One Sentence That Lifts My Day….

Hey there APJ,

Ever struggle? Ever wonder if it’s all worth it? Ever put stuff off till you get through this crisis? Do you ever feel that you’re missing out on the good stuff because you can only see the crap?

I have days like that too. My time is often overcommitted, other people’s inability to organise their shit means mine is behind, or worse means I have to miss something I love because they are stupid selfish assholes, maybe there is drama around you and while you’re in the middle of it it consumes you? There are also times when I feel I have no space, that I’m completely engulfed by work, the world and people. Seriously, I only sleep around 6 hours a day but 18 hours rarely feels like enough.

Here’s a beautiful sentence that reminds me I’m not alone, other people get to this point too and that if I can keep moving through it will calm down pretty soon.

I hope it helps you too,
Waft on my lovelies,
Portia xx

Dance through the Rain

Dance through the Rain Rain Dancers Dinesh Bareja FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr


15 thoughts on “One Sentence That Lifts My Day….

  1. Waft on, Portia! I was just thinking about you today, but didn’t envision you dancing in the rain…how unimaginative of me!


  2. How lovely, thanks for sharing, Portia!
    The quote reminds me a bit of an inspiring maxim from Moshe Feldenkrais which goes like this: “Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant”.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. What a beautiful post my friend. It put a smile on my face immediately. Love the picture of the kids. Thank you Portia! Xoxo


  4. Portia, you Earth Angel, thank you for this post. Love the quote and the kids dancing. I also like the concept of “wafting on” very much. That will be my practice for today, practice wafting.

    Sunday night is my first country and western dance lesson at a local tavern: ack! So all day around the office it’s “step together step” and “pivot turn.” In between I’ll waft. I don’t care if people do see me. My next comment may be from the looney bin.


    • Fifi,
      You will waft and Barn Waltz beautifully, I can tell.
      PS The whole friggen world is a loony bin you’re just trying to fit in,
      Portia xx


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