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Move On Monday Club Part 2

Hi guys! Yep, it’s that time again. After the success of my initial APJ Move On Monday post I certainly have LOTS of stuff that I intend to move on from, and some of it is perfume-related so let’s get moving! As before, I hope you will all share with me where you are in your perfume journey.

Thanks to everyone’s suggestions, I’m pretty clear on how to organize my samples and my thoughts about what I like and don’t like. I realized that this is REALLY important as I don’t want to re-order anything. Can you believe I actually thought that I’d remember if I didn’t like something? I also thought that I must have every ding-dong sample I was ever remotely interested in, and if I no longer had it that meant that I must not have liked it. I swear, sometimes what my brain does can not be called “thinking.” Sigh …

Move On Monday Club Part 2 Nicolas Huk FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

More Move On Monday Club

So moving on from the subject of sampling, I’m now focusing on what I want to acquire. I did not know what a pig I am. I freakin’ want a LOT of perfume, but I don’t want a lot of stuff! Does this make sense AT ALL? I already HAVE a lot of perfume. (Sorry about the shouty words – I’m yelling at myself like I’m a kid in a candy store. No! Put it down! Put it back!)

I recently read a reference somewhere about taking into consideration the actual volume in mls of perfume you have. Oh dear. That is one tidbit I think I’ll ignore. However, I have realized that while I love a pretty bottle and the weight and feel of it in my hands, I can probably be satisfied 95% of the time with decants.

Move On Monday Club Part 2  Herbert James Draper Pot_Pourri WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Now comes the hard part, for me at least. I want to rein myself in a bit and move on from being greedy, which is what this phase feels like for me. I have finally understood that I can’t have it all, and I don’t actually want to possess it all. All my ducks will never be in a row. The carrot is always a foot away from the donkey.

On to the questions….

How do you decide when a perfume is FBW? Do you make up your mind pretty quickly? Once you’ve decided you want to add a perfume to your collection, do you wait for a special occasion to treat yourself?

Have you made any decisions about certain notes, houses or formulations such as all-natural perfumes, or vintage frags that affect what you will sample or purchase?

Has your perfume journey been pretty consistent, or has it changed significantly over time? Are you feeling content where you are with it right now, or is there any aspect of it you would like to move on from?

I look forward to reading what everyone has to say! If you would like to move on from something else in your life – thoughts, feelings, attitudes, obsessions, situations or people – what have you – do share those as well.

Holly xo

10 thoughts on “More Move On Monday Club

  1. Heya Holly,
    I love these posts, so interesting.
    I get so excited that I add things to my list regularly. Sometimes I buy them immediately and others stay on the list forever. Trying as many frags as I do each month there is a LOT of FBW frags that I have collected but I do also have quite a collection of decants.
    Portia xx


  2. A comment from my children made me realize I need to pare down my “stuff”. One said to another “It will take a month to get rid of all this stuff when they are gone.” It was true. We had become the repository for all antiques on both sides of the family, loads of 1920’s Haviland china and various chairs. At this time I am slowly moving things to a storage area in my side of the garage, readying them for a garage sale. Ebay will come in handy as well.
    As for the perfume, I have dark cool storage. It will be another story.


    • Hi Jan! Oh yes, I can understand for sure. I have my entire house in NY in storage, and I am now in the process of trying to clear out my parents’ house in DC. Sometimes I just want to rent a dumpster and start throwing things into it willy-nilly with hysterical abandon. Bravo for taking into consideration your children’s comments, and moving on. I wish you the best of luck – it’s a big task, but I think the major hurdle is that first step of recognizing the truth and then acting on it. So you’re well on your way!


  3. Hiya Portia!

    Thank you! I’m so glad you find it interesting. I might have chosen another adjective, like “weird” or “anal” so I appreciate a positive spin!

    I spent many years as an oncology nurse, and fragrance was 100% prohibited as it literally could make someone profoundly ill. My opportunities to wear perfume were quite limited, but I have been collecting stuff for 40 years. Oops, wait… 50 years. Lost a decade there. Since my parents died last year, I am for the first time in my life not doing any caregiving, so I’m focusing on myself and trying to hone in on what brings me joy in every aspect of my life and on moving on from what does not enhance my life.

    I truly admire people who are comfortable with having lots of stuff or a jumble, and they seem to casually cruise along without getting overwhelmed.

    Holly xo


  4. Hi Holly,
    A few years ago we took a pick up truck load of books to the used book seller. With some rare exceptions I think we got about 10 cents per copy and ended up with more room in the house and enough cash to spend on a lovely night on the town. Now it is time for another book purge. That being said, we still have the usual packed up boxes of antiques and space devouring antique furniture – our own purchases and the residuals of generations of collectors. There is also the business debris, instruments and scores from my 40 or so years of music teaching and as well as the music library of one of my old teachers and his older brother, both long deceased. Then there is the perfume. I wish there was an perfume equivalent to the used book store. I’m sure I could fill the pick up truck yet again.
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar!

      Oh yes, I have done the book purge! I actually enjoyed that, although at the time neither the library nor the secondhand shops were accepting books. So I joined, where you get labels and affix them to books and leave them in interesting places (or not) for people to take. Then you can track your books wherever they go, and read comments from the readers. Airports were a favorite place, as well as hotels and hospitals.

      Oh gosh, yes – a used perfume store would be incredible! I betcha that with what we all have we could open up a HUGE shop! In the meantime, I’m lucky in that I find it easy to just pass on whatever I don’t want to hold on to.

      Holly xo


  5. Hey Holly! Hi (again 🙂 ) I live in an apartment which limits hoarding space. That is not to say that I don´t have a ton of crap, I do, but it would be ten tonnes if I lived in a house. Each New Year’s day my husband and I take down the Christmas decorations and plan a small decluttering project. Bookshelves, junk drawers, kitchen cupboards – something along those lines. It is a good start to the new year and then we go out to eat!
    I never have had very many bottles of perfume as I mentioned last time. I am extremely excited for the launch of the new .vero.profumo, and they will be my next bottles. Predictable, I know but it is what I truly love. (Been testing for the last few months 😉 )
    I can make up my mind quickly, yes. I rarely make a mistake with perfume. For example – I had a spray of Shalimar Extrait a month ago. Yes I know, über-late to the Shalimar Groove. I went straight out and bought a 15ml bottle. Heavenly.
    Attitudes and obsessions? None. hahahahahahah. I hope my therapist doesn´t read this.
    Big hug. xxxxxx


    • Hi Val!

      Yes, you are predictable in this particular aspect, and I really admire that! It’s so refreshing to read that someone is clear about what they want, and has found it! Ta dah!

      The New Year’s clear-out is a great idea, and the reward of a meal out is even better.

      I am still not with the Shalimar Groove. I’m sure I have a sample in The Sample Sea, but I recall it as being not me from many, many years ago. Good grief, maybe I’ll order another freakin’ sample. You see how this works? Or doesn’t? I also hope that your therapist doesn’t read this and come looking for a new client. 🙂

      Big hug back,
      Holly xo


  6. Hi. I make up my mind fairly quickly on whether I like something or not, not just perfume. I also do not fall in love with many fragrances, though I like a lot. It has to be special to me to buy a full bottle. I try to find a larger decant and then make the final decision. Cost matters too. Curiosity gets the better of me sometimes too – I decided to sample Clive Christian and Roja Dove to see what they were all about. Fell in love with Clive Christian No. 1 for Women and both Roja Doves. Won’t be getting any bottles until I win the lottery, but will get small decants. 😉 Right now I’m waiting for a sample from OneSelf Hawaiian Flower Lei Perfume and if it works for me, I’ll get her Collection. It took me a while, but this works for me.


    • Hi Maya!

      Your strategy sounds like a good one! I also have learned to move from sample to decant, and then make up my mind if something is fbw. I’ve realized that when I’m indecisive about something, that probably means that I am not in love, but maybe serious like. Like the not Mr. Right, but Mr Right now thingy.

      And omg – I know just what you mean about curiosity getting the better of you when it comes to sampling something beyond your means. I am in serious discussion with myself about just that topic! I’ll let you know how the negotiations turn out. 😉


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