2015: The Universal Number of 8


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Happy 2015. Last year I wrote about The Universal Number of 7! In this article I wrote about meeting a numerologist and apart from being totally wonderful and charming, she was very insistent I write about the number 7. So following on from that meeting lets see what’s in store for us next year.

2015: The Universal Number of 8

2015 8 MetroDF_Linea_8 WikimediaPhoto Stolen Wikimedia

In numerology the number 8 represents where we are in our journey, through the cycle of 1 to 9. So with 2015, equaling 8, we are almost at the end of the cycle.

I’ve always associated the number 8 with abundance and money, but the more I read about it the more I realise these are simplifications. There are many kinds of numerology out there and just as many interpretations, so what I can gather about the number 8 and our year in 2015 is:

* 8 is as much about karmic balance and the Law of Cause and effect than it is about money

* the energy of the infinity sign gives us strength and allows us to express our leadership qualities

* we are confident and fair to others

* we can access our personal power (without too much ego) which can not only help others but can also help us reap the benefits of the past 7 years of hard work

* we may have more abundance and money in our lives but it is less important to us than before

* the number 8 is about balance and a greater expression of money vs abundance

* if we are truly living up to the number 8 we can feel and express the need to help those around us

2015 8 infinity_dragons danmwithatwist DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

So what essential oils can we use to meld with the number 8?

1. Sandalwood (Indian or Australian)

– see the needs of the many are met through social awareness throughout the world

– feel your spirit rise within you and overflow to help those in need

2. Cypress

– inspiration and creativity without the need for ego

– clarity and worldliness, softness

3. Patchouli

– world peace

– connect to mother earth

4. Vetiver

– tranquility, abundance

5. Rosewood

– flow of love through the heart chakra

– true “affluence” (meaning “to flow”)

– this is an endangered tree so please see my article Rosewood – A Story of Ecology and Conservation for more info

– Indian rosewood could be used vin its place – Dalbergia sissoo I MUST Have You!

Good luck.

Best wishes.


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

Suzanne R Banks xx

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6 thoughts on “2015: The Universal Number of 8

  1. Hey Suzanne,
    We used to be fascinated by Numerology as teens and young adults. My sister and I would often talk into the night about numbers and what we wanted on our front doors, whether we should do this or that depending on the day, birthdays and love matches. It is kind of surprising to me now how into it we were, loads of books on the subject etc. I still use numbers as a reference pint and am VERY excited about it being an 8 year.
    Portia xx


  2. I’m all in favor of true peace and connection to the Earth, whatever year it comes along. I will make sure to wear some of my favorite patchouli scents to encourage it! Hope all the APJ crew are doing well in 2015.


  3. Hi Suzanne. Lovely post. I had always heard that the number for Capricorn, which I am, was 8 and was *inauspicious*. I like your interpretation much better. 🙂 Let’s see what happens when I shift my perception of 8!


  4. Coincidentally, my birthday is tomorrow, January 8! I love all this information about the number 8, and the illustration is wonderful. A Chinese friend who shares my birthday once told me that the combination of the numbers 1/8 means “you will have money”. Can’t complain about that!


  5. I like the part where money isn’t as important as helping others, cheers to that and hoping that 2015 fulfills that vision. Will be wearing patchouli and sandalwood xo


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