Inside Vogue Fashion Editors Wardrobes: Film


Post by Portia


Hey there APJ,

Wardrobes! That breeding ground of clothes, the stockpile of a life well lived. Memories of people, travel, times, adventures. Every piece of clothing I own has a story and I treasure all of them, which has made the culling harder and harder over time. Having to keep two wardrobes for two sexes is also a bit demanding. It got to the point where I had to make myself some rules. 10 pairs of shoes for each sex, one in and one out theory. Don’t wear it for a year? Let it go….

Mazzali "M120" slidingdoors wardrobe. Bedroom and living areaPhoto Stolen Flickr

I freaking LOVE this series. How great! Recently we saw in Lily Allen’s wardrobe and it was even better than expected, such diversity. In this little piece we are given a sneak peek into two VERY DIFFERENT fashion editors/personalities wardrobes. It’s almost as if they came from different tribes but yet they both do the same job for the same company. Interesting and fun. Inside I harbour both these people who I think are pretty extreme, can’t wait to read what YOU think and how you treat your wardrobe in the comments.

Portia xx

Inside the Wardrobe of the Vogue Fashion Editors

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