Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude by Panouge 2014


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I love beautiful things. As much as I’m fond of saying that material things mean very little to me (and in all honestly they truly don’t in the grand scheme of things), I cannot deny that I have a powerful affection for objects graced with exquisite form and effortless function. The DNA of true luxury in my opinion is not a statement of needless excess nor grandeur but a transcendent elevation of the ordinary into a creation of unmitigated refinement; a symphonious pas de deux of finely calibrated performance and unyielding pulchritude. Perfection captured in kaleidoscopic microcosms, the harmonious tick-tick-tick of a fine timepiece or the gloriously symmetrical saddle stitching on a wallet from the atelier of Hermès. The same can be said for fragrance and I would hazard to say that capturing this particularly elusive je ne sais quoi within an olfactory landscape proves to be an even more arduous task than presented in the physically tactile artforms, though when one manages I can assure you it is truly magnificent. Case in point, the poetic opulence of Perle de la Route d`Emeraude from the Parisian house of Isabey.

Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude by Panouge 2014

Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude by Jean Jacques

Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude Panouge FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, Rose oil, Cinnamon
Heart: Jasmine sambac, Moroccan jasmine absolute, Orange blossom, Tuberose
Base: Ambergris, Benzoin, Vanilla, Musk

The opening sequence of Perle de la Route d`Emeraude (let’s just call her Perle from now on. A (tube)rose by any other name, and all that.) is an immaculately mellifluous diapason of white florals, as rich and utterly labyrinthine as you could possibly imagine. Operatic jasmine radiates forth in her narcotic light show, flashing lambent bursts of bergamot as if they were jewels decorating her velvet ivory. Tuberose graced with crimson red lips and Monroe curves reveals milky flesh, inch by inch though the ostrich feather plumes of her burlesque fan; innocence maintained only through the wreath of orange blossoms placed within her golden hair.

Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude Panouge MichelleLAmourFan WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

The airspace is penetrated by the redolent nectarous density of pure floral essence overflowing from petals releasing their very souls into our welcoming embrace. An icy current of buttery orris root courses through the background, acting as foil to the vivid canary hue of voluptuous ylang yang which serves to further amplify the depth and utter luxuriance which dwells within this unctuous elixir. As the composition begins its descent the inimitable warmth and splendid sweetness of benzoin resin rises from beneath the radiant florals and begins to enrapture everything in its wake. Smooth, smoky vanilla weaves gently through what remains of the the lush flora and leads Perle to her final moments on the skin as a sublimely comforting aureate glow.

Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude Panouge Guhyasamaja WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

The sillage on Perle is what you would expect of a decadent extrait de parfum, plush to the point of divinity while maintaining a particular geniality that creates a most fascinating harmony, indeed. As for longevity, it is about 8 hours before I finally notice her fading off into the distance leaving but traces of warmth and beautiful memories behind her. I urge you to give Perle a try if you are looking to experience the beauty of tuberose in full, unapologetic glory or if you’re simply in the mood for a truly decadent treat to brighten a rainy day.

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What about you? Do you love a particular tuberose? Have you tried this one?

Until next time, kittens.
Trésor xx

7 thoughts on “Isabey Perle de la Route d`Emeraude by Panouge 2014

  1. I have not tried this, but it sounds wonderful so on my list it goes. I do love tuberose, and one of my favorites at the moment is HG’s Moon Bloom. I also love gardenia, and it looks like Isabey has a gardenia perfume as well. Have you tried it? I’d be curious if you liked it just as much.


    • You won’t be disappointed, Kandice! 🙂 I love Moon Bloom as well, it’s absolutely exquisite. OH MY GOODNESS, Perle de Gardenia will blow your mind. It’s the creamiest, dreamiest gardenia I have ever worn. I may like it even more than I like Emeraude.


    • Thank you so much, lovely Azar!

      It’s a never ending mission, isn’t it? I promise that this one is extra special! Plus, how cute is that little bottle? 😀


  2. Thank you Tresor for your lovely article! I’m happy you liked “perle de la route d’emeraude” and “perle de gardenia” ! We have also “gardenia” in EDP which is, according to the experts , the best gardenia in the world ! xxx


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