Eau de Gloire by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for Parfum d’Empire 2003


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Hi there Fragrant Family,

When Michael Edwards of Fragrances Of The World fame had his cleanout this was one of the fragrances he gave me. I had liked it very much from my original Parfum d’Empire sample set (that I can’t find on the site anymore). So my review today is based on an older bottle like the top picture in the review. I have no idea if the fragrance has been reformulated for the new bottle but I’ve read nothing on the boards to indicate there has been a change.

Eau de Gloire by Parfum d’Empire 2003

Eau de Gloire by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato

Eau de Gloire Parfum d`Empire FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, amalfi lemon, lavender, rosemary, neroli, tangerine, myrtle
Heart: Tea, star anise, licorice, immortelle
Base: Leather, tobacco, olibanum, french labdanum, oakmoss

The first fragrance that Parfum d’Empire brought to the world in 2003, modeled on Marc-Antoine Corticchiato’s scent memory of his boyhood home Corsica, Eau de Gloire is literally translated as Water of Glory and dedicated as an homage to all those who’ve left their homelands to go into the world and conquer. Especially to his own home island boy Napoleon Bonaparte.

Photo Stolen HistoryFiles

The first words that jump into my head when wearing Eau de Gloire are Bracing, Citrus, Salt, Squeaky, Floral, Masculine. Yes, I know we don’t deal in masculine/feminine archetypes here but Eau de Gloire definitely skews towards what my upbringing has defined as a masculine scent, which does not minimise how spectacularly it will perform on the girls so please don’t get up in arms.

Eau de Gloire opens with a powerhouse icy cold screech of bergamot, citrus twig and broken branch and briny sea air then the herbs and flowers come and take the edge off. As the rosemary, lavender and star anise waltz in they warm the scent slightly but still it stays cool and laid back. I don’t believe in fragrances for the sexes but I keep imagining Eau de Gloire on a very masculine man though I would love to see how it smells on a woman. There is a squeaky dissonance here, the trilling of the citrus which lasts well into the heart of the fragrance and the rumbling of the incense, anise, oakmoss and tobacco. Unfortunately my nose misses the tea and leather in the composition completely, maybe you will have more luck.

Eau de Gloire comes and goes from my ability to smell it, very interesting, but when i concentrate I can. It’s like it hides from me to make me seek out its loose billowy freshness. At about 3-4 hours I get more soft and flowery notes over the various resins, this fragrance grows more interesting and textured as it matures. At 7 hours it is soft as butterfly kisses and almost as ephemeral.

Eau de Gloire Parfum d`EmpirePhoto Stolen Parfum d’Empire

I hadn’t worn Eau de Gloire for a while but last night when I wore it to work there were three compliments on my fragrance throughout the night. One of whom I am making a small decant for because her eyes were shining with enthusiasm. I think we have a new perfumista in our midst.

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Parfum d’Empire has 120/100ml
Libertine Parfumerie has $199/100ml and FREE AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING!
Surrender To Chance has samples that start at $3.50/ml

What have you worn lately that people have noticed?

Please treat yourself well, it’s hard to be happy when there’s someone being mean to you the whole time.
Portia xx

8 thoughts on “Eau de Gloire by Marc-Antoine Corticchiato for Parfum d’Empire 2003

  1. My beautiful Portia, how is it that I have overlooked something so yummy? I will admit to not having tried all the PdEs but two of my all-time favorites (Ambre Russe and Musc Tonkin) are from the line and I would happily take a bottle of the others I have sampled. Somehow I didn’t even recognize the name of this one! I’m off to order a decant stat. It sounds like if it doesn’t suit me it may be just the thing for ultra traditional father-in-law who happens to have horrible taste in everything but wine, whiskey, and perfume.


    • Ahhhh Ambre Russe is one of my faves. I wore it last week and it was HUGE! So fun. Musc Tonkin and I were not the best match but I have bottles of 3 Flowers, Cuir Ottoman, Eau Suave and have been lemming bottles of Fougere Bengale and Corsica Furiosa.
      Portia xx


  2. There is a tender place in my heart for aromatic scents. As a child I loved to sneak dabs of my father’s Old Spice and Eau Sauvage. Many years ago while on vacation I bought a bottle of Jean-Marie Farina Extra Vieille from the Roger & Gallet display in a pharmacy. I loved it. It’s gone now, and you’ve reminded me I need to cast my net wide and look for something else in that style to enjoy and to remember. Eau de Gloire sounds to be a great point of departure. And thank you for the reminder to “treat yourself well.” Wonderful advice!


    • Heya Tiffanie,
      We had Clayton Illolahia from What Men Should Smell Like do a talk a while ago. He had Old Spice and vintage Opium. They went on very different but withing 2 minutes it was hard to tell the difference. Interesting, huh?
      Eau de Gloire is less sweet but beautiful nonetheless. I’d love to read your thoughts if you ever do try it.
      Portia xx


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