A Full Speed Perfume Trip Around the USA Photo Essay


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


A Full Speed Perfume Trip Around the U S and A

Seattle. San Francisco. Los Angeles. New York.

I do not know where to begin. Everyone that I met in the US were absolutely amazing. They took time out of their schedules to meet up, made me and my family so welcome, showed us around the cities and were generally mind-blowing. I was so touched. A lot of it is personal and has no place on a blog. However over the months I will include things that happened as there are perfumed tales to tell. I am not too reliable at taking pictures, but I hope you enjoy the few that follow. New York was so much fun that nobody even remembered to take photos. An absolute highlight was meeting Azar of APJ. I have many samples of perfume to brighten up my winter.

The one question I have been asked by a number of people is did I find anything new that really impressed me. I absolutely did. It will be my
next post. You will have to tune in again.

Jetlagged Bussis

Perfume Trip Around the U S and A

Photo Essay

IMG_4626Sniffing Ellen Covey´s  überfragrant Cattleya orchid.  iIhad NO idea how narcotic an orchid could be.

IMG_4628The very elegant Azar.  Australian Perfume Junkie´s very own!

IMG_4636One of Ellen´s orchids.

IMG_4627Ellen and her husband and a basket of Azar´s homegrown tomatoes.

IMG_4629Me with Mary.  A San Franciscan perfumista and Verophile.

IMG_4630Part of Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids work materials.

IMG_4631A not very clear picture of the beautiful Virgina of Té de Violetas.


IMG_4633Shelley Waddington of En Voyage and Mary on the comfy sofa in Tiger Lily.

IMG_4632Antonia.  Owner of Tiger Lily in San Francisco.  Such a charming store.

IMG_4634Ellen Covey’s Olympic Orchids shelf!

IMG_4637 Leaving Twisted Lily in Brooklyn.  Daisy from Coolcookstyle leading the way.  The charming Arielle of Scents of Self and of Arielle Shoshanna Scented Luxuries.

IMG_4638Mary, Virginia and me trucking`through San Francisco.

IMG_4639The most beautiful toffee apples I have ever seen.  Seattle.

IMG_4640Ellen showing a tiny orchid in her greenhouse.

IMG_4641Jtd Jtd of Scenthurdle.  Los Angeles.

IMG_4642Hannah the BlondesWunder in the makeup store at midnight.  NYC.

Carlos Powell of Peace, Love and Perfume having a dhosa for lunch.  NYC.

IMG_4645Hannah me and Daisy.  Daisy organized a New York perfumista extravaganza for me. However what happened in New York, stays in New York.

IMG_4646Laundry rates in then hotel we stayed in.  NYC.

IMG_4647Tonka beans in a golden bag.  On the recommendation of Barbara Herman, author of Scent and Subversion. An old voodoo spell.  brings love and luck.  I have left one in the bag and the rest I shall use in my baking.

IMG_4648Tiger Lily.

IMG_4649 Twisted Lily.

IMG_4650 Inside Twisted Lily..

IMG_4651Hannah learning how to use and  umbrella.  Outside Twisted Lily.


IMG_4654Two with Connor

IMG_4655Selfie.  Val and Undina.  San Francisco.


(ED: This is the mad, disjointed and crazed order these pics were sent. Nobody got time to organise this lot, clearly not even Val)

51 thoughts on “A Full Speed Perfume Trip Around the USA Photo Essay

  1. This is exactly how the world should travel. LOVED seeing so many familiar faces and you went to so many amazing spots. INCREDIBLE.
    The randomness makes it exciting. I like it Val.
    Portia xx


  2. Just wonderful, in every detail. The people, the perfumes, the flora, the toffee apples – a trip of a lifetime, no question!

    If personal stuff has no place in a blog, I may be stuffed though, haha. 😉 😉


  3. How wonderful to see some of your photos and boy did i laugh out loud when i saw the hotel receipt for your ‘dirty’ laundry! I thought i might wet myself! I so need to go back to New York and explore more, including Brooklyn and so many other perfume stores! My dream right now is to be surrounded by shelves and shelves of perfume… then i could die happy after i had tried them all! Wonderful… more please! 🙂


    • Pats! Hi. Yep. We laughed ourselves silly at the laundry price list too. It was actually quite a nice hotel as well. I must send it to them too. I dunno about shelves and shelves. Sniffing them all would probably kill me. Which I guess is kind of one and the same. Nice to see you here. Hugs. xxx


    • Glad you enjoyed it Kandice. I wish I had taken pictures of so many other things, but seriously, maybe it is better just to enjoy them without always cracking out the iCamera!!
      As ever, good to see you on APJ. xxxx


  4. Hi Val! What a whirlwind! It’s so nice to see you and so many others we’re familiar with getting together and enjoying yourselves. I can’t wait to read more!

    Holly xo


  5. I loved this so much, Val! Amazing trip and so many cute pics. Like Portia said, so many familiar faces/names. I would love to hang out with that many fab Stateside perfume people.

    I’m still dying to see Undina but I’ll have to wait to meet her person in one day.

    Looking forward to more scented stories.


    • But I posted a selfie with Undina!! 😉 It would be rather cool to do a US trip together one day. Perhaps we should plan that a couple of years in advance. Hmmmm. Hugs. xxxxx


  6. Hi Val!

    What a fabulous TRIP. You must be exhausted.

    We had a BLAST meeting you, Chris and Judith. Today I am really enjoying the photo essay and recalling the fun we had. BTW, the goofy guy with the basket of tomatoes in photo # 4 is my own dear husband Brad 🙂

    Thank you for the visit in pictures to Twisted Lily and the peak inside Tigerlily too. The last time I was in SF in May (I think) I took various forms of public transport to reach Tigerlily only to find the doors closed. I kept pressing my nose against the glass hoping that someone would show up and let me in. Perhaps it is time for our own road trip. 😉

    Your perfume pal in the PNW,

    Azar xxxx


    • Also, I have to thank you once again for all the perfume goodies. I am totally enjoying my new Veros, among others! I have come to crave Onda Voile d’Extrait. I am continually surprised by just how much the different concentrations effect my perception of the scent.
      Azar xx and X


      • Hahahaha! That happens with the Onda Voile. And yes, all three of each fragrance are related of course, but most definitely not the same. xxxxxxx


    • I am so sorry that I mixed husbands up. I knew as I wrote it something was not quite right. I corrected it on FB and hope people will see it here. And he was hardly goofy. I dream of your tomatoes. Perfume Pals. I love that, xxxxxxx


    • Jolisa! That a a good description. It was an incredible journey. A long time in the planning. And then coordinating. Thanks to all the folks there it all went without a hitch. xxxxxx


  7. love it mummy! thanks for including me.
    the one picture of me and you scream at poor conner just describes us too well…and i feel like i’m turning into you. people hushing me everywhere cause i’m just too loud. ??


  8. Val, it was such a pleasure meeting you when you were in Seattle!!!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by our eccentric little corner of the world and for your generosity with your time, the perfume samples (especially Vero’s), the cookies, and now the photos from across the country with many familiar places and faces! It makes me realize what a close community perfume creates.

    Just for the record, the person holding Azar’s beautiful tomatoes is her husband, not mine. Mine was probably in the kitchen cooking.

    I love the randomness of your photos and look forward to more of your posts here.


    • Hello Ellen. It really is a wonderful community. Absolutely unique. I know I got the husbands wrong. I fixed it where I could. Sorry. Yes, between the kitchen and the drums ……. Thanks again. Am slowly going to work my way through the Olympic Orchids collection. At last. Hugs. xxxxcc


    • Hi Megan. You are young still! A trip like that is definitely in your future. But we are so spoiled here in Europe, are we not? Cheers for dropping in! Hugs. xxxxx


  9. Val! What a fab photo photo essay – each snap feels like it’s filled with fun and laughter, and that is capturing only a split second of a moment… What an amazing trip, great places and lovely meet ups. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these. Looks just incredible. Yay! Lots of love xx Tina G


      • ? Yes I’ll be in Scotland at the end of May, then UK, then ?? Europe. Not sure if my brother will still be in Germany, but June should be a great time of year to travel!! I’ll keep in touch & let you know how plans are shaping up. xx


    • Candace! Wow! How nice to se you here. I am sure we will meet up again. You planning on a Europe trip?? Hugs. xx. ❤️❤️❤️


  10. Loved this travelogue, just as it is. The random order gave it a madcap, whirlwind feel. Glad you had such a fantastic time.
    With aloha,


  11. I loved this. Loved.(Okay, totally been stalking your trip on Facebook, but it’s fun to see all of this gathered in one place). I’m thrilled for all the fab things you were able to do. 🙂


    • Dionne. We believe that stalking …….. It was great, yes. But the high point was being in central California to visit my family. The real reason I was in the US. Love to all your family. xxx


  12. How fun to see these photos.Would have loved to meet Undina (several of the others too, obviously)! Would like to spend a summer holiday in the US at some point,my father loves New England and I dream of NYC. Just now our currency is so weak, it would not be much fun going shopping over there, but I need to go sometime.


    • Meeting Undina was absolutely great. Good to have a face to the name!
      The exchange rate sucked for us too, we had to be careful. New England is so beautiful. You’ll make it one day! xxx


  13. Val! It was so wonderful to meet you and I’m honored to have made it in to your pictures here. Would that we could get together like that more regularly…stupid geography getting in the way. Say hello to your beautiful daughter for me!


    • Hello Mary! Welcome to APJ. I would have named you but wasn’t sure if I should. That was one seriously fun afternoon/evening we had huh? To be repeated. Lots of love! xxxx


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