Vidi by Gérald Ghislain for Histoires de Parfums 2013


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Hey Fragrance Family,

It seems we are getting more and more ozone in our fragrances over the last couple of years. I’m glad because I quite like the new ways perfumers are incorporating the fresh air into scent. Gérald Ghislain does some really interesting stuff; I loved his Scent Of Departure range and have quite a few decants but by the time I decided the one I wanted it was gone GRRRRRR. He also has done some of the Alice & Peter fragrances in the cupcake bottles. It would be really interesting to one day meet him and have a chat, if he is as interesting as his fragrances and some of the ideas behind them then I think it would be a wonderful chat.

Vidi by Gérald Ghislain for Histoires de Parfums 2013

Vidi Histoires de Parfums FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cardamom, cucumber, ozonic notes
Heart: Rose, cyclamen, saffron
Base: Immortelle, musk, amber, vanilla, blonde woods

It’s 2013 and I am sitting here wearing the remnants of last nights hefty spritzing of Vidi. I have spent the waking parts of the last 14 hours trying to find a different way of putting this but then I realised I should just blurt it out and then we can move forward with the review.

This is exactly how my last partner smelled when he wore L’Eau d’Issey Man. It is unbelievable how well Gérald Ghislain has married one of the iconic scents of the 20th century and my exes chemistry. Varun is a subcontinental Indian and has very spicy skin, it makes fragrance take on completely different hues. We could wear the same fragrance, and often did, and they would smell utterly different. Interestingly if we’d been out boozing and partying and went home to make love the smell of him wearing L’Eau d’Issey Man would so overwhelm me that I would be sick, yes you read right I would need to go and do a technicolour yawn, drive the porcelain bus, spew or chunder (whichever idiom your area uses). It was a damper indeed and it happened a few times before we worked out the root cause.

Nevertheless it is a happy smell for me, so reminiscent of a super fun part of my life…….

vidi-histoires-de-parfums Cäsar WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Anyway, Vidi is supposed to smell like air that Caesar smelled when he said his immortal, and I’ve always thought pre-prepared in advance for such an outcome, words Veni, Vidi, Vici. On me it smells like water, or the dream of water. It’s cool and refreshing. The cucumber and ozone are particularly appealing together and when I spritz it’s like the first dip in the pool on the 25th September each year. Thrilling and terrifying. The flowers are a complete abstract and as such don’t really register as themselves but I do get a twang of iced water in a metal vase and air conditioning in a florist. Of warmth I get very little, it’s more a lessening of the cool and the immortelle has been shorn of all its lovely natural weirdness.

The jolt was so real and so potent in my fragrant memory bulb that I had to call Varun and tell him. I think that I’ll buy him a bottle and take it to him, any excuse to visit him and India.

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LuckyScent has $175/60ml + Samples
First In Fragrance has €125/60ml + Samples

What have you smelled lately that reminds you of the past?
Portia xx


9 thoughts on “Vidi by Gérald Ghislain for Histoires de Parfums 2013

      • Yes, that could be the problem! I’ve tried to do something about that but have not yet succeeded and that’s OK… until I run out of storage space…
        Azar xx


  1. Heh lol drive the bus, I hope some non Aussies chime in here with their sayings! I must get a hold of some of these ozones, completely skipped over that period in fumes and remain mystified as to the keynote idea….I do have a bottle of cool water woman and like it but it just registers as total synthetic ‘smell’ rather than perfume and I use it on the bed linen….


    • I love all the euphemisms for being visibly unwell too Marion, always good for a laugh.
      You may find yourself less than thrilled with a lot of the ozonics then, they feel largely synthetic to me too but I quite like that about them.
      For an easy to find one try Mer & Mistral by L’Occitane next time you pass a store. I really like it, especially in the bath gel.
      Portia xx


  2. Oh lord of course all kinds of stuff reminds me of the past! But really – spewing, hurling, barfing and gagging are avoided. That would include Acqua de Gio (sp?) and Spiritual Sky Patchouli. Thankfully I can’t remember what I was sporting my first trip to Hawaii when I was 20 when I discovered that a pitcher of pina coladas was more than refreshing. Ainslie should be called upon for her recipe to eradicate alcohol binge memories.


    • Ha Ha Ha Holly,
      I have similar recollections but mine was with Brandy. It took me years to be able to smell it again.
      Portia xx


  3. i have followed this line…from my experience, the trio of petroleum, rosam, and ambrarem has been more hit than this veni, vedi, and vici trio


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