Kiki by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo (EdP, VdE, Ex)


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Lavender? Free Your Mind.


KIKI Eau de Parfum 2010
KIKI Voile d´Extrait 2013 All by Vero Kern.
KIKI Extrait 2007

A Tale of Two Kikis

Cacatua_leadbeateri_-SW_Queensland-8Photo Stolen Wikipedia

The first Kiki in my life was Jack’s pet parrot from Enid Blyton´s “Adventure” series. Kiki is a standard feature in each novel providing both comic relief and as a saviour from tight situations. Kiki has an enormous reserve of phrases and strange noises. I loved these books and they remain a part of an England that once was. The illustrations were done by Stuart Tresilian a British artist and illustrator. Along with Blyton´s Adventure Series he also illustrated Rudyard Kipling´s Animal Stories and a Mowgli stories. This is not the Kiki referenced for Vero Kern´s three Kiki fragrances.

Vero Kern Kiki Vero Profumo 2015Photo Donated Vero Kern

Vero Profumo´s Kiki is named as a tribute to Alice Ernestine Prin (1901 – 1953), most often known as Kiki de Montparnasse. Embracing the single name “Kiki” she became a fixture in the Montparnasse social scene in Paris and popular artist´s model. She gained experience when she was only fourteen, posing nude for sculptors. Her companion for most of the 1920´s was Man Ray, the American photographer and painter. Kiki is such a fascinating woman I can only encourage you to take some time to discover her.

Kiki by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo

Kiki – A Sorcerer’s Lavender

CQ Vero Milan 2013 #2Vero & Val

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Citruses, Lavender oil, Black currant
Heart: Lavender absolute, Geranium
Base: Patchouli, Cedar, Opoponax, Caramel, Musk

Kiki was the last of the Vero Profumos to creep its way under my skin, but the first bottle to be emptied. More than half way through the Voile and on the second Extrait. I hate lavender. But there are exceptions to every rule. Forget every preconceived idea of lavender and free your mind.

kiki eau de parfum Vero Profumo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

KIKI EdP. Sensual. Erotic passion fruit. Desirable. Voluptuous. Green lavender whipped into a caramelized patchouli. Luscious. Absolutely fabulous.

Kiki Voile d`Extrait Vero Profumo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

KIKI Voile d’Extrait. Seriously beautiful. Elegant. Uplifting. Self assured. Revitalizing. Velvety. Amethyst lavender. Related but quite different to the EdP.

kiki Vero Profumo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

KIKI Extrait. Intimate. Warm. Royal purple lavender. Musky. Opoponax whisps. A hint of amber making it denser than the Voile. Magnificent.
(It is to be noted that the Voiles although sharing most of the Extrait DNA – are not quite the same. Not all secrets are shared. )

Further reading: Smelly Thoughts and Chemist In A Bottle
Bloom, First In Fragrance and LuckyScent all carry Vero Profumo
Surrender To Chance has Kiki EdP & Extrait

These are not your grandmother´s lavender bag.

Kiki Vero ProfumoPhoto Donated Val

Have you tried the Kiki range? Do you have a lavender you love?

Violaceous Bussis.

32 thoughts on “Kiki by Vero Kern for Vero Profumo (EdP, VdE, Ex)

  1. One day Val we are going to sit down and you can take me through the whole Vero Profumo set. I am woefully under knowledged about them.
    You always make them sound beyond amazing
    Portia xx


  2. What a fabulous post, Val.
    I think there’s something extremely wearable about Kiki, so I’m not surprised it was the first bottle you emptied. You don’t need a special occasion or to be in any particular mood either.
    I never thought I’d fall for a lavender perfume like this either.
    The way you describe each version is brilliant.

    Can’t wait to try the Extrait now.


  3. Hi Val! As soon as I saw the word Kiki, I knew it would be your post.

    I have a bunch of samples I just received from Luckyscent as they now have the various formulas available and I know they’re all different and I want to compare. I’m really excited, and your love for this line has been inspiring!

    Holly xo


    • Oh my gosh! That is exciting Holly. Enjoy them. You need to spend time with each of them. It probably won´t be an immediate love. But if you do love one or more, nothing else will compare. Let me know pleeeeeeeease. Bussis xxxxx


  4. Wonderful post! I especially love the picture of you and Vero, united in your love of red lipstick! I am eager to try Kiki, and am a lavender lover. We lived in a hot and dry climate for many years, and planted lots of lavender and rosemary in our garden. We were inspired by a wonderful country house in Umbria that had a lavender and rosemary garden, and they are very drought-tolerant once they are established. So lavender has good memories for me.

    I want to try ALL the extraits. I love my Mito VdeE, but I am a dabber. I get frustrated with sprays – too much on one side, too little on the other. So I need to: find all the extraits to try, and afford them – the latter may take longer than the former.


    • Hey Empliau! Thanks. The picture was taken in Milan at the Esxence 2014. Vero´s extraits were the first of what she made. I think the majority go from EdPs to extraits.
      Vero made the pure perfumes first. And it is just about possible that they are the best. I totally agree with you on the spraying issue. The Kiki is a superb lavender. 🙂 xxxxxx


  5. Hello Cookie,
    Fabulous photos, great stories and so many Kikis’ to love! Thank you for another wonderful and fun post. Can’t wait to see you soon. Can you send your itinerary?
    Azar xx and X


    • Hi Azar! Yes. Lots to love and I will bring them all. I will mail you my info. It is gonna be a flying visit but I cannot wait. xxxxx


    • Be scared. You will love it. If you already like lavender to begin with then it is likehsitting the jackpot. Are you maybe gonna make it up to New York? Hugs back. xxxxxx


  6. Hey Val!! Thanks to you I’ve tried Kiki Voile, and for me I liked it instantly. I’d definitely agree with your notes, self assured, revitalising, uplifting. It has a vital femininity and strength with a kind, warm and open heart. Wonderful.

    Tina xx


    • Hi Tina. Sorry I am late with the reply. Dough, dough, dough you know. Perfect description . I look forward to your post on Kiki. 🙂 xxxxx


  7. great post!! i have been wondering what is the best, (and cheapest :),way to get small samples of vero’s entire line.she seems like the bee’s knees to me : )


    • Hi there flowerbeegirl. 🙂 I don´t know where you are located. First in Fragrance are excellent, and Bloom Perfumery do a brilliant sample service too. The whole line is stunning but I am terribly biased. Hugs. xxxxx


  8. Hi Val, dear Kiki Queen!
    I’ve tried and love both the edp and the voile and chose to buy the voile, it turned out to be my favorite evening fragrance for evenings at home. To me it’s soothing in a non esoteric way, if that makes sense.
    Lavendacious Bussis


    • Hi Anka! EXACTLY! You got it . non-esoteric. Why did I not think of that? It is nothing like essential oil. (I have nothing against oils, the opposite in fact). I just don´t like my perfume to smell like them. The Voile really is amazing. Nice seeing you Hope we meet sometime soon! xxxxx


  9. Wonderful post & fabulous photos! Gigantic thanks to you, I could try Kiki Voile d’Extrait and other amazing Vero’s fragrances. Kiki Voile is truly lovely and enchanting, and so different to any other lavender fragrance I’ve come across. I especially enjoy its sexy sweet drydown. It’s an all season & all weather beauty. 🙂


    • Hi TM. Nice of you to drop in, I am glad you got to try the Voile. It is the only way really. Writing is great fun but you cannot smell it without smelling it. Lots of love. xxxxxxx


  10. Wearing Kiki out into the world is like a talisman against the barbs you might encounter. I love to wear it to bed, though, where it jumpstarts my dreams.


  11. Hello JTD. I know you love this. Smitten you once said if my memory serves me. It is so rich. The Extrait is to die for. I will bring some on my whirlwind visit to LA.. Hugs. xxxxx


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