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vero.profumo. aficionados. Shared thoughts.

“Vero Kern is one the real gems of the perfume world. She is an amazingly talented and inspiring woman who proves that you can make your dreams a reality at any age. Her perfume line, Vero Profumo, is a master-class in excellence and demonstrates the way perfumes used to be made, but rarely are now.”

TARA SMITH. Olfactoria´s Travels

vero.profumo. Aficionados #1

“Vero’s fragrances honour the classics while having a strong identity of their own.”

“My first encounter with Vero’s fragrances was a couple years ago in Milan, around the time she introduced Mito at Pitti Fragranze (in Florence). I had been wanting to try Rubj for quite a long time (I had even pondered -insane me- to purchase it unsniffed), so I headed straight to a small but smartly stocked perfume shop which I knew carried the line. I was a bit puzzled by Rubj because it was not what I had been expecting (a few days later I realized we had mistakenly sampled Onda for Rubj!) but was amazed at its complexity. There was something extremely compelling in that dirty almost fetid aroma that kept my wrist glued to my nose, it felt almost perverse.
Some days later, at Pitti, I was finally able to meet the creator herself and sample the whole of her line and, after a few wearings of each sample, Kiki chose me. I didn’t want to love it. A lavender? Something so lacking in drama? Something my father wore? But Kiki grabbed me and refused to let me go and I became fascinated by it. I had never before found a fragrance I felt so represented by if it makes any sense. I felt like someone had distilled me 🙂

I affectionately use the word “chanchito” when referring to Vero’s fragrances (chancho = pig). That naughty dirtiness that is both repelling and compelling.
Though I am not too often complimented on my Veros, when I am, I find the compliments come from people with an artistical background who notice and appreciate them: the opera lovers, the ballerinas, the actors, the film directors.
These are perfumey perfumes but they meld with the skin in a special way, becoming something infinitely more powerful than either the perfume itself or my skin.. When worn, they seem to radiate from within, like an aura. I love the fact that they smell rich and substantial, yet not “in your face” or agressive.
There are a few -VERY few- other lines I feel a special affection for but this was as if I had discovered a whole new dimension.
They have soul and body (and most definitely sex), they are perfumes for those who aren’t afraid of their own bodies.”

CARO. Té de Violetas May 2015

vero.profumo. Aficionados #2

vero.profumo. Aficionados #3

“I will swear on a pile of ripening passion fruit, ravaged roses and caramel-drenched lavender that Vero Kern is an addictively fabulous olfactive pornographer. In Spring 2013, I was asked by the Scottish Poetry Society to curate nine poems to nine fragrances. One of these just had to be Vero’s extraordinary Onda, still my fetish VP scent. I married it to one of the most poignant poems of the 20th century, ‘For My Lover Returning To His Wife’ by the doomed and torn Anne Sexton, a woman driven by desire and the rollercoaster shocks of life and love. Of the nine scents, there was only ever one I was going to wear. I wore Onda on the night, my skin drunk on sex in the truly beautiful setting of the Victorian Palm House of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. When Vero knew I would be wearing Onda and writing on her perfume, she very kindly sent me a bottle of her divine Onda Extrait as a gift to wish me luck. It was a heartstopping gesture. I wore the two strengths together. On the night, people inhaled me greedily, dirtily. It was glorious.”

THE SILVER FOX. 12 May 2015

vero.profumo. Aficionados #4

vero.profumo. Aficionados #5

FREDDY ALBRIGHTON. May 2015. Tattoo Artist. No words needed.

“I’ve tried to write about Vero’s work for the past few years but I feel like I haven’t quite gotten it right. Reviewing the individual perfumes is a start, but there’s a bigger picture when I look at her entire body of work. I recognize how beautiful her perfumes are, but it’s more than beauty. How is it that all of her perfumes have such a strong effect on me? And why can’t I put my finger on why her work is so significant to me?

The real question is why on earth I would fret over these details. The fact is that I’ve found the perfumer whose work speaks to me like no other. I might not be able to put words to it, but I’ve found the artist whose work strikes something deep in me and inspires my spirit. The artist and the audience seek each other out, but it’s rare to find such a good fit. I’ve learned to stop worrying and love Vero.”

JTD JTD. Scenthurdle May 2015

vero.profumo. Aficionados #6

“New Year´s Eve 2012. I had a small vial of Rubj EdP. I had been saving it since the autumn. The rest is history. The sociality I share with the above people
has come to be through our mutual love of .vero.profumo.. Perfume is the common interest – Vero Kern´s perfumes the connection. Vero creates with heart, honey
and passion. A piece of her soul in every creation. To some it speaks. The collection from Vero Kern is an olfactory piece of art, each fragrance representing a different part
of the picture. My painting is nearly finished. I am often asked if I have a favourite. Today it is the Mito Extrait. Tomorrow?”

CQ APJ contributor May 2015

vero.profumo. Aficionados #7

First In Fragrance has the vero.profumo range
LuckyScent does too
Surrender To Chance has samples of quite a lot of the range

Rubj Tuesday Bussis

25 thoughts on “vero.profumo. Aficionados

  1. Val,
    This is a wonderful tribute to Vero and her fragrances. I enjoyed reading every word and the pics are beautiful too. Nice work buddy.
    Portia xx


  2. So there’s a lot of us! I only have Mito VdeE, and I am really wishing to try the extraits. Rozy, Rubj, and Kiki sound divine, so of course I’ll probably fall for Onda. I am at heart a dabber rather than a sprayer, and with my extreme love for Mito I want to try the most intense, perhaps most perfect forms. (No doubt the EdeP lovers will disagree, and of course they’re right too, for their skin and their scent palate.) But I yearn for the original from which all others come. I will be in LA this summer and hope to make a pilgrimage to Lucky Scent, the US store – perhaps they’ll have extraits to try.

    Beautiful piece, Val! Your writing about .vero.profumo. made me want to try it. And continues to do so – why is one bottle no longer enough? (But I will stop short of tatooing Mme. Kern’s face on my body.) Thanks and xoxo



    • Hi Empliau!
      The Mito Extrait is utterly divine. Really. I too am a dabber and I love all of the extraits. Mito seems to be a bit hard to get hold f, I am not sure where the problem lies there. I will have to ask. I got mine in Milan this year – but ordered it beforehand. Hmmmm. I will be in LA at the end of the summer. Look forward to a visit to Lucky Scent. I wear pretty much only VP. And the EdP Mito is absolutely stunning too. All of the Mitos are. 🙂
      as ever, great to see you! Hugs. xxxxx


  3. Beautiful is the word, Val. You’re done Vero proud with this.

    Only someone who puts their heart and soul into their olfactory art can inspire people like this.

    The photos really are fantastic too.


    • It was brilliant getting Silver Fox, Tara, Jtd Jtd and Caro to contribute. And Freddie tattoo is the ultimate!! Very grateful.


  4. Hi Val,
    I loved reading the thoughts of the vero. perfumo. Aficionados! Thank you for putting these together and for the great photos too!
    Azar xx


  5. I love her fragrances!!!
    And the picture of Freddy’s tattoo is great.
    Rubj Tuesday? Ha, well, have a fröhlichen Mito-ch tomorrow!


  6. Even though vero.profumo isn’t “my brand”, I think their perfumes are made with love and great care. And I’m always moved when people I know really love some perfumes (vs. polite “liking” for the purpose of the review).

    My biggest problem with the brand is that it’s not available around here – and after bad encounter with Onda and Rubj I just refuse to pay for any other samples, even though I liked Kiki when I smelled it at Jovoy. I’ll test Mito tomorrow with you in mind: I have a sample of it and remember liking it when I tested it previously.


  7. Great post! Her perfumes are magical and I’m glad there are other people who appreciate them. When the hubband smelled Rubj on me from a sample I had he said I needed to buy it. He’s never said that about any other scent. I thought when I told him the price he’d change his mind but he didn’t and I bought it. No regrets. Now I need to get him to fall for the rest of the line.


    • Sun Mi! Good morning. They all should be tried. Not because you will necessarily love them, but because they are beautifully created fragrances in a sea of mediocre offerings. And the passion with which they were created shines through. Bussis. xxx


  8. Wow, what a collection! I have read quite a few reviews that made me want to try perfumes in the past, but these made me feel like I NEED to try them.


  9. Wonderful montage – collage, even – of tributes. Vero.profumo is a heady, sensuously insinuating brand all right. And it is one of the threads that connect us too, which makes me happy!


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