Eau de Guerlain by Jean-Paul Guerlain for Guerlain 1974


Post by Liam


Good evening flamboyant frag heads

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope the fragrant Gods were good to you and you got all that you wanted.

For me, I decided to load up on the cologne side of things. I’m a hellbent oriental wearer, and whilst they are ever so lovely, they are rather impractical for hot Australian summers; especially on those scorching 40+ degree days.

Eau de Guerlain Guerlain  Bondi Beach David Lee FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

I was spoilt with colognes as I requested – and one that I was dying to get was Eau de Guerlain from (you guessed it) Guerlain. I am madly in love with the Guerlain ‘eaux’ series, and my first was Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain’s creation. When I found Eau de Cologne Imperiale I was stoked! Unfortunately here in Oz the Guerlain range is very very limited – and so obtaining the ‘eaux’ fragrances was a mighty task in itself. I have my contacts.

Eau de Guerlain by Jean-Paul Guerlain for Guerlain 1974

Eau de Guerlain Guerlain FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Fruity notes, basil, bergamot, lemon
Heart: Caraway, carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, jasmine, mint, bergamot, rose
Base: Amber, musk, oakmoss, neroli

In this fragrance, the citrusy note used here is actually a rather soft verbena note, made peppy with a citrus clash of lemon and bergamot. This 1974 Jean-Paul Guerlain creation contains a neutral collection of notes too, acting more in terms of functionality than pleasure. The rose, jasmine, carnation, and lavender floral accents are almost invisible – with a baby soft amber and musk addition lifting this fragrance into perpetuity – as far as cologne and eaux fraiche can go.

Eau de Guerlain Guerlain Herbes de Provence WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

There’s a bit of a bitter crunch to this cologne too, with a certain facet smelling anisic and almost salty. I’m certain herbs attribute to this factor, in this case basil and mint, with caraway seed in there somewhere. We can also expect the herbs de Provence accord found in many Guerlain works.

With many of my reviews, I always try to reach and attain an emotional standing with the fragrance in question, and Eau de Guerlain surprises me. To think Chamade was only made 5 years before this (1969). Chamade for me is a classic Guerlain artwork, whereas this cologne is decidedly modern. I think Eau de Guerlain may have heralded a new dawn in perfumery and a new stage in Guerlain works. Don’t you think?

Many regard this as the perfect cologne. Whilst my heart lies somewhere else, the balance demonstrated here is enviable, and truly showcases Jean-Paul Guerlain’s perfume prowess. As mentioned before, the tactile use of amber and musk (and sandalwood, apparently) raise longevity to a relatively high 2 hours. The sillage is moderate to low, fading dramatically over time.

Eau de Guerlain Guerlain Katharine_Hepburnin WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Further reading: Now Smell This and Monsieur Guerlain
Beauty Encounter has $95/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3/ml

Keep hydrated! What’s your favourite cologne to spritz on?


9 thoughts on “Eau de Guerlain by Jean-Paul Guerlain for Guerlain 1974

  1. I’ve been buying and wearing eaux like crazy too! (Including Eau de Guerlain, which I think is a most refined cologne.)

    I have several favourites; the fizzy, sherbety zing of Eau de Cedrat delights me and is without doubt my favourite on the hottest of nights at home – even though it’s a decidedly short-lived pleasure.

    And by day, Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta.

    For anytime, Eau de Rochas (homme), which lasts and lasts. And I seem to keep commenting here about Pamplelune! I have a stash of it, and can’t imagine summer without it.


    • Hi Kesbah,

      you and I must be alike – Guerlain’s Cedrat is my absolute fav from their eaux lineup. So zingy and so very fresh – It’s uplifting. At best, I describe this as their most crunchy fragrance.

      Stay cool (in both sense of the word).



  2. Hello Liam,
    Today we are hovering around 0 degrees C. I won’t be using too many colognes until the weather warms a little bit. In summer, though, I cool off with Borsari Parma 1870 “Acqua Classica”, La Comedie des Parfums “V. Van Gogh”, Anat Fritz “Tzora”, Olympic Orchids “Perfume” and Pirouette “Wild Spruce and Tobacco” (among others). While several of these are actually EdP or EdT they all have that cooling cologne profile that beats the heat.
    Loved your review! Be Cool!
    Azar xx


  3. An excellent read Liam. The Holy Waters of Guerlain are things I apply to myself with the same fervor as I apply myself to prayer. With Eau de Guerlain, JPG has made something of its time (70s!) yet timeless.

    I adore Coq of course with its lift of Neroli, and on that theme, are you familiar with Wasser’s La Cologne du Parfumeur? That is a wonderful sweet light neroli, again with a gentle muskiness that makes it last beyond what one usually expects from Eaux.

    Otherwise I do enjoy the Comme des Garçons waters, and the Chanel which is without parallel for balance and elegance.

    Bless you child,
    Sister Mary


  4. This was the mixed media fragrance which broke me. waaaayyy back somewhere in the early 90’s someone took me into a Guerlain corner of a department store because he was so taken with the Eaux. I was not disappointed but in my naturals fascist regime, there could be no wiggle room for a classic mixed media. except i kept sneaking back for a whiff of Eau de Guerlain. Now it remains one of my all time favorite fragrances.

    an excellent review of one of the best! thank you so much for the fun read Liam!


    • Hi Einsof.

      Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for sharing that story with me. I’m still young, but when I was ‘younger’ fragrance counters were magical places for me.




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