1270 by Sidonie Lancesseur for Frapin 2010

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We have talked about 1270 on APJ before, have loved its sweet, shimmery, boozy fun. I was going through stuff and found a really big decant that had come from Dalbir at Aussie fragrance Network on FB me ages ago. What better way to celebrate a find than to share it around.

 1270 by Sidonie Lancesseur for Frapin 2010

1270 Frapin FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Dried orange, pineapple, hazelnut, resins, dried plums, cocoa, tonka, coffee
Heart: Lime blossom, linden tree, pepper, spices, dried fruits
Base: Wood, Guaiac wood, white honey, vanilla

Sweet and sugared glace fruits, dipped in booze and pepper, fizzy, fun and fabulous. I am finding myself more and more in love with the fruity sweet frags lately. How did I come so late to this?

A little of the fun of Angel and Liberté but softer and gentler. A small reminder of a Serge Lutens boozy fruit opening too. Yet for all these reminders 1270 manages to be its own animal, something young and lovely that will grab you in its sugared embrace and sweep you off to the ball, there’s even an animalic honey. You want to smell a little like the masses but BETTER? 1270 offers a gold plated version that dries down to a lovely sweet vanilla for me.

1270 Frapin Ballgown Mathilda Samuelsson FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

If you are a serious perfumista who wants a three ring circus and all the bells and whistles I think this is about as close as a sweet fruity frag will take you, for anyone who merely wants to smell sweet and intoxicatingly alluring then 1270 should be on your list, to be honest you’ll probably want to buy a pallet of it.

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Another Perfume Blog
Libertine Parfumerie has $199/100ml (with FREE postage in Australia)
First In Fragrance has €110/100ml and samples
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

I think you should at least give 1270 a whirl, you may just be surprised,

Portia xx

Giveaway Time sassisamblogPhoto Stolen sassisamblog

1270 Frapin GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 2 Winners who will each get:
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Tell us about a sweet or boozy fragrance that makes you smile, either because you wear it or because it has happy associations

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30 thoughts on “1270 by Sidonie Lancesseur for Frapin 2010

  1. This is such a delicious fragrance but I have danced around a full bottle because it is a bit short lived on my skin…maybe a bigger spritz would do the job!
    I like a boozy Amber too, like Parfum D’Empire.
    I follow by email.


  2. I follow by my email account. I really enjoy the sweet and slightly boozy feel of Lacoste Style in Play. This is a wonderful red apple fragrance with a sporty feel to it.


  3. I like boozy Botrytis, which smells like a honey-sweet dessert wine. Living in a wine region, I’ve had some lovely lunches and dinners finished with delicious dessert wines! Follow by email. 🙂


  4. I’m also not sure about the reformulation of the perfume, it was mentioned in the previous review. I probably know the current formulation, but I’m even not sure about it. On the other hand, 1270 that I sniffed two or three years ago was very interesting to me. I would wear it. I follow as usual: mail, WordPress, RSS(via Firefox)+ my favourite twitter and Facebook.
    Since it is sold in Australia, in Libertine Parfumerie that has participated in many APJ giveaways, I’d like to point out another interesting and new Frapin’s fragrance – Nevermore – with its notes of aldehydes, three sorts of roses and saffron, and even more… Portia, thank you for sharing your wardrobe with us.
    Wishing you a lovely day, APJ!


  5. I follow by email
    I love SSS Winter Woods, warm, boozy woods with an smoky edge, awesome! And one of my favorite SSS scents
    Thank you for the draw.



  6. I follow by email. I am a latecomer to the love of dried fruit and boozy notes, and it was experiencing Or de Serail on a cool evening that converted me. I still covet a bottle of that one, and I love the rum-scented Tango and the boozy, splendid Ambre Russe. Would love to try this one too.


  7. My top boozy choice is the beautiful Ambre Russe with it’s vodka note sparkling in the opening. I have had a sample of 1270’s sister Caravelle Epices, and found it fbw. It’s on my long list of musts. I follow by e-mail.


  8. Ambre Russe is not only the boozy fragrance that makes me happy, but one of my all time desert island perfumes. I don’t actually get the vodka people complain of, just the sweet rum-raisiny amber. I keep forgetting 1270 when making sample orders but I have wanted to try it. I follow via RSS and Bloglovin. Thanks!


  9. Portia you make everything sound divine! Now that I’m a SAHM I’m not sure how I’m going to keep up financially with all of the samples I just HAVE to try! I don’t really have any boozy scents… maybe the closest that I’ve tried is Eau Duelle, and I doubt that can really be considered a boozy vanilla. It’s quite delightful nonetheless. I follow via Bloglovin. Thanks for all of your lovely reviews and generous draws!


  10. Hi Portia,
    Mmmmhhmmm, I would be happy to win since I have only three spritzes of gorgeous 1270 left in my sample vial. Ambre Narguile from the Hermessence line is another favorite boozy scent which resembles the Frapin one a bit (but it is its “own animal”, too…).
    Isn’t it interesting that the shere smell of boozy notes can make one grin from ear to ear?
    One that makes me smile because of its comforting and warm sweetness, which is as it happens also by Sidonie Lancesseur, is Lumiere Blance from Olfactive Studio.
    Have a nice weekend and thanks for the draw! Oh, and I follow you via eMail.


  11. Love sweetness. Yummy! I’m digging M Micallef Mon Parfum right now. It is just decadent on me. Every time I spritz I sigh and smile. 1270 I’d love to try. Can’t have too many candies. Ha! I follow by email. Web. I will also tweet for the extra chance!


  12. I follow by email. I am sure I’ve mentioned in my past posts how much I love Amoureuse, a definite honey perfume. Lately I’ve been wearing a perfume that I was able to make for myself that has cognac, tonka, honey, neroli, civet, cardamom and white patchouli. Honey and boozey! Would love to have a sample of the Frapin!


  13. i follow by email…i really like the red wine note in FM une rose and have been wanting to give 1270 a good wear…the honey and pineapple make me smile: )


  14. Hmm, I think my only perfume with a prominant boozy note (though I don’t have too much experience with real life boozy notes, I am afraid) is Thierry Mugler Alien Liqeuer. Yum! A most delicious floral caramelized vanilla through and through. I follow by email 🙂


  15. I follow with Bloglovin. I knew before I fell down the rabbit hole that I liked sweet fragrances when done right, but I was surprised to discover how nice a boozy fragrance could be. L’Artisan Vanille Absolument, for instance, is delightfully rummy (rum-like?), but despite its name, not overly sweet. I love it, but I don’t know that I’d wear it to a job interview. For a sweet perfume, I’d recommend Hanae Mori, which is lovely and wearable despite smelling like strawberry marshmallows.


  16. Hi, Portia,
    thanks for the generous draw!
    I smelled 1270 on a friend, and it was flattering, but I am not quite sure I can put up with that much fermenting fruits on me…, but I should give it a try, at least!
    I love my amaretto Le Baiser du Dragon edp, and my rum-infused Hermessence Ambre Narguile, and I am much more into 1697 of Frapin. The other boozy fragrances I love, but I don’t own are Hedonist by Viktoria Minya, and Enchanted Forest by The Vagabond Prince. They got me thirsty with pleasure – the first in the summer, and the second in the winter.
    I follow by email, and on the FB page.


  17. Hi Portia. I follow via email. I haven’t found a gourmand yet that I really like. Maybe this would be it 🙂 My favorite boozy fragrance for fall and winter is Lush’s Vanillary. Thanks for the draw!


  18. Goutal`s Vanilla Esquise is my fave sweet scent, and Cartier`s Kiss of the Dragon for a boozy note 🙂 I don`t drink, so maybe I should have more sniffable booze! We follow a la FB, blog, and e-mail…Thank you again!! :-0


  19. I follow by Bloglovin, and my favourite sweet boozy scent is Givenchy Pi. It may not have alcoholic notes, but it definitely turns deliciously rich and boozy on my skin.


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