Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian 2012


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WOO HOO! Another pack arrived from my mate Nick from Libertine Parfumerie. A package from Nick is ALWAYS a sweet surprise and he is a lovely guy who wants to have the best range of niche fragrances for Aussies to choose from. Today we are celebrating that Nick has managed to import the by Kilian range to Australia and now it is exclusive to In Store Shoppers at Harrold’s Sydney & Melbourne. Near pissed myself with excitement when I heard and had to keep it under my hat for a while. Now you know….

Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian 2012

Good Girl Gone Bad By Kilian FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Jasmine, osmanthus, may rose
Heart: Indian tuberose, narcissus
Base: Amber, cedar

So I have an apology to make to by Kilian. I completely dismissed this fragrance when it came out. My reasoning was sound: a soft focus tuberose that opens lightly green and finishes sweet vanilla white flower was hardly groundbreaking, nor was it even slightly outrageous, it wasn’t even a little confronting. Now all of that is true, I do have high expectations of Kilian Hennessey’s brand because quite a lot of it is absolutely glorious, back arching, eye rolling, throat achingly beautiful and when his company makes something so safe and delicate I need to readjust my perceptions and levels.

Fracas Light would smell something like Good Girl Gone Bad. The heart is a very similar bubble gum tuberose only slightly greened through yet her we find no indole but an almost ylang-ish banana butter, a creamy and fatty smooth textured tuberose that is clean. Interestingly it’s not the sheer, radiant white flower that is so popular but a heavy, thick fragrance made spare, given some space between the notes as if you are smelling it from a couple of steps away. Good Girl Gone Bad is not the glutinous mass of Truth or Dare either (that I love) but a warm, illuminated, golden white floral that floats softly and insistently around me in a languid, pale, golden feeling aura. Not synæsthesia but a feeling, like warm sunshine that unfrosts you as you stand with your back to it, it feels golden though in fact it’s colourless.

 by Kilian LuckyScent 2014Kilian, Tom, Portia, Christina, Barbara, Andrew @ LuckyScent 2014

So then, here’s the question I often ask myself, would I cough up for a bottle? The answer is twofold. Yes, if I didn’t already have so much tuberose in my collection, much of which wears bigger and more outrageous (one of the reasons I love it so much) but some like Nuit de Tubereuse and  La Chasse aux Papillons that wear silkily sensual like this, though they are quite different. I would definitely buy this as a gift though for friends who like white flowers but cannot wear the big guns, it would also make a magical bridal scent, even the bottle is perfect for that special day.

The more I wear Good Girl Gone Bad the more of a hold it’s getting on me……. Maybe I would wear a bottle worth…….

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Available in Australia exclusively in store at Harrold’s Sydney & Melbourne
LuckyScent has $160/50ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4/.5ml

 giveaway TheTruthAboutMummyPhoto Stolen TheTruthAboutMummy

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29 thoughts on “Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian 2012

  1. Oooer, this one sounds yummy. I’ve only tried two Kilians, Flower of Immortality and Prelude to Love. As someone who can’t carry off full-blown tuberose, I reckon Good Girl Gone Bad would be my kind of Kilian. Follow by email!


  2. Oh my did I ever get excited by this give away .. My discovery of this perfume was in Amsterdam after a salesperson spritzed on me . Divine !!

    I follow by Facebook and email newsletter.


  3. i follow APJ via email. I want to win good girl gone bad by kilian. I am from mongolia. And in mongolian store have’nt kilians perfume. I love kilians boxes (with snake) kilian is one of my wishlists top3. 🙂 wish me luck. Take care guys. Thank you.


  4. I follow by email. I LOVE this fragrance. I received it in a generous sample by a friend and keep hoarding the last spray in my little sprayer because I don’t want it to end. It wears nicely all day and is such a fun frag.


  5. I follow by email. I love Back to black and Straight to heaven splash of lemon. Both amazing but 2 ends of the spectrum. Soft and sexy and dark and energizing and citrus.


  6. Yay for the arrival of By Kilian to Australian shores! 🙂
    It’s funny because just today, thinking about my fragrant wardrobe and the upcoming Fall (here), I asked myself if I may be “in need” of another white floral and, in case, what kind. And it’s even funnier that three of the white florals mentioned in the review are in my possession (AP Nuit Tubereuse + La Chasse and Truth or Dare, which I wore a lot during this Summer).
    Good Girl Gone Bad (an intriguing name, by the way) does sound like a perfect transition scent. A “warm sunshine” feel is definitely what it takes for the decreasing daylight, and the narcissus+tuberose heart seems a great mood booster, and very sensual. Often the non-groundbreaking scents are the most worn and loved ones, at least from my experience.
    From the By Kilian line I only tried Love By Kilian: I was in a hurry that day, unfortunately, and I grabbed the bottle with the most promising name to me. Oh my… such a fluffy, heavenly, creamy marvel of a fragrance! I promised myself next time I am in Rome I will take all my time to test more and more from this House.
    Thank you for the chance, anyhow I got some food for thought from this review (white floral is such a large and fascinating category one never possibly ends to discover, and desire, new beauties).


  7. Funnily enough, I was actually in Libertine Parfumerie today and saw the entire By Killian range on the shelves! Lovely lady told me they’d just received it yesterday. Didn’t have a chance to sniff everything, but Bamboo Harmony seemed intriguing 🙂 Followed by manually typing the address into the search bar.


  8. I follow in bloglovin. I love Taste of Heaven, a great herbal, sparkly lavender, it doesn’t get enough attention! Thanks for the chance!


  9. I’m not sure about love, but I like Amber oud, I’m looking forward to trying more from this house, those bottles look amazing! I follow by email. ?


  10. I follow APJ through favorite is back to black which shares vibes with some tobaccoish gourmand fragrances i like.


  11. This is a fragrance house which I have never tried, so this would be a wonderful opportunity to begin exploring what this house has to offer. I follow you by email. thank you for the opportunity.


  12. So far, Rose Oud is my favourite By Kilian scent. I’m definitely interested in trying his new one, and I follow by email.


  13. You know, I haven’t really tried any By Kilian scents. 😦 But I love white florals – and I don’t need them to be huge or groundbreaking, so maybe I’d love this one! I do hope to try some out in the future! Thank you Portia for this super generous draw. I follow via Bloglovin.


  14. I haven’t spent enough time playing with By Kilian but what I have tried, I have liked – not enough to cough up for a full bottle at the Kilian prices though. Sorry, Nick.

    Beyond Love is another good tuberose.



  15. yay!! i am really interested in tuberose at the moment.i follow by email.great news the by kilian range in now in australia : ) thanks for the giveaway.


  16. Great post Portia. Like you, I was thrilled to hear that By Kilian is finally available here. I’ve only ever been exposed to the line via a friend in Canada who kindly share some decants. When I saw a bottle of Bamboo Harmony on eBay, I pulled the trigger with hardly a thought. I love this; a lovely blend of green, citrus and tea that is perfect for the spring days we are now getting into. Once a week without fail, I turn the key on the box, take it out and spray. It’s already one of my spring favourites.

    (I follow via email).


  17. Greg, I wish you wrote for us more regularly. that could have been a post. Excellent review of something I don’t adore. You’ve made me try it again, inspired.
    I think the sunscreen’s scent helped keep it in place though.
    Portia xx


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