Eau Aimable by Les Couvent des Minimes 2012


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I love white flowers. I find it interesting that the smallest flowers with the least color usually have tons of fragrance. Another interesting thing is you almost need to stand at a distance to really smell them. It’s odd but sometimes sticking your nose into a bunch just doesn’t have the same glorious effect as catching the scent on the breeze.

I’m not much of a citrus girl but orange blossom makes my heart skip a beat. It’s one of my favorite notes for the brightness it gives to perfumes. Unfortunately it can end up smelling soapy which some people hate. I don’t mind soapy orange flower. To me, the soapy note is really relative to what kinds of soap you’re used to smelling. Mom didn’t buy flowery soaps so my reference point is different I guess. Even now when I do buy flowery soaps I don’t mind smelling like them.

Eau Aimable by Les Couvent des Minimes 2012

Eau Aimable Le Couvent des Minimes ParfumoPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom, petitgrain, rose, nasturtium

Eau Aimable by Le Couvent des Minimes is based on the original recipe of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. It’s not a soapy orange blossom perfume to me. It’s bright. It’s white. It’s flowery. Dare I say it’s a great little blast of orange blossom at a great price? It is! I picked mine up at Ulta on sale for less than $30 US. That’s practically free in comparison to a lot of perfume these days. It opens strong and sweet but then quickly retreats to a softer sillage.

Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing circa 1786 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by Alfred A. de Pass in memory of his wife Ethel 1910 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N02686Photo Stolen Wikimedia

 There’s a whole lotta orange here: bergamot, mandarin, orange blossom, and petitgrain. It’s flowery, not too fruity, and doesn’t call to mind sour baby aspirin or cleaning products. It’s simple and I mean that in a good way. It smells like real flowers and isn’t ruined by excessive amounts of white musk like many orange blossom perfumes. Eau Aimable is pretty linear but the key word is pretty. You can’t help but feel pretty when you’re this flowery. I don’t smell much rose or nasturtium but honestly I haven’t tried to find them. I’m enjoying the overall orange blossom effect too much.

Eau Aimable Le Couvent des Minimes Rumah_Gadang WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

This fragrance could give a lot of niche scents a run for their money. It has decent lasting power, isn’t too syrupy, and wafts at a respectable level. If you’re looking for a simple orange blossom scent this is worth a sniff. It’s become a favorite bedtime scent for me. A light spritz before crawling into some soft sheets is a perfect way to drift off to dream. It’s also nice for those days when I need a little fragrant sunshine like right now as I’m writing this and we’re under a tornado watch and the sky is turning funny colors.

Le Couvent des Minimes has $38/100ml

I’m a fan of cheap and cheerful fragrances. What are your guiltless scented pleasures?


14 thoughts on “Eau Aimable by Les Couvent des Minimes 2012

  1. Hi Poodle!

    Aren’t the guiltless scented pleasures thrilling! I could just squeal with delight! Eau Aimable is my favorite of this line, and I also like Eau des Missions. My baby Silences is cheap! My mom’s favorite was L’Air du Temps, easy drugstore find. Andy Tauer’s Rose Flash and Vanilla Flash are cheap – the 10ml rollerballs will last forever. Seriously. Yardley’s stuff is excellent – my favorite is Iris. Where else can you find a cheap iris? Other lines that I enjoy are Demeter, Smell bent, Madini and Spiritual Sky of Nag Champa fame. Oh, I betcha I could keep going on and on, but I’ll leave room for others. 😉

    Holly xo


    • I see you love a bargain too. Great choices! I really need to try those Tauer ones. Yardley has been around forever and I think they get overlooked for some reason. I am not an iris girl but I think theirs is nice. I like a lot of your suggestions.


  2. Dear Poodle,
    Cheap and Cheerful! I love so many of them, especially the ones that come in the really big bottles like the big 10 plus ounce bottles of Borsari Parma 1870. I noticed that Eau Aimable comes in an 8.4 ounce size on several sites for anywhere between 40 and 50 USD…anything that is worth doing is worth overdoing 😉
    Azar xxx


  3. Hey Poodle. I’ve been wondering if this one’s good so it’s great to read a review. I love white flowers too so I really should be trying this one. It’s a great price and also like their Eau de Missions. I do fancy Lush perfumes for a bargain too. I adore Lust, although that is probably an acquired taste as it’s so potent and also Breath of God. x


  4. I really like this one. Kafka’s review is what made me try it. If you want a more in depth breakdown of it that’s where to look. I think I’ve got your address somewhere. I could try to send you a sample if you’d like.
    Lust is a good one. I like potent perfumes.


  5. I totally agree with you on this perfume Poodles! Orange blossoms, neroli on a sweet mandarin, vanillary base. Roger & Gallet does good value perfumes too.

    I wish more fragrance companies would climb down from their high pedestals and sell more everyday cheap and cheerful stuff. Right now, that market is a bit thin.


    • Agreed. I don’t understand why they feel the need to overprice things. From a marketing standpoint I think it would be better to have some affordable things to get people interested and that in turn would lead them down the rabbit hole to the pricey stuff.


  6. Oh I’m such a fan. I have a bar of the Eau Aimable soap. When it first arrived in the mail it was – whew! – a bit too much for my nose. I put it in my towel cupboard in the bathroom, and after a few months it smells fabulous. So do my towels. I’m almost ready to use the bar in the bath.

    I do love my bottle of Eau des Minimes. It is a favorite for a refreshing spritz during the day or a treat in the late evening hours.

    Agree with Willa. Roger & Gallet has great stuff. I wish Roger & Gallet were easily available in the US. For years I had someone to mule their scents and soaps from France but that is no more. I have an empty box of the Oeillet Mignardise soap which still smells lovely after more than a decade. Amazing. Their scents were great back then but their range has changed over to new scents in recent years. I hope they are still wonderful today.


    • I saw some Roger & Gallet soaps at a discounter but couldn’t smell them through the wrapping so I didn’t buy them. Stupid move on my part I guess. If I see them again I’ll be buying.


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