Rima XI by Sara Carner and Sonia Constant for Carner Barcelona 2013

Hey there Fellow Fumies,

Recently I went shopping at Birgit from Olfactoria’s Travels sell out. Sadly Birgit has developed asthma brought on by her great love, fragrance, and there are only a few that she can still wear without them causing her distress. So, obviously, it was time to clear out some of her beauties and I bought a few. The moment I held this bottle in my hand it was love. So heavy and blocky, a gorgeously minimalist black and clear box that fits my hand like it was my measurements that they’d used. I can see these bottles being the choice of the modern, sleek and wealthy suit set who like things to be substantial yet quietly luxe.

Rima XI by Carner Barcelona 2013

Rima XI by Sara Carner and Sonia Constant

Rima XI Carner Barcelona FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascan black pepper, Moroccan mint, saffron
Heart: Ceylon cinnamon, Indonesian nutmeg, coriander, Indian jasmine sambac
Base: Virginia cedar wood, Australian sandalwood, Vanilla absolute, Laotian benzoin, amber, musk

Rima XI is created after the last verse of this Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer poem Rhyme 11 (I am ardent…). I have put the whole poem here in its English translation because I really love how the tone changes and the poem teasingly calls, like a very immature or mixed up person playing mind games with their intended.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Rima 11 (Yo soy ardiente…)

I am ardent, I am brown,
I am the sign of passion,
of anxiety for pleasures is my soul full.
Are you looking for me?
It’s not for you: no.

My forehead is pale, my braids of gold,
I can give you endless happiness.
I keep a treasure of tenderness.
Are you calling me?
No: it’s not you.

I am a dream, an impossible,
vain ghost of mist and light;
I am bodiless, I am untouchable:
I cannot love you.
Oh, come, you come!

But how does it wear? The opening is fun and herbal and full of the dry sizzle of pepper. Rima XI’s opening doesn’t last long before the spices and vanilla/amber take over and while it is lovely and sweet, and smooth, the spices keep it also dry and a little dusty. Does the fragrance match the poem for me? No, not even a little bit. Rima XI is all about the soft cuddly warmth of surrender in your lovers arms, the deliciously beautiful moment when you feel safe, respected and loved. This is the sweet warm spring or autumn Sunday mornings where you lie between sleep and awake knowing that someone you choose to be partnered with is beside you and that you have beautiful bed linen too.

Rima XI Carner Barcelona Gay Russian Lovers EuroNewsPhoto Stolen EuroNews

Perfect for those crisp spring and autumn mornings and evenings Rima XI is warm, comforting and playful. Quite fragrant for its first hour but after that I get a soft hum that stays around for ages getting quieter and more diffuse till at some point that I can’t even tell it disappears. If you get it on your clothes though you’ll still smell it 3 or 4 days later when you get them out to wash. Seriously good longevity.

Rima XI Carner Barcelona Dahlia grandma_S DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Further reading: Olfactoria’s Travels and Bonkers About Perfume
Parfum1 has $135/50ml
First In Fragrance has €89/50ml

Have you tried any of the Carner Barcelona range? Is amber your thing?
Portia xx

30 thoughts on “Rima XI by Sara Carner and Sonia Constant for Carner Barcelona 2013

    • Thanks Barbara,
      You rock. I miss FB too. thank goodness I still have this to chat about fragrance with my buddies.
      Portia xxx


        • Yes Barbara, I thought all of this stuff was over and done with. It’s causing me real pain. Can’t sleep, feeling discriminated against, can’t contact many of my friends, am unable to moderate the forums I am mod on, can’t do my Turbo Trivia hints, upload blog post links. It;s weird being rejected from something I spend so much of my time making a better place for people (in a moderator sense) and also it’s the place I keep all my photos and a running commentary of my life.
          Many of the long buried feelings of hurt and rejection from my youth are re-surfacing.
          I know this is totally a first world problem and I should suck it up, man up and shut up but GRRR.
          Portia x


  1. Hell no! And by the way we have a big post online to bring you back, and many of us are sending private comments to Facebook. Take heart you are DEARLY LOVED AND MISSED! And there is only technical rejection and hopefully it will be righted soon! Please send FB a link to that article, you have a lot of people supporting you right now and we are all steaming mad! So LOVE we all adore you and please put that in your heart and know we are all working to fix this injustice! kisses and hugs darling!


    • Thank you Bea,
      You are sweet to write. This is what the online APJ family is. Caring for each other.
      Portia xx


  2. Seconding what people have said above–I hope this gets corrected quickly, and I’m so sorry it’s happening to you! And I’m doubly sorry it’s dredging up old memories (so freaking understandable though). You’re one of the funniest, kindest people I’ve encountered, and we’ve never actually met–you fucking rock. And this is some nasty/stupid business…


    • Heather Freeman,
      We need to rectify that soon. One day we will be having a coffee together and laughing about all the drama. Hopefully in the past tense.
      Thank you buddy.
      Portia xx


    • Thank you NanctSG,
      You are very sweet to come over and leave a note.
      This is what the online community can be amazing at. Sending hope and helping cope.
      Thank you.
      Portia xx


  3. This is so unbelievably messed up. Sorry you have to deal with this and all the emotional stuff it brings up. I’m sure I’d feel bereft if it happened to me.

    Hope all the noise & efforts get you re-instated with your drag name intact. Meanwhile, know that everyone i know in the online FB fragrance world is up in arms about this, and making sure FB knows it.


    • QuoterGal,
      Thank you. It has been a rather nasty shock to my system. Messages like yours are keeping me buoyant though. Thank you for being part of the APJ family and lending me your light.
      Portia xx


  4. Hi Portia,
    I really don’t understand this at all and am so sorry that you have to deal with it. Someone out there in FB land has to be “dumber than a barrel of hair” in order to pull this kind of a stunt!
    Be Brave.
    Azar xxx


  5. Portia, I am sorry to hear you are going through this bullsh*t and wish FB focused on the truly harmful people.
    Hope to have you soon again on FB; the community seems to be missing a key player without you.
    Much love,



    • Hey Caro,
      Thank you. So many wonderful people sending me support and sharing their strength. It lovely.
      Portia xx


  6. Dear, Portia,
    I would comment on the FB issue, I am sorry…Rima is a scent that deserves a great attention, but…
    this is something I didn’t expect to happen in the 21st century, when the world is supposed to be at its most tolerant and peaceful state! But it is unfortunately not…war, hunger, no free speech, no free spirit…
    Word fail me. But I want you to know that you have lots of people here, in Bulgaria, missing your shining persona on the net! Love u!


  7. Dear Portia! I am so sorry that this is happening to you! I hope it is just a technical glitch and OMG if it isn’t! WTF? Sending you a big hug. Sandra xo


  8. Dear Portia, we are all bereft without you on FB, and everyone is up in arms and working on getting this situation straightened out asap. Please let me know if there is something we can do to help in a practical way. We are all so shocked, kind of running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the moment. This seems like the kind of bureaucratic nightmare a robot would create, FB must get a responsible human involved to straighten it out. Would you advise our individual notes to FB are the best way to help? There is a FB page with a long list of comments in your support. xoxo I know you will be back soon!


    • Heya Lucy,
      Thank you.
      I don’t know what to do. It’s all a bit of a shock. People everywhere are being so kind.
      Sent FB some evidence that I use Portia Turbo in my daily life but they didn’t think it was enough and closed my case which will not let me re-open it to give them more information.
      Unsure of what is happening because I can’t see FB but every little bit helps. Could you spread the word far & wide?
      Thank you,
      Portia xx


  9. I am a bit late to this party, but wanted to add my support, I hope FB gets over itself soon, I can’t even imagine why they have done this.

    But know that you are loved and appreciated for the wonderful human being that you are.


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