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Hi Crew,

Having spent some time with the dashing Romano Ricci recently we were introduced to his latest offering, Gentlewoman. One of the things I really liked about meeting Romano Ricci was something that he said, he told us that while he created the fragrances he would often go and seek the help of other perfumers to bring his idea to completion. That kind of open honesty is both refreshing and virtually unheard of in this industry, he won me over in that moment. The fact that he was extremely handsome and an outrageous flirt had nothing to do with it at all….

Gentlewoman by Romano Ricci for Juliette Has A Gun 2015

Gentlewoman Juliette Has A Gun FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, bitter orange blossom, neroli
Heart: Almond, courmarin, orange blossom, lavender
Base: Ambroxan, woody notes, musk

The humble cologne. So invigorating and refreshing. A hallmark of perfumery and still people are finding new ways to improve the genre.

Imagine citrus. All the parts of citrus. Tree, leaves, flowers, zest, pith, juice and body are all part of what makes me think citrus. It seems that Romano has wanted to show all facets of the citrus in one fragrance and not only to do that but then to add some almond in for good measure to mellow, buff and lactonate* what is mainly citrus.

Yes, we have lavender, also courmarin and super cuddly musks (Clayton knows the names of the molecules). Here we have a same same but different cologne. Firstly it LASTS for hours. One of my main problems with Eau de Cologne as a genre is having to tote around a 500ml bottle to respritz every 25 minutes. Secondly, we have a really interesting and enjoyable development that also has this divine almond note that makes the whole heart smell like an almond bread with zest! YUMMY! A dry yummy and not really a gourmand, except of course that it is strictly speaking gourmand.

What do I know? Don’t you want to try this hot little mother for yourself? See below…..

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon
First In Fragrance has €99/50ml (Available from mid May)
Libertine Parfumerie has AUD$205/100ml (In Stock Now! Including FREE Australian Postage!)

Good luck all,
Portia xx

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lactonate: Yet again I have invented a word that means, in my head, adding a milky touch

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  1. Good morning!! I follow APJ by email and I could be called a gentlewoman because for a living I wait on Elderly men and women and help them with whatever they need. Thank you for the giveaway : )


  2. I follow APJ via email. I am a gentlewoman because I only ooperate under the most upright behavior and manners 😉


  3. I might be considered a gentlewomen considering I’m not very adept at handling bullies at work. I wish I had snappy comebacks, but I never think of them until days later. They are sneaky and snarky which catches me off guard. Plus, I’m too old for games.


  4. What a lovely name. I’d like to hope I’m a gentlewoman for wanting to raise my daughter as a good, smart, caring person. I follow by email. 🙂


  5. I follow by email. I always say please and Thankyou and try to be considerate of others at all times, I hope this qualifies and like Katherine I am at a loss with underhanded or outright bitchiness, will never understand the need to put others down.


  6. Bloglovin – jalesley;
    One said that a gentlemen never uses a word “gentlemen”. So, hmm… Maybe I have used it couple of times meaning someone decent and polite. Am I? Probably no.


  7. Nice to hear this one lasts. That’s my main complaint with colognes as well. I guess I would be a gentlewoman because I am kind and gentle to all animals. Other than that, not so much 🙂 Thanks for the draw!


  8. Could I be considered a gentlewoman because I often eat almonds with my citrus fruits and I lactate (which is a little bit similar to lactonating…)? 🙂 also, I never yell, which makes me a gentle fighter. Thanks for this lovely draw, I follow via bloglovin!


  9. I think W. Somerset Magham summed it up best:
    “What d’you suppose I care if I’m a gentleman or not? If I were a gentleman I shouldn’t waste my time with a vulgar slut like you.”


  10. I am a gentleman because i believe in kindness, even to strangers and hate judging anyone. I follow APJ through email. thanks for the draw.


  11. I follow by e mail and facebook.Never felt like a gentlewoman even though I am a female so I guess gentleman.Life is tough and its difficult to be either for me at the best of times.Everyone is out for themselves and have their own agendas.


  12. Thanks for the email Portia. Gentlewoman sounds great! I suppose I am still a bit old-fashioned/gentlemanly in that I have really good manners. I still hold the door open, address MOST people respectfully (except for the occasional “HEY GURRRRRRL!!), and generally act the way my parents taught me to act, with kindness, consideration, and wit.


  13. I follow APJ via e-mail and this cologne sounds perfectly lovely!

    I could be called a gentlewoman because I try very hard to treat everyone with courtesy and respect, with no regard to their status, appearance, job or what they can do for me or even how they are behaving. To me, courtesy toward all is the mark of a gentleperson.


  14. Hi Portia
    I follow my email and facebook. I am a
    Gentlewoman because I am quiet, reserved and avoid confrontation at all costs!


  15. Hi Portia
    I follow by email and facebook. I am a
    Gentlewoman because I am quiet, reserved and avoid confrontation at all costs!


  16. DNEM. I want to thank you. I laughed so hard I got tears in my eyes! “Gentlewoman” is not what anyone that knows me would call me, ever. What I still usually get is, “Here comes Trouble.”


  17. i follow by email…i would like to smell how the almond,lavender and courmarin work together..i am a gentlewoman because i always keep my decorum…:)


  18. Hi I am a new follower by email. I could be considered a Gentlewoman as I always return my shopping trolley to the trolley bay, and have also offered to take others along on the way, such as elderly people, pregnant women, or those getting small kids in the car. can you tell I just got back from the shop????


  19. I follow via e-mail. APJ is a gentle reminder in my in-box to get scented for the day.

    I was recently told I was a gentle person for choosing to ignore rudeness in the workplace. I figure why bother engaging when it’s not worth the energy. 🙂


  20. Gentlewoman? I think not–strictly peasant stock. Gentle woman, maybe. I try (but often fail) to be kind, and the older I get, the more I tend toward pacifism. I follow with Bloglovin.


  21. I could be called a Gentlewoman because i prefer to observe and not comment . Though inside the comments are flow and rage.
    Follow by by newsletter and Facebook .


  22. Greetings! I follow APJ via email and Facebook. I am a gentlewoman because, well firstly, I am a woman and I have been told I’m very feminine 🙂

    You must be psychic, as I’ve just discovered the brand Juliette Has a Gun this week! I was immediately drawn to the name… I may be feminine, but I can sure handle a weapon 😉 Love the femme fatale name and bottle designs! I have only vaguely sampled Lady Vengeance and loved it. I have a feeling myself and this brand are going to get along perfectly!

    I have to say, Gentlewoman intrigues me greatly! A rather unique and delicious sounding, long-lasting citrus, featuring divine almond and musk notes?… Please do count me in!

    *note I’m rather broke right now so a decant of this would be absolutely Heavenly! 🙂 ❤


  23. This is so strange a question, but so tempting a gift, that I couldn’t help but tune in!
    I am a Gentlewoman, because I try to leave everyone I encounter in any way with the feeling of cheer. I want to make them feel pleased with the shortest conversation we ever had. I want them to smile after they meet me, and keep the smile for a while.
    Gentlewoman sounds like something I would wear every single day of this promising spring unrolling in front of us!
    Thanks for the draw, Portia, darling! Oh, Romano…he can sell anything to me!
    I am following by email, and on the FB page.
    I am in Bulgaria (EU).


  24. I follow by email, and one might call me a gentlewoman because I am entirely too nice to people sometimes, and try to be polite even when I probably shouldn’t! I am working on it though 🙂

    I am in the US, thank you!


  25. Following via bloglovin
    My mom had trained me a lot and had a high expectations on my behaviour and reactions so I think anybody might call me a gentlewoman


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