Miss Piggy & Joan Rivers: Behind The Feud

Hiya APJ Crew,

So maybe I’ve told you before. I styled myself on two legendary superstars and their kiddy re-animations. The two stars? Loretta Switt and Divine. Re-animations? Miss Piggy and Ursula the Sea Witch.

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Someone who I thought was kind of funny but admired much more for her dedication and ability to rise in a job where women were less than welcome was Joan Rivers. That kind of tenacity is amazing and even more so when you saw her, a tiny little doll like woman. She was quite old when I met her in Sydney at the Mardi Gras for a very short moment, and she was basically being held up by her minders to get through the crowds, but in my two seconds with her she was lovely. Now she’s gone but there is so much to remember her by.

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Here is a super fun piece on the Piggy/Rivers Feud.

After you watch the video, perhaps you’s like to scent these two fabulous women?


Portia xx

Behind The Feud: Joan Rivers vs. Miss Piggy

9 thoughts on “Miss Piggy & Joan Rivers: Behind The Feud

  1. That was adorable.

    Now: is there any doubt, ANY, that Miss Piggy wears Fracas? (Well, okay. I will allow that sometimes she wears Shalimar.)

    As for Joan… Joan can wear whatever the **** she wants! And she WILL, too…


    • OMG!! Hilarious. Well, then Piggy is certainly my girl then.
      HA HA HA HA Thanks Mals86 for a chortle.
      Portia xx


  2. Enjoyed reading about your inspiration Portia and the vid was a LOT of fun.

    Can’t argue with Mals86 about Fracas for Piggy. Maybe Poison for Joan?


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