Candles by Peppermint Grove Australia 2014

Hi Crew,

I happened to wander into one of my favourite Sydney fragrance and beauty stores SWS Spring with Jin and a couple of our mates after dinner, as always when greeted by Moody the proprietor I asked, “What’s New Moody?”

A brand new Aussie candlemaker has emerged in December 2014?? Brand new, need to see and sniff? OK

Candles by Peppermint Grove Australia 2014

The Peppermint Grove Candles come in two sizes $17/60 gram and $40/350 gram with a very pretty bow on the front of ribbed glass reusable vessels, so girly. They are not on the website yet but you can call and order and they will send them out. GREAT idea for last minute Christmas Shopping. So reasonably priced and they come in beautiful boxes and have a metal cover or base.

Peppermint Grove Australia 2014 #1

Peppermint Grove Australia 2014 #2

Peppermint Grove Australia Candle Scents

Black Orchid and Ginger

Burnt Fig & Pear (Interesting and fun)

Freesia & Berries


Lemon, Basil & Mandarin

Lemongrass & Lime (If you like the way spas often smell, you’ll love this. Clean and natural smelling)

Oceania (My personal favourite, you can smell the salty sea breeze)

Patchouli & Bergamot

Vanilla Caramel

Wild Jasmine & Mint (Very nicely done on a vanilla base, I would burn this in my home)

SWS SpringPhoto Stolen SWS Spring

Peppermint Grove Australia 2014 #4Phillip & Graham, our dinner partners that night and long term mates, with Jin

SWS Spring

48 Dixon St,
Haymarket Chinatown
Sydney NSW 2000

+61 2 9212 7356

Ask for Moody, he’s the sweetest ever,

Portia xx

8 thoughts on “Candles by Peppermint Grove Australia 2014

  1. What a cute store! I love candles to give and receive as gifts. I’ve turned my hubby into a candle nut too. He even buys them and burns them in the office. These look really pretty.


    • Hey there Poodle,
      They are lovely and they smell great. The last two years after watching Ainslie Walker produce her exquisite candles and learning so much from her production I have really come to appreciate how special the really good ones are but also to enjoy a less expensive one for exactly what it is. A charming room scent modifier that burns all the bad juju away.
      Let there be light….
      Portia xx


    • I am pretty sure they will but our postage service is EXPENSIVE! Bear that in mind and be ready for it. Still, a couple of the smaller ones won’t break the bank.
      Portia xx


  2. I nearly fell off my chair yesterday when your post came through. I had been chatting on FB to a friend about Glasshouse candles etc and then Lo and behold your post turned up! I had only been in SWS on Thursday with a girlfriend who had bought me lunch in Chinatown, and we saw Peppermint Grove candles and started sniffing merrily, we both liked Black Orchid and Ginger so I bought the small candle for her on the spot as a Christmas gift! Now You have given me an excuse to go back and try the others. thanks Portia


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