Esxence 2015: Photo Essay


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There was a time a couple of years ago when I said I knew some perfumers. I now have friends who happen to be perfumers. There is a difference. It is because of this that I was an “Epic Failure” when it came to sniffing anything new at the Esxence – The Scent of Excellence 2015. Fortunately you can read up on what really went down, perfume wise, on Meganinsaintemaxime, Chemistinthebottle, Colognoisseur and Cafluerbon.

Esxence 2015

Milan, Cookie Monsters and Hanging out with Friends

I managed to spend about four hours at the Esxence show itself. Most others spent three days. I hit the show with naked skin, with the express purpose of covering myself in Neela Vermeire´s Pichola. Why mess around with strips of paper? Neela Vermeire was exceptionally busy, but we still managed to grab half an hour together. With both of us talking nineteen to the dozen we managed to catch up quite well. I was thrilled to leave with the ultra-feminine (is that politically correct?) Pichola and a beautifully soft and stylish NVC suede clutch. Neela designed this herself and you can tell. Room for a phone, pockets for a compact, an 10ml perfume bottle, a lipstick and plastic money. Life in a bag.

Esxence 2015 Val #5

I took a look at the Masque fragrances, Aedes de Venustas Palissandre D’Or, Room 1015, and Gabriella Chieffo. I grabbed a bottle of Indult Tihota and will split it up and offer some to the APJers soon. I know, I know, I missed so much. Luckily the fabulous crew at First in Fragrance know what a space cadet I am and are sending me samples of the all important things that I missed. So actually I haven´t missed a thing. Smile.

Which gave me time to hang out with friends. Enjoy the few pictures that I took. I publicly thank Dr Fox, my friend, therapist and all round brilliant person for driving me there and back and for making sure I didn´t overdose on caffeine, tuberose or oud.


Esxence 2015: Photo Essay

Esxence 2015 Val #1

Esxence 2015 Val #2

Esxence 2015 Val #3

Esxence 2015 Val #4

Esxence 2015 Val #7

Esxence 2015 Val #8

Esxence 2015 Val #9

Esxence 2015 Val #10

Esxence 2015 Val #11

Esxence 2015 Val #12


24 thoughts on “Esxence 2015: Photo Essay

  1. Heya Val,
    You had a ball. SO MUCH FUN. I can tell.
    I have been invited to come do Esxence next year. it may even happen…..
    Portia xx


    • Hi Honey. Please do. We might function well together. You like most things. I don´t. So between us we could probably be awesome! And you could take some propah pictures.
      Bussis. xxxxxx


    • Helloooo Sabine. I had only tried the Opoponax once when I wrote this post. I don´t like to make any hurried comments on perfume! It is very smooth, seamlessly made with a quite lovely amber drydown. Like every creation from Von Eusersdorf you can´t really fault it. I must say however that Mr Von Eusersdorf gave me some of the Classic Patchouli, which I had never tried. And I freaking love it. Nice to see you. Hugs. xxxxx


  2. You seem to have collected experiences, not things (exception: fabulous clutch!) which is a great way to go. Photos are great, but would like to see news from the fabulous Vero in another post, perhaps?


    • Ciao Empliau. Ha! Yes – the clutch was a gift from my husband especially for the show. Brilliant huh? The cookie in his mouth is a little zip-up coin purse. Hmmmm. News from Vero? Well you will need to wait little while. Watch this space! Nudge nudge wink wink.
      Bussis. xxxxx


  3. Friends before perfume Val, you’ve got your priorities right – especially as you have back-up from First in Fragrance!

    I now have samples of the Masque frags so looking forward to getting to know them.

    Antonio looks like such a dude.


    • First in Fragrance are just brilliant. I can´t wait ton actually goa nd visit their set-up. I was so jealous of Michael and Portia going. I will go one day though. Yes – friends first. Absolutely. I need to spend little time with the Masque fragrances too. They were definitely one of “in-stands” at the show. And utterly charming to boot. The whole show had no main lighting. Each stand was lit by small kinds of spotlights. The pictures we took inside were awful. I understand that on the last day of the show someone finally got t em to turn on main lights. Atmospheric yes – but useless for pictures, at least iphone shots. And not one single window or bit of daylight in the place. That was actually a big negative for me. But that will not stop me from going again next year!! xxxxx


  4. Friends before perfume, as Tara said, and as I have just written in an email to Undina! I can also vouch for the clutch being a beaut – and so practically designed as well.

    I do sympathise with you just dipping into the show – they can be rather overwhelming, especially at this more mellow stage in our perfume j***ney.

    Loved the comment about your friend stopping you from overdosing on things – quite an eclectic selection there, hehe. 😉


    • Friends before perfume. And maybe even before good bands. 😉 Yes – it is always good to travel with a therapist. Hugs.


  5. The ultimate clutch! As I said above, I will try and take more pictures next year. Wanna come along? xxxxx


  6. You’re too cute! I can just imagine you with the best of intentions and then one thing leads to another and before you know it it’s over and you’ve barely sniffed a thing. The main thing is you had fun and spent some time with friends, not to mention getting that fabulous clutch. My guess is that the things you did smell were a great use of sniffing and skin time. I love that Cookie Monster made the trip.


  7. Hi Poodle! The only intention I went with was to meet up with Vero and Neela and Antonio and eat Italian food. I love being at these shows but not really to sniff much. There are so many smells around it is too hard to even think. The fun is giving the new stuff a go at home. You should come over for it next year. I’ll pick you up at the airport. xxxxx


  8. Thanks for the link although I still haven’t finished writing about it! Val and I pretty much had the opposite experience as I was a total novice and was running around trying to do a million things whereas she had the more seasoned knew what she was doing approach. Plus she is mates with Vero and she knows what she likes in perfume. I’m still trying everything, and these days getting disappointed. I think with the established brands at Esxence – we know about them for a reason – they’re very good e.g. Neela Vermeire Creations, Masque, Vero (although she was not at the actual show), Puredistance, Stephane Humbert Lucas 777, Parfumerie Generale …… Next time it will be different and Portia you should definitely go or try Pitti in September. I’m thinking about it. Have to take advantage of proximity to these things while I’m living here as when I’m back in NZ it will be a death zone for perfume. Also people take gifts – both Val and Lucas had treats. Another tip for next time x x to Val and Judith too


  9. Totally belated comment here. Sounds like you (and Cookie Monster) had a great time. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be there! I have to say, I’m so drawn to that gorgeous clutch more than anything. In reality, I need MUCH bigger bag to carry everything I want but…


  10. Oh, Val! These photos are all so beautiful. I am absolutely transfixed. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!


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