Fantasia de Fleurs by Henry Creed Third Generation for Creed 1862

Hiya Fumie friends,

A bottle I have long had in my possession, one of the earliest big ticket purchases I made, Creed’s Fantasia de Fleurs. I think I’ve told you before of my love for many things Austrian? Back in 1994-5 while I was living in London one of my childhood friends was in the Vienna Stat Opera Ballet. I would go to Vienna and visit him. These were in the days of the Ringstraße trams that were free and you just hopped on and off and they would take you around the inner precinct of Vienna. Even though there was not a lot of English in Vienna at the time it was totally easy for me to navigate and I felt incredibly safe at all times day & night.

Fantasia de Fleurs by Henry Creed III for Creed 1862

Fantasia de Fleurs Creed FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Bulgarian rose, Florentine iris
Base: Ambergris infusion

The reason I went on about Austria at the top is because this wonderful fragrance, Fantasia de Fleurs, was created for Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (or Sisi as she is known there) and I fell madly in love with her story when first in Vienna, seeking out all the places I could find from her biography and trying to piece together in my mind what her history could have been like. My mate was rehearsing and doing classes most days, we would hang in the nights unless he was performing, then I’d go see the show. It was cool.

Fantasia de Fleurs Creed Empress Elisabeth of Austria WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

SO, when I found out that Sisi had a fragrance made for her I bought it unsniffed when there was an incredible sale on somewhere. BTW I do NOT think blind buying is a good idea.

I was SOOOO lucky that on first sniff I was wrapped in a super sweet, jammy rose that has other stuff buoying it up but really stays pretty gorgeously linear through its life, getting slightly more salty and animalic at the end which is also added to by my sweaty man skin. The opening has this great dryness, like a tea note that cuts through the sweetness, making the whole fragrance easy to wear and quite unisex.I am under no illusion that this is EXACTLY how Fantasia de Fleurs smelled in 1862, I am pretty sure we are smelling an updated version but it still is a big, blowsy, royal fragrance that has a sillage you could do waterski jumps on.

Fantasia de Fleurs Creed WadeWilliams WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Through most of my time with Fantasia de Fleurs I have complained of its lack of longevity but recently I learned the trick. You need to wear it for a couple of hours and then do a light respritz. It brings fragrance life up to a ridiculous length, after doing this last night after my shower and then giving myself a blast in the morning i was still quite fragrant at 5pm this afternoon! That is awesome longevity for me.

So if you like the sweetest and most jammy roses, want to smell like an Empress and love the Creed bottles for ladies then Fantasia de Fleurs could be one to try. I am surprised at how much of my bottle has gone.

Fantasia de Fleurs Creed Mathilda Samuelsson FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Further reading: I Smell Therefore I Am and EauMG
Peony Melbourne has $279/75ml with FREE Australian P&H
First In Fragrance has €155/75ml

Which Creed do you love or which fragrance that is aligned with a celeb or royal did you ever buy because of that affiliation alone?
Portia xx

8 thoughts on “Fantasia de Fleurs by Henry Creed Third Generation for Creed 1862

  1. I must try this one because I find Sisi fascinating too. The Princess Diana of her day. Beautiful, vain, badly treated, trapped, and tragic. And I do love jammy roses. 🙂


    • Hey Jaybee,
      Don’t forget start raving bonkers. Very similar to Diana but Sisi was able to indulge herself more because there wasn’t the same culture of fame as nowadays, imagine if there’d been FB or Instagram back then?
      Portia xx


  2. Another scent twin moment! I too bought Fantasia de Fleurs because of the Sisi association. I also bought Fleur de Bulgare because of Queen Victoria. Fleurissimo cos of Grace Kelly. Spring Flower – Audrey Hepburn. Yep, I’m gullible.

    Interestingly, none of the celebs/royalty aligned with Creed are alive and I’ve never come across proof to substantiate Creed’s claims. Still, I’m not bitter because the royal affiliated Creeds are my absolute favs, and I would not have bought them but for these tales.


    • YAY!! We are twins!! I only have Fantasia de Fleurs in my collection, though I did have vintage Tabarome for a while. Seriously thinking about adding Iris tuberose to my collection also.
      Portia x


  3. Portia, this review is absolutely exquisite. Fantasia de Fleurs is one of the few Creed fragrances I can personally abide by and perhaps my favourite. I found my bottle for something like 80 Canadian dollars on a discounter ages ago as a blind buy and I think it’s one of my most successful finds in my entire perfume wearing career.


    • OMG! Tresor, you make me smile. thank you.
      I bet you smell freaking amazing it Fantasia de Fleurs too. One day when we hang out let’s BOTH wear FdF in abundance.
      Portia xx


      • I bet you do as well! 🙂

        I think that’s an absolutely brilliant plan! We must, 🙂 I agree with you completely that this feels like a truly Royal brew. I feel like the head bitch in charge when I wear it, “I OWN EVERYTHING” sort of vibe. I adore it, ❤


        • Ha ha ha! Really Trésor, I imagine you ALWAYS feel in charge. This just helps.
          I have spritzed again today in your honour.
          Portia xx


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