Chanel | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Show

Heya Fragrant Fashionistas,

I’ve watched the DIOR and Versace FW 15/16 shows and they left me cool to say the least. Here at CHANEL Karl Lagerfeld has brought us a redefined vision of the CHANEL suit and some really interesting fabrics and shapes. The shoes are freaking KILLER and I also love the severe uber Desange bobs that seem to be laughing at the 90s. For every frock I love there are 10 I merely like and three I loathe. Interesting that the last two frocks resemble some shapes and treatments of DIOR’s Belgian designer Raf Simons work over the last few seasons.

chanel-fall-winter-2015-16-haute-couture-ambiancePhoto Stolen CHANEL news

This is the whole show and pay attention at the start, there are some very interesting people at the gambling tables. If you get bored FF to the last 5 minutes, that’s where my favourite stuff happens and I really love the final wedding outfit.

Portia xx

Chanel | Haute Couture F/W 2015/16 Full Show

6 thoughts on “Chanel | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2015/2016 Full Show

  1. I don’t keep up with the fashion houses much these days but the makeup was very Frida Kahlo’ish with the bright, sharp cheeks and overly emphasized brows; kinda cool:). The wedding outfit was cool although most of the outfits were very same’ish as a whole. At least the ones in the beginning. 🙂


  2. Portia, thank you for this! It was the most relaxing, entertaining 18-1/2 minutes I’ve had all weekend! I liked the casino setup, it was clever. Can’t say I loved the final wedding outfit, although the pants were beautifully cut and moved so well. I rather liked the sheer quilted jackets, didn’t find them boring at all. Did you notice at the end, the dusty lavender feather dress model had to pull up the front of her dress as she came out? And was that Geraldine Chaplin at the gaming tables? This was so fun!


    • YAY Fifi,
      No I didn’t notice the lavender dress hike or Geraldine Chaplin but I too enjoyed the whole production.
      Portia x


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