Juste un Reve EDT by Parfume de Nicolai 1996


Post by Ainslie Walker


Here is a little fact for you before we start smelling – Parfums de Nicolai has a link back to Guerlain!! Patricia de Nicolai, the founder is actually a descendant of Pierre Guerlain, the brother of Jaques Guerlain. The brand started in 1989. I found a store in Potts Point in Sydney who sell their candles, not fragrances – Its called Macleay on Manning – check them out when you see them – I would say they are smallish and of the higher end price, bur fragrances are to die for, and at a great strength.

Ok so back to the job at hand:

Juste un rêve by Parfums de Nicolaï 1996

Juste un rêve by Patricia de Nicolaï

Juste un rêve Parfums de Nicolai FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Coconut, apricot
Heart: Jasmine absolute, tuberose absolute
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla

Well I get tuberose, more tuberose, maybe some other flowers and some vanilla marshmallow powder on initial whiff. Something reminds me of Cacherel’s Eden, I have no idea why. Powder? A dryness? Also something fruity, possibly apricot, dried perhaps, or just the skin of the fruit. Sweet. Jasmine too. Underneath some sandalwood. Vanilla starts to pump in strong powder wafts, as the tuberose takes a step backwards.

Juste un rêve Parfums de Nicolai Ballerinas_dancing Brisbane 1942 WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

I imagine a little bunch of ballerinas in fluffy tutus jumping about, taking it in turns to puff their fluffy, flirty notes towards me. Tuberose: Double Puff! Vanilla: Puff Puff!! Etc. Suddenly 30 mins on and it’s creamier with sandalwood. Tuberose/jasmine/vanilla notes are now in unison, less powdery, more leveled with creamed sandalwood and some hints at apricot fruit skin. SO much tropical floral, but surrounded by a dry hot breeze. I can smell an almost fatty sweet polynesian manoi-type smell. (not sure if you’ve tried the elemis manoi and frangipani body oil in your travels? Its quite yummy) Things have got quite tropical at this stage. Getting warmer! I wish to try it in the hottest summer months, as it reminds me of that feeling of lying in the sun, on holidays deeply comatosed by the suns rays, melting, unable to read or move at all.

Lens Flare at Borobudur Stairs Kala ArchesPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

It remains clean and yet somehow edgy for the whole of the day, and all the way into the evening. Is it that Tuberose note? Kind of sharp within a haze. Maybe like someone is trying to wake us from our tropical slumber, or the cold icy pool/tide starting to nip at our toes. A cube of ice popped into our bikini bottoms by some “hilarious” friend?

In the morning some vanilla and of course tropical floral reminants. It’s pretty enough that I could wear it, I do find it very strong and lasting power of all day and night, really. I read about the coconut notes, but must say I never did get them – to me it’s more manoi. I’m sure lovers of Mahora and it’s tropical floral overdose would love this one. It is “just a dream” a heady heated, tropical, holiday of a dream.

Juste un rêve Parfums de Nicolai  Sunbaker max dupain WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Further reading: Bois de Jasmin
Parfum1 has $130/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

Ainslie Walker x

5 thoughts on “Juste un Reve EDT by Parfume de Nicolai 1996

  1. Looks like we have commentsa back up & running.
    Lovely post Ainslie, you know how much I love the Parfums de Nicolai range, and YOU.
    Portia xx


    • Awww! Love you too! Thank you! Your names are on my bottles for when I’m tired of them, or die-whichever comes first. Let’s meet in potts point soon to go to maclay on manning xx


  2. Thank you Ainslie for your accurate review of one of my most recent discoveries!

    I agree about the “fluffiness” of JuR, it’s really an almost ethereal creation by Patricia de Nicolai although sometimes I feel it’s a bit more serious and refined than it was meant to be. Could it be the Guerlain’s heritage, after all? 🙂 Coconut is not very strong for me either, I honestly can hardly detect it if not for the tropical, humid breeze coming from somewhere in the middle stage. Apricot, vanilla and tuberose are so lovely in here, I would say JuR is one of the most beautiful scents featuring these three notes. As a friend of mine rightly pointed out, it’s a very well blended scent and it’s quite hard to tell its notes apart.

    I definitely think this one blooms during hot summer days, but as Fall is approaching here I will be trying to wear it in the cool weather and see how it goes 🙂

    Oh, and I’ve never had the luck to try the elemis monoi and frangipani body oil.. I don’t think it’s available here, but I guess I’d love it.



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