Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL: Mini Movie

Hello Fashion and Frag Hags,

Coco Chanel, twisted mavin of couture. A raging ball filled with contradictions. A fiercely talented woman possessed by a need for perfection and killer taste that was sometimes stark and others baroque, a woman who changed the world of fashion and with it the world of women. A ruthless and bigoted woman who sided with the Nazis and rumour has it she even tried to have her Jewish business partners sent to the gas chambers.

Chanel_boutique,_Rue_Cambon,_Paris WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Yet still CHANEL is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world and its beauty and fragrances sell like crazy around the globe. Whoever has had the pleasure of lifting a CHANEL lipstick or powder from their purse and applying knows the thrill of ownership, if you’ve ever bought a CHANEL fragrance and spritzed the dream of a life beyond your own then you too have come under the CHANEL spell of opulence. We all know it’s marketing yet still there is a very real thrill to owning anything with the double C logo.

Today we have a lovewly video that shines a little light on Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel and some of the places in Paris where she lived and worked.

Please enjoy,
Portia xx

Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL

4 thoughts on “Paris by Chanel – Inside CHANEL: Mini Movie

  1. I agree entirely with you about the thrill of ownership. I have several of the perfumes, and the lipsticks are about the best I’ve ever owned. Yet I’m glad not to have ever had to deal with the woman herself!

    I only moderately like these videos. They are a bit too pacy for me; I feel like I’m being harassed. I wish they would change direction and do something a bit more leisurely. But thanks for posting!


    • Hey there AnneMarieC,
      Even holding their lipstick packaging makes me quiver, tragic I know.
      There is a LOT of information in these short clips. I think you may like the way Vuitton does their travelogues more than these incredibly hectic CHANEL extravaganzas. They are less furiously fast.
      Portia xx


  2. Very Well put, Portia. The thrill of ownership of Chanel make up. Loved THE short Chanel movie. Did you read THE book Sleeping with THE enemy about Chanels life especially her years in the WW2 ? Very interesting.


    • Hi there Esperanza,
      I’ve read a few Gabriel Chanel books, one of which was about her behaviour in WWII. Some things that were she alive today would make me not buy her products.
      Portia xx


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