan is a car that was made in Iran…I believe a kind of Hillman Arrow or Hillman Hunter.


  3. Wait for me! I’m Comming too- 😀

    I’ve made it to the rose festival in Kazanlak in Bulgaria 15 years ago-I’d love to see iran’s take on it.

    Damascus I almost went to a year or 2 before all the bad stuff/fighting started…hopefully it will be safe enough there soon.



  4. “…the rose petals are floating on air” is a lovely image. And I love “Frag Fiends,” it’s a nice play on the theme of Perfume Junkies. A transparent green rose is not my kind of thing at all, but I loved your review.


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