J'ai Fait un Reve – Elle by Dorothée Piot for Majda Bekkali 2010


Post by FeralJasmine


The main thing that I remember about childhood vacations in Florida was the extraordinary scent of orange blossoms. The cottage that we rented was rural at that time, and when I left the house early in the morning I could nearly always smell orange trees blossoming nearby. That extraordinary mix of hypnotic sweetness and underlying spice and indoles is not something that I will ever forget. I love a lot of orange blossom perfumes, but to interest me they have to be fairly complex and have enough sweetness to at least somewhat resemble the real thing. Orange Blossom is a traditional bridal flower both because of its sweet and innocent aspects and its underlying narcotic properties. Drifting along like an angel, it wafts hints of the demonic and the damned. That’s for me.

J’ai Fait un Reve by Dorothée Piot for Majda Bekkali 2010

J’ai Fait Un Reve - Clair (Elle) Majda Bekkali  LuckyScentPhoto Stolen LuckyScent

LuckyScent gives these featured accords in one line:
Petitgrain, elemi, cumin, currant leaves, orange blossom, jasmine, lisylang, castoreum, white musk, white cedar, guaiac, leather, labdanum, incense, papyrus

I always become fervently interested in Orange Blossom perfumes in late winter, and this year I am loving J’ai Fait un Reve Elle by Madja Bekkali. The notes are simple enough. There are drifts of orange blossoms, a few fruits hanging in the background, the sweet white musk (on the clean side) underlying the flowers, a bit of petitgrain, with the whole given a sensual undertone by a hint of cumin.I am no fan of cumin in perfumes, but this is very subtle and really well done. It has a quality of movement on the skin that reminds me of the blossoms blowing gently in an early morning breeze. Right now, I can’t get enough of it. My orange blossom addiction usually crashes by late February, so this is a time-limited pleasure, and I use it to the hilt while it lasts.

J’ai Fait Un Reve - Clair (Elle) Majda Bekkali Orange_Blossom WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I suspect that J’ai Fait un Reve will have a difficult time finding its audience, or maybe the audience is rather limited. It isn’t elegant and structured like 24, Faubourg. It isn’t a cuminy skank bomb like Rubj. It isn’t indolic, cumin-laden, and narcotically sweet like the SL Fleurs d’Oranger, and it isn’t a sweet delight like the Houbigant Orangers et Fleurs with its absurdly pretty nutmeg note. I love all of these except Rubj and will be wearing them constantly for the next month. But I reach for J’ai Fait un Reve more often than any of the others, simply because, right now, it smells like my orange grove, the one where I long to be lying, within hearing distance of the sea.

J’ai Fait Un Reve - Clair (Elle) Majda Bekkali Jacek Yerka PlayingWithSpacesPhoto Stolen PlayingWithSpaces

Further reading: Now Smell This (the whole line overview)
LuckyScent has $125/50ml (Currently the 120ml is on special for $125)

Dream with me, gang! What orange grove scent do you long to lounge in right now?
FeralJasmine x

10 thoughts on “J'ai Fait un Reve – Elle by Dorothée Piot for Majda Bekkali 2010

  1. Hey there FeralJasmine,
    I don’t think I know this brand at all. Maybe I’ve seen the bottles on blogs, they kind of ring a bell.
    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look out for them.
    Portia xxx


    • Hi Portia! This perfumery is a small one and doesn’t get a lot of publicity. I love a couple of things in the line, but opinions differ. They are definitely complex, some would say unfocused. For a good laugh, look up Kafkaesque’s review of the Fusion Sacree for men. But while loving that review’s perspective, I like the Fusion Sacree for women enough to have a back-up bottle. They are definitely sample-before-you-buy scents, but they don’t smell like anything else around.
      J’ai Fait un Reve is different enough from my other orange blossom scents to earn its place in my spring line-up. Fusion Sacree Elle is unlike any other take on vanilla. But different isn’t good enough if you are one of those who sniff this line and think WTF!


  2. I am not familiar with this. But I do have a bottle of the Houbigant, which I have yet to try. Maybe I should. I love Rubj beyond words, but I wouldn’t wanna bore anyone.
    Great review and I will keep an eye out for it. xxxx


    • Lucky you to be able to love Rubj! It is so awful on me that it’s sort of funny, but I know it’s great on many people. I suspect that I am a cumin-amplifier, but the touch of cumin in J’ai Fait Un Reve seems to behave itself on me.
      I suspect that Rubj enthusiasts won’t fall for the Houbigant. It is definitely a soft and lovely bridal orange blossom, but hey, we all have a bridal aspect ;-). Let us know what you think.


      • Hello FeralJasmine,
        Your review brings back fond memories of my childhood years in Florida, pre-Disney and pre Epcot. We lived on the east coast and would travel inland periodically to visit the orange groves near Lakeland, the Bok Carrillon Tower near Lake Wales (highest elevation in FL) and the various fresh water springs farther north. The clouds of fragrance when the groves were in bloom was unforgettable. I also remember the fragrance of the citrus processing plants. We even had great groves nearby (Indian River Fruits) and a few trees in our backyard too. All the fruit stands sold orange blossom perfume. I’m sure you remember that, always a disappointment to me. Right now I do not have a fragrance that really reminds me of the groves. I am definitely going to try J’ai Fete un Reve. Thank you for this one!
        Azar xxx


      • Azar, good to hear from you! Nothing has quite the hypnotic qualities of the real thing. Unlike jasmine, which can be well represented in perfume, true orange blossom seems very difficult to capture. JFUR carries a suggestion of salt air, so it works well enough for me, but I still long to smell those billows of pure orange blossom. And yes, I can’t tell you how often I was suckered by those little bottles, sometimes shaped like oranges, of “pure orange blossom perfume.” They were sorry stuff, weren’t they?


  3. Thanks for this review FeralJasmine! I wonder if J’ai Fait un Reve would work for me. I’m a fan of orange blossom – but for the most part (like you) cumin doesn’t work for me. SL Fleurs was a disaster, and I’ve actually yet to spray the Rubj sample I have on skin because just sniffing the sprayer makes me shudder as it reeks of cumin. The Houbigant sounds lovely though – mmmm, nutmeg and orange blossom? Thanks for highlighting these all for us!


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