Pivoine Suzhou by Giorgio Armani Prive 2014


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I have an aunt on my father’s side of the family, his older sister, with the most exquisite garden you could possibly imagine. An utter celebration of splendid visual and olfactory delights, hues of emerald, titian, crimson and goldenrod dancing in the summer sunlight. This is one of my happy places, one of which I remember so vividly visiting as a child and finding myself in a state of inimitable euphoria; in awe all of the mind-blowing pulchritude which surrounded me. Of all of the flowers in this exquisite garden there was one in particular which I found to be the most beguiling, the sweet aroma of which stays with me to this very day and reminds me of some of the most beautiful summers I’ve ever had as a child; the peony. Recently a dear friend within the fragrance community generously gifted me a selection of samples one of which is a breathtaking interpretation of peony and the latest addition to Les Eaux from the Armani Privé collection: Pivoine Suzhou. One sniff and it’s safe to say that I was in love.

Pivoine Suzhou by Giorgio Armani Prive 2014

Armani Prive Pivoine Suzhou Giorgio Armani FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Mandarin, pink pepper, raspberry
Heart: Peon, rose, May rose absolute
Base: Amber, musk, patchouli

Pivione Suzhou begins its journey on the skin as the resplendent essence of juicy and ripe mandarin orange, as breathtaking and luminous as the glowing rays of midsummer sunlight, followed by the mouthwatering roseate nectar of fresh raspberries infused with the scintillating fuchsia sparkle of pink peppercorn. I think it would be rather difficult to experience this ebullient sequence without smiling and feeling an aura of joy overcome your spirit, it’s the quintessence of frivolity and cheer.

Beneath the coy sparkle of Pivoine Suzhou’s incipience the velvet pink petals of a peony blossom unfurl, impossibly fresh and glistening with morning dew; a prime example of perfumer Julie Massé’s particular penchant for treating floral notes with absolute elegance and subtle grace.

Armani Prive Ad Pivoine Suzhou Giorgio Armani FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

As the peony continues to bloom it then begins a dance in rhythmic synchronicity with the delicate essence of tea rose. As I am explaining this it has dawned on me that it comes across in text as a traditionally feminine elixir (not that perfume has a gender to begin with, but I digress) but the reality is that even though this composition has been orchestrated around a symphony of delicate florals and flourishes of dancing light it maintains a particular androgyny that you would expect of something marketed as an Eau de Cologne. As it dries down a gentle watercolour ambience of amber begins to materialize, softly variegating the edges of blush toned petals and making way for the blanket of gauzy musk which takes Pivoine Suzhou into its final moments on the skin.

Pivoine Suzhou Giorgio Armani   Shuangxi_Park_and_Chinese_Garden_Taipei WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

The sillage with Pivione Suzhou is beautiful tender but most certainly present, a treat for yourself and those you draw near. The longevity on the other hand is something of which I found myself delightfully surprised, it lasted for upwards of 8 hours on my unholy perfume eating skin. That’s bloody impressive for something which is marketed as a warm weather eaux in my opinion. I think this would be a wonderful first foray into fresh, ebullient florals or an excellent alternative to some of the more citrus laden fare that makes a cameo as the mercury begins to rise.

Pivoine Suzhou Giorgio Armani  wet peony Liz West FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

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Do you have a particular flower which transports you to your very own happy place?

Until next time, kittens.

Trésor xx

7 thoughts on “Pivoine Suzhou by Giorgio Armani Prive 2014

  1. Hello Tresor,
    I have oh so many favorite flowers but the fragrance and taste of nasturium transport me to happy childhood summers and the many gardens I have tended over the years. Thank you for another stunning post.
    Azar xx


    • Thank you so much, beautiful Azar! I adore nasturtiums! What a magnificent fragrance, flavour and what beautiful color as well. I hope you have an exquisite day, xx.


    • Thank you, darling Portia! Please let me know if you do! I would love to hear your impressions. Have beautiful and safe travels! Sending all of my love.


  2. I love peonies too. Happily it seems mine made it through the winter. Quite a few of my other plants did not. They are a favorite but I think gardenias take me back in time. My grandmother had a huge plant and I loved sticking my nose in those blooms. Try as I might I can never get the darn things to grow for me. Whenever I see or sniff one I think of her.


    • I’m happy to hear that your peonies made it through the winter! 🙂

      Oh, wow! What an incredible scent memory to have. I’ve come to appreciate gardenias after struggling with them for a long time. Their fragrance held some painful memories for me but now as time has passed I have replaced those with new and beautiful ones and I can discover them all over again Thank you for your lovely comment!


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