Jersey Parfum by Jacques Polge for CHANEL 2014

Hello to my fellow fumeheads!

Today, I am zeroing in on a breathtaking parfum that surprised me when I sniffed it in person. Last year, I wandered into Boston’s Chanel boutique with fragrance friends, eyes sparkling with delight in the luxe venue. I went in with laser focus, intent on purchasing Chanel No. 22 parfum from the Les Exclusifs line. I then went on to sniff the other boutique-exclusive offerings, and was shocked to fall in love with:

CHANEL Jersey parfum Les Exclusifs de Chanel

CHANEL Jersey parfum by Jacques Polge

Chanel Jersey Parfum Chanel FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Lavender, musk, vanilla, wildflowers, grass, rose, jasmine and tonka bean

Wearing Jersey today, I sense a spark of clean lavender, awash in the white-hot rays of the solstice sun. The meadow rolls over tumbling hills, emeralds and amethysts glistening as far as the eye can see. Freshly laundered sheets billow crisply on a clothesline, as signature Chanel aldehydes pierce the air. The lazy breeze carries these cool, soothing fragrances like a drifting song, the hollow tones of a silver flute choir.

And yet, although my visions glow beneath the brightest sunbeams, Jersey is an evening fragrance for me. It is a scent for a quietly classic night on the town, freshly showered and dolled up in a favorite new dress and a string of pearls. I strongly associate lavender with the cold light of the stars, as I often use it for sleep aromatherapy. However, as it joyfully dances among distinctive aldehydes and a waft of rose petal, this lavender is calm and graceful, not sleepy.

Chanel Jersey Parfum Chanel Lavender_in_Provence WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

From CHANEL: Jersey had only been used for sailors’ sweaters and men’s undergarments until, in the 1920’s, Mademoiselle Chanel made it the instrument of a new elegance for women. Like Mademoiselle, Jacques Polge has also revealed the chic and feminine treasures of a material considered to be masculine and modest: lavender. He has chosen an exceptional essence and given it the sensuality of musk and the delicious richness of vanilla. And so it is that lavender has been transfigured and become deliciously sophisticated. Successfully transformed, it has lost its masculine connotations.

Chanel Jersey Parfum Chanel EricaPhoto Donated Erica

Further reading: Bois de Jasmin and A Model Recommends
CHANEL Les Exclusives are available at CHANEL online or larger department stores
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $8/.25ml

Have you tried any Chanel Exclusifs? Do you have a favorite? Let’s dish!

Scented hugs, Erica

10 thoughts on “Jersey Parfum by Jacques Polge for CHANEL 2014

  1. Hey there Erica.
    I too have a bottle of the parfum. I am yet to cut the cord but I do get it out occasionally and caress it.
    Portia xx


  2. Thanks for the post, I am wearing Jersey to bed tonight. Love. It.
    I also lurve Cuir de Russie and on my shopping list for Dubai airport in a minute is Bois des Iles.
    Do forgive me for being a Chanel junkie. Or don’t.


  3. Hi Erica!

    I have yet to try Jersey and Beige. Yep, I have samples I haven’t gotten to.;) Those names really bug me. Just sayin’.
    I love Bois des Iles and 28 La Pausa. 31 Rue Cambon and Cuir de Russie need more skin time. 1932, Sycomore and No 22 are floating around here, I’ve yet to test them. Bel Respiro, Coromandel and Misia don’t work for me, and I’ve passed on my samples of those.

    Holly xo


  4. Hello, Erica! You make Jersey sound irresistible. Off to the sample shop I go! My favorite Exclusifs are Gardenia because it does not smell anything like a Honolulu tourist shop as I had feared. It’s lovely. And I’m loving No. 18 right now, that dry herby thing with a faint flowery undercurrent. Very different to anything else I’ve tried. I think No. 18 is FB-worthy.
    Much aloha,


  5. Loved reading your review. Having bought the parfum last year, it’s probably now one of my most worn perfumes in spring / summer. I often get a dry down really close to Eau Premier – not a huge surprise really. Love it.


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