Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015

Hello Happy Huffers,

Imagine. Your Dad has been in charge of CHANEL perfumes and his first two creations for the house were Anteaus (1981) and Coco (1984), and that was just the beginning of the amazing saga of Jaques Polge reign. We all know that fragrance is a nepotistic arena so no one was surprised that Mr J Polge’s successor would be his prolific son Olivier Polge (89 fragrances and counting) who has produced some of my personal favourites including Midnight In Paris, Spicebomb, DIOR Homme, Cuir Beluga, Liberte and The Beat Man: These are just the ones I have FB of in my collection.

Then you get offered the BIG job, in house perfumer for CHANEL! What will your first fragrance be? How can you carry on the CHANEL ideal and your father’s legacy while still putting your own stamp on the product? While I don’t envy Olivier Polge the shoes he has to fill I am agog to wear the produce of his labours……….

Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015

Chanel Misia Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Powdery notes, violet, iris, orris root, Turkish rose, Grasse rose, Laos benzoin, tonka bean

Misia, I wonder who decided that Misia Sert would be the muse for this CHANEL creation? A modern woman of wealth. taste and an arts-centric philanthropist, ahead of her time yet fully a part of that time. A mover and a shaker, a catalyst, incredibly modern and yet a long time ago. It’s a perfect choice because almost anything fragrant you do can point to a facet of Misia, as long as it is brought to life impeccably.

Chanel Misia Chanel Misia Henri de Toulouse-Lautec WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

So many things Misia opens like. It’s a magical roll-a-dex of plush fragrant memories from that very first spritz, all of them expensive and lavish. Coco Chanel once said, “The best things in life are free but the second best are very, very expensive.” Many other bloggers have dwelt on its similarities so I’ll leave it there. I will say that a part of the mix that I’d always pegged as saffron is here, and I think it may be the violet/iris combo: balmy and cool yet slightly plastic. It smells like the feel of one of those old black bakelite CHANEL No 5 refillable canisters or the black case of a lipstick with the interlocking Cs at the tip and also some of the lipstick inside. More than any other CHANEL fragrance Misia smells like the essence of CHANEL, the dream and ideal we are being sold.

Chanel Misia Chanel large_classic_flap CHANELPhoto Stolen CHANEL

As we move into the heart of Misia the roses bloom, again vaguely reminiscent of other famous and beautiful fragrances but smoother, prettier, more tasteful and woven through with the violet/iris and very softly hinting of elegant leather handbags and folios. There is too a reminder of makeup and fragrances within, tidy but well loved. Sheer, a cloud of good fortune to surround you, the smell that money only wishes it could have but also a stark unclutteredness* like contemporary minimalism. Everything so perfectly placed and balanced, a harmonious whole.

Chanel Misia Chanel chanel-pret-a-porter-2014-15 CHANEL NewsPhoto Stolen CHANEL News

The end, a now whisper of what an old fashioned fragrance could have been in a dream. Bravo Olivier Polge, it feels to me as if you’ve hit the nail on the head.

Further reading: Now Smell This and Perfume Posse
CHANEL Les exclusives are available at large Department Stores and CHANEL stand alone beauty
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/ml

Which is your favourite CHANEL Exclusive? Are you excited for the new era in CHANEL fragrance?
What do YOU think of Misia?
Portia xx

*Unclutteredness – clunky word, made it up, you know what I mean. Ironically the using of this word is an antonym of what I think it stand for.

30 thoughts on “Misia by Olivier Polge for CHANEL 2015

  1. I was fascinated to get your take on Misia, Portia. I hope to try it in a week or so. Sounds just my thing.

    Loved “It’s a magical roll-a-dex of plush fragrant memories” and that terrific Coco Chanel quote feels oh so apt.

    I am more eager than ever to try it and am convinced it wil be a purchase.


    • OMG Tara,
      It is really really delicious. Don’t get your hopes too high though for that way disappointment waits.
      Remember it’s all about the poise and the way that it hints at other fragrances but never becomes them, it’s like dodging fragrant traffic in memory Lane.
      I am going to buy it too.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Sabine,
      Luckily I had not read any of the fragrance reviews though I had followed the politics with interest. It was a marvelous surprise for me.
      Portia xx


  2. I nearly forgot to order a decant, but you reminded me! Definitely want to try. I love makeup inspired scents.

    My favourite Exclusive is Coromandel (though I have Cuir de Russie on as I type!)

    Unclutteredness might sound cluttered but I love it, I know just what you mean! Xo


    • Hey Fruitful,
      Cuir de Russie! I wish it lasted better on me, or that I could afford a barrel of it.
      Portia xx


  3. Yum, have a sample of this on its way to me! Actually I think I may have a Chanel problem as I have on my shelf Cuir de Russie, Jersey extrait and La Pausa jumbo size.
    Forgive me for I have Exclusifed.


    • HA! JackieB,
      I’m a bit the same with CHANEL. truth be told I have a drawer almost exclusively CHANEL.
      Portia xx


  4. I am so excited to try this now Portia! I love Chanel and have several of their perfumes. They are supposed to be stocking it soon. Fingers crossed… Xo


  5. I have a 10ml decant of Misia and it’s really lovely but bears a stunning resemblance to FM Lipstick Rose initially but the dry down is much sweeter and warmer. I will enjoy my decant but don’t think I would splurge on a FB. My favourite exclusif is Chanel 1932, I think it’s really underrated. Also Coromandel is amazing.


    • Hi there Debra,
      Yes, one of the things I really enjoyed about Misia was its references to so many of the perfumed greats without being any of them. I can understand that others would not find that as enjoyable.
      I have 1932 in parfum and a big EdT bottle of Coromandel. Great choices, we snap.
      Portia xx


  6. I thought that I would love this, but I have to say that I like Lipstick Rose better. Lipstick Rose has a crushed raspberry in the sun note that adds a sense of sparkle that I don’t get in Misia. However, the initial notes of Misia do remind me of Chowards violet candies (which I love and my husband hates with a passion).


  7. I love unclutteredness ! My auto correct had a fit, however, and begged me not to use it. It now needs to recover with a cup of tea and a lie down.

    Chanel does the concept of ‘enough and no more’ so well. Whatever Olivier’s personal style might be, he is not going escape this expectation. It’s something that distinguishes Chanel from Guerlain, I think. Chanel never fusses, whereas Guerlain can’t resist the urge to fuss, whether it’s in formulae or silly LE bottles or too many flankers or whatever.

    I haven’t tried Misia but will no doubt get to it one day. The suggestion of raspberry is worrying.


    • Hi there AnneMarie,
      I think Lipstick Rose is fruitier, I didn’t get it in Misia at all. Now you’ve mentioned it though I should go back and wear it again with the thought in my mind. I may just have missed it while floating on all the other yummy stuff inside.
      Portia xx


  8. Portia this one has me at the words violet and iris so I’ll definitely be ordering a sample…my fave LE’s are 1932 & Coromandel…either are perfect for the wet, cool day we’re having here in good ole Radelaide


    • Chris,
      We are getting a lot of love for 32 and Coromandel today, no one has mentioned my sweet 22 yet.
      RAdelaide, love it.
      Portia xx


    • Hey there Anna,
      ME TOO! One of the greatest things that APJ has done for me is open up whole new fragrant worlds through the comments. It makes me happy too when people bother to drop us a line.
      Portia xx


  9. I tried a sample of it and loved it, but it went poof within 2 hours. Need to douse myself in it from a tester bottle to see if I can get proper longevity to justify a purchase. I like it much better than Lipstick Rose as it is mostly violet on me and I do love violet.


    • What a bummer! I had quite good longevity but everyone’s chemistry affects fragrance so differently TaraC. Are you usually scent hungry>?
      Portia xx


      • Yes, my skin eats perfume, so normally I have to spray a lot (depending on the scent of course). That’s why I want to douse myself from a tester bottle before making a definitive decision.


  10. Ah, I feel like I want to love Misia, and Chanel, but I feel like I probably wouldn’t like it. 😦 I haven’t really found any Chanels I love (they tend to smell a bit too “perfumey” for me (minus LE Gardenia, which is sweet and simple and lovely). And on the whole I don’t think I do well with iris, and the plasticky make up vibe. :/ i guess we all like what we like and don’t what we don’t, but it makes me feel so… unsophisticated!


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