Bronze Goddess by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Estée Lauder

Hi there Crew!

The beach scent! One of my all time favourite groupings and I’ve noticed that my collection overfloweth with them. An excellent summer spritz but also perfect in the depths of winter to remind you that the sun will come again. I love the Bronze Goddess line and that each year they get a new perfumer in to do their own take on the idea. I have two bottles 2008s Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent and …..

Bronze Goddess 2011 by Estée Lauder

Bronze Goddess by Rodrigo Flores-Roux

Bronze Goddess 2011 Estée Lauder FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Mandarin, bergamot
Heart: Magnolia, orange blossom, tiare flower, jasmine, myrrh
Base: Coconut, caramel, sandalwood, amber, vetiver

No matter when I use Bronze Goddess it fits like a glove. One little spray and my world is filled with the heart and memory of summer, if I close my eyes I am completely transported to my dream day at the beach. 28C with a very light breeze from the water and a few clouds dappling the world, the beach must have a tide pool and some excellent eateries nearby and I prefer to hang with a smell crew, around 5 or 6 maximum. Give me a book to read and I am in HEAVEN! I particularly like beaches with a grassy area behind the sand where I can comfortably lay my towel and gear and only get all the sand in my feet on the way to the water.

Bronze Goddess 2011 Estée Lauder Boracay_beach,_Philippines WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

2011s Bronze Goddess is all about tiare/jasmine, coconut, caramel and amber on me. While every other note is presented in a wash of smooth and beautifully blended tropical holiday it’s these accords that stand out distinctly through my wear and I particularly love the warmth of the dry down, it still feels beachy and fun but it’s the kind of scent you imagine being present while you walk along the waterfront past moored boats, eateries, palm trees and watching the sun going down with a crew of people you love or someone special. Bronze Goddess is a summer holiday fantasy in a bottle.

Though Bronze Goddess is a very fragrant perfume with good projection and longevity its very nature makes it seem light as air and much like wearing a tropical moisturiser. Though it is a tropical beachy scent I find there is a lovely fresh cleanliness (not in the obvious laundry way, though I think there is also a place for that in perfumery) that continues all day. Sensual and alluring I often wear Bronze Goddess for date night and also for times when I can feel myself falling into a funk. Bronze Goddess is the perfect foil, it’s hard to feel gloomy or blue when you smell this lovely.

 Bronze Goddess 2011 Estée Lauder Dave C Kids on Beach FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

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FragranceNet has a couple of choices from $61/100ml before Coupon
Surrender To Chance has a few different samples from $3/ml

Do you have a favourite Beach Scent? What is it and why?
Portia xx

21 thoughts on “Bronze Goddess by Rodrigo Flores-Roux for Estée Lauder

  1. i don’t have a favorite beach scent… well, save for the actual beach… does the scent of a beach fantasy with Rodrigo count? He does put the roux in my flores. *grin*


  2. I’m with Willa on Nuxe. It’s the suntan oil scent I love. I wear it on days when the temp is 28 degress and up. It’s 35 today and I’m wearing it under my new strappy jump-suit. Feeling all right!

    I love the way you talk about Bronze Goddess. A gorgeous summer holiday fantasy.


    • Tara, I can see you sporting a strappy jumpsuit. Your lithe figure revealed! I bet you look killer. And smell 2die4.
      Portia xx


  3. I tend to struggle with scents that lean either tropical and/or aquatic. In saying that, Guerlains’ Terra Cotta was a surprise like for me. Tiare and coconut galore.
    Best I’ve sniffed so far in the beachy catagory is MIKMOI’s ‘Ao’. It’s all green coconut, salty air and delicate ginger.

    Honorable mention has to go to ‘Falling Into The Sea’ by Imaginary Authors, for a startlingly accurate ‘warm sand’ accord.


    • MMMMMM Very nice choices, as always Aelfrik,
      What a shame coconut and aquatic give you the rage. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of both.
      Portia x


  4. Hi Portia!
    I have yet to try either Bronze Goddess or Terracotta. Sample Sea aside, I tend to avoid coconut because I associate it with being grossly sticky and sweaty and attacked by biting insects. I know, it’s weird.
    There are two coconut scents that I can wear: Kerosene’s Unforsaken, and Yosh’s Ginger Ciao.


    • Ahh, interesting. I’ve not tried either of them Holly. Can you tell me why they are wearable for you?
      Portia xx


      • Neither one of them is overtly creamy. They’re both more like a refreshing sorbet or Italian ice as opposed to ice cream which can be too dense in the heat. Unforsaken is mildly coconutty, but it has a citrus zing to it. Ginger Ciao adds an astringent ginger note to the coconut that reminds me of the bite of pickled sushi ginger as opposed to a warm, spicy ginger.


    • Hi Fazal,
      Sun feels more about jasmine to me than coconut, though coconut feels present. I find Sun more sheer and it has better throw.
      Portia xx


  5. Bronze Goddess is one of my perfect summer scents (also like to wear it in January to counteract miserable winter weather). If my summer allergies weren’t acting up, I’d be wearing it right now!


    • Hi there ElizabethC
      Yes, I think all this cool weather in Sydney has me wishing for warmth. The whole week has been about tropical scents.
      Portia xx


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