What Fragrances Got Packed For USA 2014

Hi there Frag Heads,

It’s the age old question. What do you pack fragrance wise for a holiday? Do you take a set of 5ml decants of your faves, one bottle or a mix of both? Is it go large or go shopping?

What Fragrances Got Packed For USA 2014

Well, as always it has been a hell of a decision making process. I ummed and ahhed about it through the unpacking of the move and have been madly spritzing myself to see what would fit for me on this trip. Knowing that I’ll be stopped in 4 MeetUps in the best that the USA has to offer in Niche Perfumery, as well as the Guerlain store in the Bellagio Las Vegas where we are staying, I am pretty sure I will be heavily scented and shopping up a storm. So I decided that three was the magic number for this trip. I need a cold weather, a cool weather and a temperate weather fragrance that are all not so temp specific that I’ll feel ridiculous wearing them interchangeably. Another criteria is that they not be in regular decant atomiser bottles, I would like them to be a little more sturdy than that.

So here are my USA 2014 three:

Epice Marine Hermes FragranticaPicture Stolen Fragrantica

Epice Marine by Hermès 15ml EdT: After first trying Epice Marine in Selfridge & Co with Tara I became quite obsessed with it. There’s something completely captivating in it’s cool, clear, cut crystal and salty herbal-ness. It starts out fizzy like a cold lemon squash with ice, it has a salt rim and some greenery floating in it that feels minty but is less sweet. Unlike so many of the Hermessance range I get excellent longevity and a very soft but noticeable sillage.

Ma Folie de Noel (My Christmas Folly; Holiday no.6) DSH Perfumes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Ma Folie de Noël by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz 10ml EdP: Ma Folie de Noël was a gift from Natalie who used to run Another Perfume Blog. There is no 10ml option on the DSH site now and I think I will finish this bottle while on holidays, it’s a conundrum. The fragrance? Well it’s everything a cold weather fragrance that you want to make you warm should be. Anise, booze and cream all spiced and gorgeous. Even writing about Ma Folie de Noël makes me smile: happy scent and memories. I think it will be the one I reach for most while away.

Vanille Galante Hermes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Vanille Galante by Hermès 15ml EdT: Vanille Galante, that cool, dark chocolate and booze infested vanilla that wafts lightly and smoothly from my skin. An oxymoron, sleek and fat, cool and hot, heavy and transparent. Vanilla so completely UN-vanilla-ish that it hardly bears its name. The flowers are awkward and frigid, the spice is so cool it reads like incense and the vanilla like nothing you would ever bake with. Wrap the whole fabulously spare concoction in sugar free chocolate and inhale. This was not love at first sniff for me, in fact it’s taken a while for me to warm to it, now I couldn’t live without Vanille Galante.

Visual_of_USA_Flag_stars_and_stripes_FJM88NLPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Here are our MeetUp USA 2014 Dates:

Please come hang with us somewhere

SCENT BAR LA Wednesday NOVEMBER 19 2014 with Killian Hennessy MeetUp 5-7pm

BARNEYS + NEIMAN MARCUS CHICAGO Monday NOVEMBER 24 2014 MeetUp Barneys (Beauty Downstairs) 1.30pm

OSSWALD N.Y.C Saturday NOVEMBER 29 2014 MeetUp 2-4pm

TWISTED LILY BROOKLYN NYC Sunday November 30 2014 MeetUp 11am-1pm

How do you like my choices? What do you wear to travel? Many or few?
Portia xx

17 thoughts on “What Fragrances Got Packed For USA 2014

  1. What fabulous, classy choices Portia! Those Hermessence 15ml bottles are great. I wish they’d let us mix and match them here. Any mention of Epice Marine makes me happy because it always reminds me of you – it was so good on your skin too.

    The DSH sounds very much your style and now you make me want to re-try Vanaille Galante.

    I hope I get to stay at the Bellagio in Vegas one day, with its own amazing Guerlain boutique.

    Enjoy your time in the States to the max. I know you will!


    • Tara,
      I am exactly the same with Epice Marine. I get a memory smile in every spritz, we had a ball in Feb didn’t we?
      The USA is so amazing. Everyone here is so friendly and we are LOVING the food portions. I think I’ll have to do a bit of walking when I get back to Sydney.
      Yesterday we went to the Getty Museum. It costs only $15 to park there and is completely free after that. Saw the Reubens and some French Impressionists, including irises by Van Gogh.
      I wish you were here too. We meet Killian Hennessy tonight.
      Portia xx


  2. I love your choices Portia! I have the same problem when I travel. Usually, I end up with a tried and true perfume on the trips. Have a wonderful time. Hope you get to eat a proper Thanksgiving dinner somewhere. Yumm – pumpkin pie! Xoxo


  3. Wow, I will have to look for the chocolate in Vanille Galante! You have quite a range of perfumes in your choices, and you just reminded me of how I need to retry (and probably buy!) Epice Marine.


    • Hey Nemo,
      Today I rediscovered a long lost perfume oil from Smell Bent in my wet pack.I added that to my day, then went out and purchased some new fragrances too.
      We are no longer on a frag budget, there are oodles of choices.
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    As Cookie Queen said above I agree these are stylish choices although I have not tried any of the above.

    I have a few travel sprays but I tend to get bored with them easily nowadays so I supplement them with at least one ‘current favourite’ bottles when I travel.

    Have a fantabulous and fragrant trip in the US of A.

    XXX… T


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