Layering: Tocca Florence + With Love by Hilary Duff


Post by Erica Golding


Layering fragrances is something that I rarely do. I wholeheartedly appreciate that many people delight in the alchemy of mix and match, and personalize their aura by combining two or more scents. According to my personal style, I typically just enjoy a complete fragrance on its own as it was designed, rather than partake in creative experimentation.

I have a few exceptions to this preference, and my ultimate favorite fragrance combination is the insanely breathtaking duet that I am sharing with you today.

Years ago, in college, I was on my way out to party on a Saturday night. I went to my friends’ dorm to pick up my foxy lady crew, and met their neighbor for the first time. She was a vision of pure glamour – glossy blonde mane, perfectly bronzed smooth skin, and piercing clear eyes. She was decked out in a little black dress and heels. (I’m pretty sure I was in jeans and a hoodie, hippie scrub that I was.)

Her fragrance froze me where I stood. Already a perfume junkie, I had no shame in introducing myself by exclaiming: “What perfume are you wearing?!” nShe grinned, beckoned me to follow, and floated into her room. There, she pulled two gorgeous bottles out of a drawer, and offered to spray them on me (“Hell yes, please!”). She stressed that they simply had to be worn together, and that it was pure love potion. “Use with caution!”

Damn right.

Layering: Tocca Florence + With Love by Hilary Duff

Florence Tocca FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Grapefruit leaf, bergamot, pear, apple
Heart: Violet leaf, iris, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose
Base: Musk, white woods

With Love Hilary Duff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives the following notes:
Top: Spices, mango(steen)
Heart: Cocobolo, mango blossom
Base: Amber, musk.

Tocca Florence and With Love by Hilary Duff are great fragrances on their own, each boasting a level of appeal that far exceeds their status as department-store perfumes. Tocca is an unabashedly intense white floral focusing on creamy tuberose, delightfully brightened by a hint of crisp apple and pear. With Love is a symphonious oriental scent featuring cocobolo (which reminds me of sandalwood), vanilla amber, and mango.

Layering Tropical Sunrise Bill McChesney FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Put them together, and it is hard to describe what happens next. Imagine a tropical sunrise, a volcano exploding, a star going supernova – that’s what happens to my soul when these fragrances marry on my skin. They can’t be separated into their original compositions once they join together. The aroma completely changes as each perfume loses itself in the other, fusing seamlessly and morphing into a singular scent experience. The overall impression is simply enchanting, featuring tender white flowers hovering over a musky amber base with tasteful, subtle accents of fruit and spice.

Florence and With LovePhoto Donated Erica

Please try this if you enjoy tuberose and oriental perfumes. On paper, you may be skeptical about how in the world they could ever work together as one, but I can assure you: It is pure love potion. Use with caution.

Beauty Habit has Tocca Florence 50ml/$68
FragranceX has With Love by Hilary Duff 30ml/$15

Warm wishes for your beautifully fragrant day,

10 thoughts on “Layering: Tocca Florence + With Love by Hilary Duff

    • Thank you dear Portia! I can’t even fully describe how magical the combination is – blows my mind every time, even after all these years! ❤ Thank you for letting me share the secret. xxoo


    • Hi Kandice! I like to spray on With Love first, then Florence afterward. I use a little more With Love – my happy place is 3 sprays of With Love to 2 of Florence (3:2 ratio). Sample away, I hope you love it too! xo!


  1. I am a fan of both tuberous and orientals, but I also don’t mix scents. You have made this combination sound soooo good. I know just where to go to give it a try. Hope my nose agrees with yours! 😉


    • Hi Maya! I hope you have lots of fun trying this out 🙂 I don’t typically layer either – this one is worth trying, in my opinion! Let us know what you think! Hugs


  2. Hi Erica,
    I love layering. I don’t have either of these but this combination is certainly worth a try (after my self imposed perfume buying moratorium has expired). You write beautifully!
    Azar xx


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