Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations 2015

Hey Hey APJ,

Guess what arrived in the mail Friday morning!! Neela has sent me a sample! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations 2015

Pichola with Bertrand Duchaufour

Pichola Neela Vermeire Creations fragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, juniper, magnolia, neroli oil, clementine, bergamot
Heart: Orange blossom absolute, rose absolute, tuberose absolute, sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base: Benzoin absolute, sandalwood , driftwood, Haiti vetiver

As you may know India is somewhere I have spent a lot of time, 15 visits so far and hopefully back there again in 2016. Of all the beautiful, magical, amazing spots that my last partner Varun and I saw (and BFF Kath too in 2008) Udaipur is right up there in my Top 3 beside McLeodgang (where the Dalai Lama is in exile) and Agra (where the Taj Mahal is). When we stay in Udaipur we stay in the Taj Hotels Lake Palace on Lake Pichola. It’s pretty close to heaven. When Kath & I stayed in 2008 we were upgraded to a gorgeous, water view suite with 3 rooms. Incredible.

Pichola Neela Vermeire Creations Udaipur_Lake_Palace WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

From Wikipedia: …built between 1743- 1746 under the direction of the Maharana Jagat Singh II (62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar) of Udaipur, Rajasthan as a royal summer palace and was initially called Jagniwas or Jan Niwas after its founder.  The palace was constructed facing east, allowing its inhabitants to pray to the Surya, the Hindu sun god, at the crack of dawn. The successive rulers used this cool haven as their summer resort, holding their regal durbars in its courtyards lined with columns, pillared terraces, fountains and gardens.

Neela has worked with Bertrand Duchaufour to recreate the play of light across the waters of Lake Pichola, the luxurious feeling of being part of the majestic history of India’s Maharajas yet with all the mod-cons that make current day life comfortable. Water in the desert, which Udaipur’s state Rajasthan is, is not just beautiful it is life. Twice, that I know of, since the turn of the century Lake Pichola has been bone dry with crops and livestock growing.

I have only had one wear of Pichola but I will say that is you love white flowers then Pichola is going to blow you away.

I will review Pichola in the next week or so after I have worn it a couple of times and have a real feel for its loveliness. Does it remind me of Lake Pichola? Well it certainly is as rich and luxurious as staying at the Lake Palace.

Neela will be revealing Pichola in Milan. I wish I was coming to hang with you all there.

Portia xx

20 thoughts on “Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations 2015

  1. I will hang out on behalf of you. I got to try it in Florence and really liked it. As you say though – how can one write anything without giving it some proper time. I did get a feeling it was more sensual than the others in the collection. Looking forward to trying it again!!
    Bussi. xxxx


    • YAY! I know you are going to have a blast Val.
      I think that the end result of Pichola is a bit different to what you smelled last year, it will be interesting to read how you like it now.
      Smooth, very, very smooth. Even Michael was super impressed.
      Portia xx


  2. I am aching to try this one. A Neela Vermiere white floral is my idea of heaven. And oh, how I would love to stay in that hotel


    • Hey there FeralJasmine,
      So nice to have you stop by, as always.
      Yes, Pichola is heaven. I had Michael Borg here today and he is smitten by it. Saying he NEEDED a bottle as soon as it gets released.
      As to the Lake Palace, make it happen. Set yourself a date and then do everything you can to make it real. I find buying the Aeroplane Ticket the ultimate enabler. Then about a month before you fly see how much money you have and then hit the internet for deals.
      You will be astounded by India. If you go please tell me because my ex has a couple of hotels in one of Rajasthan’s smaller and less touristy cities.
      Portia xx


  3. What a beautiful place to be. The perfume sound wonderful too. I’m looking forward to your review, Portia, and to Val’s Milan report.
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      Yes, can’t wait to se the fun Val has.
      I’ve worn Pichola 2 days now. it’s exquisite. A softer offering from Neela but still as beautifully constructed and a nuanced. Great story told in a bedtime voice.
      Portia xx


    • Poodle,
      I think you are going to go LaLa for it.
      I have to remind you that it is not one of her BIG fragrances. Pichola is softer.
      Portia xx


  4. Oh wow Portia! This sounds right up my alley. I hope to be able to try this soon. I am very much looking forward to your review. Xo


  5. I’m With Sun Mi. I have wanted to try this line for a long time and just haven’t gotten around to it. However this new fragrance may just push me to take the plunge. I love white florals so this sounds like heaven. And oh to have the money to travel! Hopefully someday before I’m too old to care anymore:-)


    • Kandice,
      Fingers crossed you get to travel.
      As to the NVC line, maybe grab a sample set from Surrender To Chance. Pichola should be at the sample stores by the end of March.
      Portia xx


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