Silk by Richard Ibanez for Andrea Maack 2011

Woo Hoo APJers,

Andrea Maack, artist, fashion designer and fragrance curator. Her stark, vivid, linear creations are bold and shocking but within the bounds of mainstream beauty. Though I find them confronting and they give me pause for question I could also see many of her art creations in peoples homes, comfortably setting themselves beside a big family couch and the TV. They would be interesting talking points but hardly steal air from the room and make it awkward to sit.

This too is how I see the fragrance line. Different enough to maintain my interest yet wearable every day as a second, fragrant skin that you offer to the world as your scent. The line has been called derivative and a follower but when I wear Andrea Maack fragrances I find no parallels, and yes this could be my lack as a medium. Whether they are or not is a moot point because I enjoy wearing them, they tickle my fabulous bone and they tick so many boxes on my fragrant list that I am impressed with them on their own merits.

Silk by Andrea Maack 2011

Silk by Richard Ibanez

Silk Andrea Maack FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Citruses, violet leaf, freesia, magnolia, soil tincture, papyrus, vanille, amber, lemon tree, lime (linden) blossom

LuckyScent offers this list of featured accords in one line:
Violet leaves, freesia, lime tree, linen, magnolia, Spanish cistus, earth accord, papyrus, vanilla, amber

Sweet citrus opens but it’s firmly undercut by green grasses and a fresh, dewy, air conditioned bouquet (I’m quite surprised there’s no LotV mentioned in the notes). A lovely and very pretty green, delicate, cooling and …… imagine you are in an orchard filled with blossom, the day is brisk but when you stand in the sun it’s lovely, there’s a breeze that is strong enough to ruffle your hair and it carries a floral bouquet from the nearby market gardens, some trodden grass and a dry rasp that is a little vetiver reminiscent. Then the sprinklers come on, they don’t wet you but it does change the taste of the air and suddenly the whole orchard seems cooler: that moment in your dream is what Silk smells like.

silk-andrea-maack orchard blossom AnneMarieBon PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

The freshness and brightness are carried over into the heart and it’s reminiscent of the freshly cut cucumber scent, or cut wet stems of flowers before arranging. It’s amazing how intoxicating silk is, not a big perfume but it does have the ability to change the air around you and in the first hour the sillage is excellent.

Like the Andrea Maack art piece below Silk is a bundled net of scent pieces with light pouting through and creating a gauzy, soft focus fragrance that still manages to be fully present and fragrant. For me Silk dries down to a melon scent softly warmed by the amber that I can feel but not really smell.

Silk Andrea Maack Art FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon and Bonkers About Perfume
LuckyScent has $135/50ml and samples
Libertine has $185/50ml and FREE delivery in Australia

Have you experienced any of the Andrea Maack fragrances? Favourites?
Portia x

AllSteele giveaway 1Photo Stolen AllSteele

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31 thoughts on “Silk by Richard Ibanez for Andrea Maack 2011

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win – I have only tried Coven in this line, and would love to test the rest.
    I enjoy following you by email, and I have always admired the colour placement in Mondrian’s work.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity; I follow by email.

    My favourite is Dale Chihuly, the glass artist.
    His installations are amazing, some of the chandeliers remind me of fireworks captured in glass. The colours, the shapes – they make me happy!

    Thanks again xx.


  3. Favourite artist? Australian, has to be Fred Williams for his landscapes. Mark Rothko for colour mood. I follow APJ via email.


  4. Follow by email and Facebook. Andrea Maack is such an interesting line. So far, Coal is my favorite. As Sue says above, my favorite artist is Dale Chihuly in glass, closely followed by Mike and Jan Sell of Mussels & More, pottery art you can live with.


  5. Sounds fabulous!
    I was recently at a reception for Sarah McRae Morton. Has anyone seen her work? This was my first time and thank goodness I was alone in the gallery. Tears just started to stream down my face and I was overwhelmed. Nothing like that has ever, ever happened to me before, her work is so beautiful. I don’t know what it was but something obviously touched me on a visceral level. If anyone has a chance to see her work in person, please take it!
    I also wanted to mention Wendy Klemperer. I think I spelled that right. She is a sculptor and she is amazing! AH-MAZ-ING!!
    I follow via email, thanks!


  6. I follow vie email.

    I adore Coven, and I think I remember liking Silk. As for a favourite artist?, Jim Mahfood, graphic novelist and all-’round awesome guy.


  7. Hi – i follow AJP by email and blog.
    Favourite artist would have to be the enchanting work of Georgia O’Keeffe. Andrea Maack’s ‘Silk’ sounds amazing. Another one for my ‘to buy list’…. thanks for the draw.


  8. What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you, Portia! I am a bit of a classics follower. I cannot say that I love an artist to the fullest. I am usually inspired by some part of their works. I love Renoir’s ballerinas and Kandinsky’s Bauhaus period.
    I have always wanted to try Andrea Maack’s perfumes but I never had the chance. I hope I win this one! Thanks for the chance!
    I am following by FB, Google + and via email. I am in Bulgaria (EU).


  9. I follow by email and am in the United States. I’m particular to classic art and love Rembrandt. His use of light is spectacular. I also love William Turner who sort of bridged from classic art to Impressionism. I’ve never tried this line of fragrance and I’d be most interested.


  10. Oh god Portia, this one sounds right up my alley! The mere mention of Linden in ANY fragrance makes my evil little heart go pitter-pat!

    I follow you by email, and my favorite artist is an obscure San Francisco sculptor named Benny Bufano.

    He made BIG front-of-building sculptures, but sensuous, and rounded with no hard edges. As you leave SF International Airport, his towering sculpture of St. Francis is there to welcome you to the city.

    He also made some small pieces as well, one of which is in our kitchen.


  11. I follow PJ via email, and sometimes on Facebook. But mostly email.

    While it’s difficult to choose a favorite artist, for me it’s a tossup between Renoir (he portrays women so beautifully!) and Gustav Klimt. Prints of both artists’ works decorate my home and office.


  12. There are so many artists in different disciplines that interest me but as a current favourite I’ll pick Australian painter Rick Amor. I follow by email. Silk sounds perfect btw.


  13. Lovely, interesting looking collection, that I would love to try.

    Lately for the first time I’ve been drawn to Vincent Van Gogh….such amazing colours and textures.

    I follow by email


  14. It is so hard to choose a favorite artist, especially when they come from such varied backgrounds. Mine are Van Gogh, Da Vince, Matisse, Degas, Picasso, and Dali among others. I follow APJ by email


  15. Hi Portia! I follow you via FB and WordPress. I’ve got Coal by AM – I love it lots. It reminds me of a softer CdG Black, without so much black pepper all up in yo grill. It’s a comforting rainy day frag. I’d love to give the rest of the line a whirl.

    Favourite artist ATM is Sydney street artist BirdHat. I love his quirky skewed angles and bright colours.


  16. I want to try them all) Especially Smart and Craft.
    Favourite artist, hm, hard to choose…Pavel Filonov and Jean Fouquet. I follow by email. Thanks!


  17. I want to try all of these. I follow via email. Favourite artist, perhaps Manet.But really, I could have picked someone local, too. I love going to museums and galleries.


  18. Oh Portia, Andrea Maack is soooo on my radar at the moment. I fell completely, unexpectedly in love with Coal. And your description of Silk was like *that* scene from When Harry Met Sally (yes, yes, *yes*).

    Artists? Like my perfume, I’m omnivorous there too. Impressionists, 12th/13th century religious art (so delicate and precise), Francois Pompon (big white polar bear in Central Park and the Musee d’Orsay), Chuck Close, any modern art that intellectually engages me, especially on multiple levels, and the whole MONA experience.

    I follow by email, RSS maybe even WordPress, osmosis maybe? I never know how to answer this question Portia.


  19. wow!! i was just talking to my sister last night about wanting to making an effort to try this line.they sprayed silk on me at kleins and i really liked it.which perfumers/perfumes is she meant to be using as inspiration?i have’nt read much on her.i love the idea of an artist who is a favourite artist is monet,his later waterlily works.amazing sky mirrors so early in the century.i follow by email.thanks so much for the giveaway. you rule!!


  20. I’ve been wanting to try this line, as well as anything with linden, having loved La Chasse aux Papillons. Choosing one favorite artist is tough–I’ll say Caravaggio, as I currently have a print of his Martha and Mary Magdalene in my bedroom.I follow with Bloglovin. (And I’m going to search for Sarah McRae Morton. Perfume people always have interesting non-perfume recommendations.)


  21. I can completely picture the scene where the sprinklers come on. I have only tried Coven but if that was my introduction then boy that’s the way to start off with a bang! Looking forward to trying others too. I have to say that my favorite artist is one no one knows about–my grandmother who could paint a horse like no other. Thanks for this draw. I follow by email.


  22. I follow by email, and I guess an artist doesn’t have to be a visual one right? My favorite olfactory artist is good ol’ JCE (today at least!), and I also love me some Mozart. Thank you!


  23. There’s no way I can whittle it down to just one! Some of my all-time favourites include John Mawurndjul, John Coburn, O’Keeffe, Erte, Rothko, Duchamp, Bacon, Picasso, Chagall, Paul Colin, Mondrian … I’ll shut up now 🙂
    (I follow by email). Thanks!


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