Heya Fabulous APJ Family,

Shit is real around here, real BUSY. I am spraying new stuff a bit. Today I wore a new Australian house

Cult Of Scent

Magnolia ’13 by Cult of Scent
WOW!! Creamy, furry, citrus with a pithy undertone and a lovely sillage that lasts well into the second hour, even into the fourth hour I can softly smell a musk/vanilla/white flower/citrus wash. I am going to use my very small amount up this weekend, FABULOUS!

Kokorico Jean Paul Gaultier FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier
Also a divinely delicious scent Kokorico is smooth, woody and sweet. I was surprised that vanilla was not in the notes. Why was this not a huge hit, I only have a decant but I freaking LOVE it. I smell really good. MMMM






Now, please do yourself a favour. Just for an hour. Log off, get up and walk around, make a coffee and sit in a room you rarely sit in, go to the corner store, go pat your dog, go pull up some weeds. Spritz yourself with fragrance and get going. You will feel better about almost everything if you do.

See you back here later.

Portia xx


25 thoughts on “BUSY…………….

  1. I’m hopeless Portia. I got up, walked outside, patted the bunnies and was back here in under 10 minutes. 🙂

    I agree wholeheartedly: Kokorico is fab and deserves love. (Can’t make my mind up about that bottle though.) When the chocolate and spices come through, it’s yummy in a sexy way. That everyone isn’t wearing it makes it even better!


    • HAH!! 10 minutes is better than none.
      HAH! I have a decant so the bottle, which looks most ungainly to hold and spritz from, does not come into the equation. I think JPG underated for his excellent smells at super reasonable prices.
      Portia xx


      • JPG underrated – hear, hear! I got a bottle of Kokorico for my fella, and I wish he’d wear it more often. (At home only! It’s seductive stuff.) Shame that Fleur du Male was discontinued because that was another good one, I reckon.


  2. I love magnolia so the Magnolia 13 sounds wonderful. I haven’t tried anything by that house so it might be worth investigating. More importantly, I love how you are always so inspiring and uplifting. I know I can always come here and feel a little better about my day after visiting. You’re the best. Thanks!


    • Kandice,
      You know how to make someone smile. Thank YOU.
      It’s always great to have you stop by and say hello. Lovely to see you.
      Which Magnolia scents are you loving?
      Portia xx


      • Right now, FM’s Eau De Magnolia and Grandiflora’s Magnolia Michel. They are both light and I love them, but it would be nice to find a richer, deeper magnolia. Any thoughts?


        • I LOVE the Michel too Kandice, it’s so lovely. I think if Annick Goutal were alive for the magnolia revolution then hers would have been a deeper and richer one.
          I find the remaking of the magnolia almost impossible and think a ylang fragrance exactly hits the spot. Similar trajectories but I like the creamy, heavy butteriness of ylang.
          Portia xx


  3. I didn’t spend much time outside but moved furniture from room to room, dusted (which I loathe), cleaned the barbie, and did some drawing. Very productive day for me, so happy with myself!
    Love the Chanel quote especially since I learned not to worry about what others think of me, I like who I am and that’s all that really matters. That my friends like me too confirms it!
    Thanks for brightening my evening 🙂


    • Hey there Carolyn,
      Great day!! You have been busy.
      Your friends have good taste in friends,
      Did you spritz a scent through the day?
      Portia xx


    • But what fragrance will you be wearing to shovel? Have you tried Cartier II from the hours series? PERFECT snow shoveling frag.
      Portia xx


  4. Kokorico love! That makes me happy.

    I got my bottle on a usual path: Tried a sample of Parfumerie Generale’s COZE, loved it; found out it’s pricey; looked for alternate by doing fragrance blog and forum searching for hours; found out there really arent that many dusty dry, slightly green, and, frankly, weird cocoa scents; KOKORICO is one of them; waited for a sale at an online discounters; blind bought. Simple! //insert eye-rolling emoji guy right here, saying in his imaginary mind, “These frag people, man!”//

    Anyway, I really, really like it. And was glad to see you mention it. Cheers.


  5. I love these uplifting posts and I need some calm today as I am trying to renew my visa and the French love their paperwork. I didn’t have enough of it yesterday so I’m photocopying like crazy and am going back there this morning! I want to try that Kokorico it sounds good.


    • HA! Every bureaucrat on earth LOVES paperwork, it’s not just a French thing.
      Kokorico IS good, and so freaking cheap on the discounters.
      Portia xx


    • HA! It doers say at the end Undina that I’ll see you back here later. Hopefully you’ll just go for an hour to remember what the world looks like and come back refreshed.
      You are funny.
      Portia xx


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