Classic Opoponax by Von Eusersdorff 2015


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An Immaculate Oriental……

You know when I first met Portia and we decided I would sometimes write posts for APJ I had absolutely no idea at all that I would be sat here more than two years later. Not only that but that I would also shoot down to Italy to attend the perfume shows. It is kind of funny really. I absolutely love going to them, and have no intention of stopping. And yet I am so hesitant to try anything new. The older I get the more überfussy I have become. (Don´t believe that. I have always been very selective.)

Classic Opoponax by Von Eusersdorff 2015

Classic Opoponax Von Eusersdorff FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Rose, jasmine
Heart: Opoponax, sandalwood, benzoin
Base: Castoreum, amber, patchouli, vanilla

Classic Opoponax was one of the very few (you could count them on one hand) of the new launches I was absolutely excited to try. I spent an hour searching through the Campomarzio party guests for Camille Henfling Junior, founder of Von Eusersdorff and an absolutely lovely bloke. I say searching because there was about 500 guests in about a 50 square meter area and it was dark – it took a while!

Classic Opoponax Von Eusersdorff Val #2Photo Donated Camille

Opoponax is also known as opobalsam, which explains its resiny feel. It is also known as sweet myrrh, in contrast to the bitter myrrh which is more commonly used in medicines, both Ayurvedic and Western. Sweet myrrh has been used for at least two thousand years in incense and perfumes and comes primarily from Somalia and Ethiopia. Von Eusersdorff’s Classic Opoponax feels slightly sticky when you spray generously, which you need to do to do it justice. Hence the solid comfortable 100 ml bottle.

Classic Opoponax Von Eusersdorff  WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Classic Opoponax is Von Eusersdorff’s sixth fragrance. Each fragrance is concentrated around a single note and all are of a very high standard. Elegant and handsome. Classic Opoponax no exception. It is a flawless oriental. Warm and thick, sweet and resinous, heady and quietly opulent. No spices. Very contemporary. It opens with a wonderfully sweet rose along with jasmine and takes you on a seamless ride into the heart of opoponax and on into the base of amber and patchouli, vanilla and a dab of castoreum. It all seems so effortless, which means it was not.

Classic Opoponax Von Eusersdorff Val #1Photo Donated Val

Classic Opoponax will be a summer perfume for me. I love rich sweet orientals in the heat. I find they stay very flat on the skin in cold weather. And no, 10 mls is definitely not enough.

Further reading: GoodSmellas and Colognoisseur
ParfuMaria has €119/100ml

Dankjewel Meneer Henfling for the wonderful package. It really touched me.

Which of the Von Eusersdorff fragrances have you tried, or do you want to try?

Tot Ziens

Classic Opoponax Von Eusersdorff Val #3Photo Donated Camille

30 thoughts on “Classic Opoponax by Von Eusersdorff 2015

    • Hey Tarleisio! Nice to see you. Yeah – they are all worth skin time. A very lovely series of fragrances. Not 10 new ones a year. I like that. xxx


    • Hi Rochelle. Thanks for dropping by! It is definitely worth giving it a go if it comes your way. As I said to Tarleisio, the whole collection is great. Hugs!


  1. This is soooo cool! The owner and founder of Von Eusersdorff is actually from my home town [= Maastricht in the Netherlands]… I think it was his parents who owned this sort of apothecary/herb store, and I remember when I was small (like around 11 or so) I used to go there to buy my mom rose scented bath salts… man it smelled so good in that place! The store is gone, but the sign board with the name on it is still attached to the building. I have their Classic Myrrh, which is to die for. Still have to go and smell Opoponax… cheers, Wendy


  2. I have not had the pleasure of trying any Von Eusersdorff but I am drooling over the description of the Classic Opopanax, sounds right up my alley.


    • Hello Gara. If the notes of this lovely perfume are your thing – then I am pretty sure you’d love it. Hope you get a chance to try it. Keep deposited. Bussi. xxx


  3. I didn’t know I’d end up here when I first left a comment on OT. Amazing, this perfume journey.
    I have all but given up on orientals however, I have a real fondness for opoponax and would definitely give this a try. (No spice will help). Funny, because orientals are often flat on me too. I hope VE get a London stockist. I would like to try Classic Orange too.
    Vielen dank for another fun post.


    • Bitte. I’ll bring some over when I come. If I don´t forget. My whole family like this. I get the “Mmmmmmm, what are you wearing now?” treatment. 😉 No spice is a massive, huge, enormous plus. xxxx


  4. Hi Val,
    I too love rich and sweet orientals in the heat! Warm weather brings out every nuance. I have not tried any of these but they sound luscious.
    azar xx


    • Hi Azar. The very word “oriental” means warm to me. Patchouli is another summer fragrance. Don’t go near it in the winter. Each post means I am two weeks nearer to meeting up. Good to see you. Love. xxx


  5. Hey there Val,
    You tempt me, as always. We don’t have these in Oz yet but I will come and sniff them with you in Europe very soon.
    Portia xx


    • After three days wearing it and constant approval from Chris I like it. Needs to be applied with a heavy hand for the best effect. xxx


  6. I love orientals in the heat too. This sounds wonderful. I’ve tried the Classic Orange and Classic Myrrh. For someone who doesn’t like orange I blew through 10mls of it in no time. I’ve been saving the Myrrh for the warmer weather.


  7. I haven’t tried any from this line, but love the sound of Opoponax from your review. I thought if I ever had twins, Castoreum and Opoponax would be good names. A perfumery take on Castor and Pollux, if you will. Also, to my shame, I didn’t realise that opoponax was sweet myrrh, and I purport to be a fan of the note. Much to learn and much to sample, clearly. But if this one won even ueberfussy you over, that says a lot.


    • I will bring some along if, as I told Tara I don´t forget. You like patchouli? Hugs my dear. Always nice to see you – wherever it may be!! xxx


  8. This whole line sounds good, Classic Opoponax especially. I’ve been trying to spend less of my budget on samples, but my resolve is weakening.


  9. Thank you for the review, and for making me want this…I have sofar only tried the Myrrh, and that is a bit too dry for me. I enjoy orientals summer and winter, but bizarrely not in spring. Right now I’m yearning for some florals. I hope VE gets a London distributor too. Bloom? Roullier White? Are you reading this?


  10. Hi Sabine! Maybe you have the chance to give Pichola a go? It has really grown on me. Not my kind of thing normally, but it is worming it´s way into my life. My daughter has stolen it at the moment though. I much prefer the Opoponax to the Myrrh, but to be fair I only sniffed the Myrrh once. Hardly enough to form a proper opinion. Haha Bussis. xxxx


      • Hmmmm. Dabbing is much better. But I like to dab most things. Yes, there are quite some differing opinions. I must say it is really quite stunning on Hannah. Very youthful. Back to my oven.


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