Gardenia Enfleurage by Solstice Scents 2015


Post by Erica Golding


Greetings to my darling perfumed friends!

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting a true gardenia blossom? Have you ever buried your face in its humid, silken petals and inhaled a breath of heaven? I have only once, on my wedding day, when I wore gardenias in my hair and in my bouquet. The scent is one of deeply peaceful bliss, joyful celebration, and unconditional love. This precious moment is forever preserved in todays fragrance.

Heartbreakingly, I have long known that it is impossible to capture the essence of the gardenia using conventional means. The extraction processes and solvents destroy the delicate compounds and ruin the aroma. I first read about the art of enfleurage in the horror novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrtick Suskind. When I discovered that this fine art was being revived in modern day to gently harness the true essence of fragile flowers such as gardenia, my spirit soared!

Gardenia Enfleurage by Solstice Scents 2015

Solstice Scents Gardenia EnfleuragePhoto Donated Erica Golding

Solstice Scents gives these ingredients:
100% Pure Gardenia Absolute In Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol

Angela at Solstice Scents has been harvesting and creating her seasonal, breathtaking Gardenia Enfleurage for the past several years. It is a highly concentrated elixir, containing solubilized and waxy isolates from treasured petals harvested daily during the blooming season. The magic captured in this tiny 4 mL vial is nothing short of euphoria.

Every facet of the live gardenia flower swims from my skin. Creamy, fresh, velvety, powdered sugar, a swirl of greenery – I find it impossible to describe beyond blunt terms. Singularly unique and distinct, I am transported to a pivotal and precious moment in my life. The sunlight is hazy behind cool autumn cloud cover, the breeze is languid, and I have more love in my heart and in my life than I ever truly realized.

Scent memory is a powerful, intense enchantment. Solstice Scents’ Gardenia Enfleurage is an incredibly special labor of love, and worthy of being associated with your most important moments in life. What natural aroma has special meaning to you? Do you wish you could preserve it in a bottle in your collection?

Solstice Scents has $9/.25ml

Much love and light,


6 thoughts on “Gardenia Enfleurage by Solstice Scents 2015

  1. I miss the gardenias that grew so freely in South Florida, where I grew up (they don’t do well in Dallas, Texas). One blossom would scent a room – my office usually – for a week. Such an incredibly beautiful scent – I’ll be checking this out for sure!


  2. Hey Erica,
    WOW! What a story and I bet the fragrance is killer. We had a gardenia hedge 3 doors down in the Pymble house I grew up in and when it was in flower the whole street smelled of them. So beautiful.
    Portia xx


  3. Great review my dear! Angela included a wee vial of the enfleurage with my latest order. Based on your review, I will wear it tomorrow (and probably buy it tomorrow night!)



  4. Hi Erica, what a wonderful review, the gardenia must smell amazing ! I have been intriguied with enfleurage as Well and am experimenting with it a bit myself. THE art of encapturing a fragrance in fat is amazing. Especially with essences That are normally hard to get. Sweet Pea would be my favorite one to encapture by enfleurage. Some day I hope to have my own sweet pea essence by enfleurage. I Will retweet your post.


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