Here and Now: Tamara Dean: Special Event Announcement


Post by Portia & Ainslie Walker


Here and Now: Tamara Dean: Special Event Announcement

An Immersive Experience
Viewing: February 5-7 by registration HERE<<JUMP
Address released 24 hours prior

Opening Night February 4 2015 6-8pm Fully Booked

Tamara Dean, Email Invitation to Here and Now, 4th Feb

Award winning artist and photographer Tamara Dean’s Here and Now Exhibition opens on 4th Feb and is already booked out for the opening night.
There are still places on Thursday and Saturday bu you must register quick.
APJs Ainslie Walker has scented the exhibition, collaborating with Tamara Dean for this fully immersive exhibition and says the experience “involves getting lost, at one with your primordial senses heightened”

here and now juice

Artist bio: Tamara Dean is an Australian artist whose practice explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. In 2013 she was selected for the ArtOmi International Artists Residency, New York. Works produced during this residency won first prize in the 2013 New York Photo Awards – Fine Art series category. Dean’s works have been widely exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Her work has featured in the Hamptons Art Fair, NYC, 2014, Melbourne Art Fair, 2014, Fotofever Brussels Art Fair, 2012 and Pingyao Photography Festival, China, 2012 as well as at leading Australian galleries including Inheritance 2009 and Hijacked 2 – New Australian & German Photography 2010, both at the Australian Centre for Photography; Sydney Now – New Australian Photojournalism, Museum of Sydney 2007; Terra Australis Incognita at Monash Gallery of Art.
Dean is currently Artist-in-Residence at UNSW and is represented by Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney and JHB Gallery, New York.

Here-and-Now 2015 copyright Tamara Dean

The Sydney Perfume lovers Meet up group, run by Catherine du Peloux Menagé are gathering their forces and attending the exhibition on Thursday evening 5.2.14. They will be privy to a special talk by Ainslie and Tamara and a keepsake of the evening to take home.

Catherine from the Sydney Perfume Lovers Meetup says:
“The artist Tamara Dean has collaborated with one of our members, the talented Ainslie Walker, to create an innovative art installation ‘Here and now’. Our senses will be heightened (including the sense our group is all about, naturally) as we take in the artwork and each one of us will have a different perspective. To say more would be to detract from the evening so you’ll just have to come along to be part of it.
We’ll experience the installation one person at a time, then Tamara and Ainslie will talk to us about the inspiration and ideas behind the installation, as well as the process of creation, over a drink . ‘Here and now’ will take place in the Kensington area of Sydney. The exact location has not yet been disclosed (not even to me!) and I will let you know the address by email nearer the time.
You will take away a special gift which will remind of your experience of the evening by stimulating your limbic system in a unique way. Intrigued? See you there. “


If you prefer to come at a different time or with your friends register with the details below:

REGISTER: Here and Now 2015

7 thoughts on “Here and Now: Tamara Dean: Special Event Announcement

  1. Ainslie,
    You already know it but “I am so proud to be your friend”. Every bit of good that happens to you is hard earned and I love that you keep persevering and never give up.
    You inspire me.
    Congratulations on another fantastic achievement. Can’t wait to see and sniff.
    Portia xx


  2. ooooo! now THIS would be a reason to finally head ‘down under’!

    congrats Ainslie! what fascinating new worlds lie in this undisclosed location?!! i am so intrigued and thrilled at this merging of art forms.

    i also kinda dig that it is like an old school rave where you simply don’t know where it is until it’s happening… one of the best ways to enter a new world. 😉

    much light! much success!


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