Arpege Parfum (Vintage) by Andre Fraysse for Lanvin 1927

Heya Scented Sniffers,

I bought this bottle from Odona on Etsy. They are reasonably priced and when one of their frags had leaked about 70% of its contents in transit they gave me a refund on it. They are very nice people and their frags are fabulous.

Arpege Parfum (Vintage) by Andre Fraysse for Lanvin 1927

Arpege Parfum Lanvin FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, aldehydes, peach, orange bloom, honeysuckle, orris
Heart: Rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, coriander, sensitive plant, tuberose, violet, geranium
Base: Sandalwood, vetiver, patchoulis, vanilla, musk

Arpege, I know that it was worn by some of the Aunties but it was definitely seen as being for the younger or quieter of them when I was growing up. The louder or more mature were wearing Giorgio, Shalimar, No 5 and Poison. Sometimes, though the memory is faint, I do remember seeing the famously ridged glass atomiser bottle with the black bakelite cap come out of purses for resprays. There is something very soft, and soft focus, about the Eau of Arpege. Today though I would like to chat about the parfum.

Arpege Parfum Lanvin Berthe_Morisot Young_Girl_in_a_Ball_Gown WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I think my top notes are about to turn, they are a good deal less sparkling and radiant than they should be, but less than a minute in the gorgeous thick and rich scent comes alive, so many aldehydes that it’s almost oily in its intensity. Fruity and thick like the syrup from a can of peaches but more pronounced, more effervescent and way more lavish. A thick sinuous rope of fragrance that is hefty enough to lift you up and carry you away.

Multi-faceted Arpege parfum, so many flowers and fruits, herbs and aldehydes all mixed together in a less sophisticated bouquet than CHANEL No 5 but giving a girlish laugh, nod and wink in its direction. Fascinating in its various hues and gilded like a Klimt painting, imagine the perfumer looking at this one of Adele Bloch Bauer 20 years after it was created and Jeannie Lanvin asking the perfumer to recreate it in scent. And that’s what we have, a big fragrance by today’s standards that is filled to the brim with beautiful notes yet lives as one perfectly cohesive and elegant fragrance.

Arpege Parfum Lanvin Adele Bloch Bauer Gustav Klimt Krishna FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

After the fireworks of the opening subside and we are well into the heart of this vintage Arpege parfum I find myself transported back to my youth and cuddling some of the Aunties who smelled so fabulous.

I only dab so I’m not ridiculously fragrant but I a sweetly perfumed and would be a bit overwhelming in most modern workplaces I think. Though this is so good and lasts so long that I think it would be an excellent day out frag, you’d still be smelling gorgeous even after a huge day of picnics, art galleries or shopping. I have been dabbing myself on Saturdays as we continue the search for our new home and it is a welcome relief from some of the smells we’ve encountered along the way.

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My Perfume Samples has current EdP $6/5ml
Vintage Arpege Extrait is still widely available on Ebay & Etsy

Portia xx

Giveaway Kesha&CoPhoto Stolen Kesha&Co

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13 thoughts on “Arpege Parfum (Vintage) by Andre Fraysse for Lanvin 1927

  1. congratulation for your excellent parfumery work. I folow your comments and I save them.
    Are you thinking to travel to Milan or Florence for the “niche” exhibition?

    Arpege de Lanvin it´s a memorable classic, in the way of Madame Rochas, Calandre…
    today I don´t know if is possible to elaborate this fragrances, the ingredients change, the procedures…legislation….but I like always think and smell de classics.

    Best regards from Barcelona. Rosendo Mateu – PRFM “olfactive Expressions”


  2. My lovely, glamorous neighbour wears Arpege as her signature scent. I’ve always liked it for its Chanel-like gorgeousness. A true classic! I follow by email.


  3. Thanks Portia for your erudite reviews. Ah, Arpege! In the 1970’s, as an impressionable late teen hungry for smells beyond Charlie and Jean Nate I was influenced by a Lanvin Arpege campaign to spend a two weeks of my part time job’s wages on a bottle. If memory serves the catchphrase was: ‘Promise her anything but give her Arpege.’ She did not disappoint; a sophisticated floral bouquet drying to a mysterious sandalwood patchouli musk that enveloped 18 year old me in an air of cultivated sexiness. In winter 2004 I rediscovered Arpege Eau de Parfum in a New England discount store and pounced on it. At first sniff, despite a reformulation, Arpege’s confident knowing aura reappeared to me. My aunts in most frequent contact were nuns: family Christmas presents of Yardley Lavender or Woods of Windsor may have wafted towards me from them, but usually it was Palmolive soap. I follow APJ via email.


  4. No need to enter me, as I have a small 7.5ml Arpege parfum that must be from the 70s, given its $5.95 price tag on the box. (!!) The topnotes are starting to go, they smell like nailpolish remover, and the heart notes are so ripely floral that I actually suffer a little bit through them – there’s a bit of old vasewater about them, they’re so dense. But that drydown, there is absolutely nothing like it. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

    I think I love it best in early autumn.


  5. Hi Portia,
    I really enjoyed your lovely review and the attached memories. I too have many great memories of Lanvin fragrances. There are a few right here on APJ ( There are also a several vintage parfums in similar condition to yours laying around the house. Sometimes, after I use one, I carefully wipe the outside of the bottle opening with perfumer’s alcohol. It helps to prevent build up around the cap and maybe even keeps the perfume fresher for longer? I hope so. BTW, no need to enter me this time.
    Azar xx


  6. Bloglovin – jalesley;
    Would like to test this famous perfume, unfortunately do not have any special story about it, just have seen its name in many articles on perfume history.


  7. Arpege was my first real (non-drugstore) parfum when I was 15 way back in the ’60’s. A close family friend gifted me a set of cologne, powder and perfume. She knew I loved fragrances, and had three or four colognes from the local drugstore already. I wore it for many years as a young wife and mother. Perhaps I outgrew it, I know I found other loves from Lanvin, Rumeur was the chosen one during my 30’s. I did discover the mystery of Shalimar then, prefering it’s roar to the purr of Arpege. Thanks so much for a chance to go back in time!


  8. Thanks Portia! What a great article and what a great email to start my day! I love Arpege, My Sin, and all the “oldies”!! Especially the vintage, when skank was still legal! Mmmmm….bring on the civet!! My Mom wore Joy exclusively, and I still have a bottle; the scent of which brings her back to life for me!


  9. I dont have scented memories of Arpege. I could have, but since I have not smelled this smell before, I xannot recall. My grandmother probably had this scent because always smelled nice.

    I follow APJ by email.


  10. Odona on Etsy is great. I found a long lost fragrant love there just a few months ago.

    I do remember Arpege used by the adults around me when I was a child. Mmmmmm, the thought makes me breathe deep and remember the scent as exciting and comforting at the same time.

    I follow APJ by email.


  11. i follow by email.i would love to smell this as the current arpege in shops doesn’t match any of the gushing reviews i have read and i am dying to know something of how this actually used to smell. thanks : )


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