Mascara: I look like an idiot so you don’t have to: Mascara


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We’ve had a couple of mentions in previous comments about mascaras. I have never really subscribed to the idea of expensive mascaras because I have never really seen the benefit of spending $40 on black goo that I could otherwise buy for $20 at the local chemist. However, I have had a small epiphany.

Mascara, MASCARA, Mascara

I look like an idiot so you don’t have to

In previous comments the famous Maybelline Great Lash Mascara was mentioned, so I dutifully toddled off and purchased this one:


I chose the washable version thinking that having to scrape off a waterproof version might kill my eyes. In retrospect that may have been a better outcome!

My present gym routine involves a boxing class three times a week. I LOVE boxing – SO much fun! Generally I start with a full-ish face of makeup but by the time I’ve punched and kicked till scarlet, my makeup has done it’s best to disappear. One particular day, my boxing trainer was giving me side eyes and then looks bold and says, “you have black all down your eyes!” I totally styled it out and retorted, “It’s because I’m so tough!” And I am tough, but truth is; my mascara had let me down in a big way. Bummer.

So I started looking online for more info about a type of mascara called tubing mascara. I had read about it a few years ago, I knew Clinique did one and wanted to find some more options. The idea of tubing mascara is that the mascara goo forms a tube around each of your lashes and therefore will not smudge down your face. It can also be washed off easily without waterproof makeup remover. Sounds too good to be true, right?!

Mascara MAC Opulash

Luckily my research coincided with a spare 15 minutes I had at Sydney Domestic Airport where they have a new beauty store called Amuse that sells a variety of beauty brands. My research had led me to a MAC mascara called Opulash, so off I went to purchase.

MASCARA MAC Extended Play Gigblack Lash

I told the MAC SA (who was super nice and helpful) about wanting a tubing mascara and not wanting smudginess. She told me all MAC mascaras were non-smudging, I admit I inwardly scoffed. She also told me of a different mascara which she said was tubing called Extended Play Gigblack Lash. She was that nice that I took her at her word and bought the Extended Play even though I’d read about the other one. I admit, I was feeling hopeful, but my expectations were almost nil. However, I have been using this mascara now for a couple of weeks and have deliberately been applying pre-workouts to see whether it will smudge – and NADA. Not even a hint of it. This is an angels singing moment!

Because I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week, this has been a real gamechanger. I don’t feel like I need to give my makeup more than a second thought and I have confidence now that I’m not going to look dishevelled in my makeup, even if the rest of me looks like a mess!

Have you heard of tubing mascara? What’s your favourite?
AF Beauty xx

19 thoughts on “Mascara: I look like an idiot so you don’t have to: Mascara

  1. Hey there AF Beauty. I’m one of the Maybelline Great Lash peeps. It’s cheap and effective for my needs. Love it.
    Once I got a DIOR Mascara in a promo pack and I admit it was 100% more lux to use but I found the outcome pretty similar so I’ll stick to budget thanks.
    Portia xx


    • me, too, Portia. I get all kinds of luxe mascaras in beauty bags, Industry swag, etc…and ….I dunno…at the end of the day I am just as happy with Maybelline. Although I do have to put in a good word for my Lancome mascara. That is DA BOMB!



  2. Hi AF Beauty,
    Because of allergies to various ingredients the only mascara I can wear (and I have tried dozens, including the “hypo-allergenic ones”) is Larenim Mineralash in jet black. There is something in even the Pacifica and and Ecco Bella brands that really bothers my eyes. The Larenim product smudges but it doesn’t flake.
    Azar xx


    • I haven’t come across this brand before, it must be frustrating to have to try dozens before finding one that works for you. If mineral make up is the key here, maybe Bare Minerals would work for you? Have you tried them?


  3. I’ve never heard of a tubing mascara although that makes sense. I’ve tried a ton of mascara’s and never really found one I love. I’ll have to give this a shot. Thanks!


  4. My first tubing mascara was the original one from Blinc, which is very similar to the MAC but takes longer to dry, then I moved on to Fiberwig (which is still a favorite but they have redone it and I’m scared I won’t like it). Fiberwig is a tiny bit dryer and has little fibers in it. I use the Gigablack lash in the cooler months or when I’m going to need to take it off to paint a fresh evening face. It does resist smudging but I sweat too much for it to stand up to a really hard workout or a day in the sun, it does eventually flake if it gets wet enough/if you wipe sweat from your eyes repeatedly.
    Most of the year, I usually go for one of those Japanese waterproof mascaras (Heroine Lash) that take the specialized remover, micellar water, and about 20 minutes of careful work to remove. They really don’t budge, even if my day consists of a 2 hour workout and an afternoon mowing the lawn in the summer.


    • I almost forgot to say, if you find the tubing mascaras too runny and hard to build up, you can use them as a topcoat over regular mascara and they do an adequate job of sealing to prevent smudging.


      • The MAC Extended play isn’t too runny at all, but having said that, it doesn’t build up massively either. That’s actually OK, if I were going for big lashes, I’d probably be doing something more exciting than going to work/the gym and wouldn’t need to worry about smudging. But I’ll keep this in mind, it would be a good way to extend the life of a tubing mascara to save some money…


  5. Maybelline Great Lash works for me and being a makeup junkie I do like tubing mascara as well. I find the one by L’Oreal does the job, it’s got a primer on one side with mascara on the other, it’s called Double Extend. I don’t wear makeup to the gym though. . .


    • I have a feeling I tried to find the L’Oreal one but couldn’t when I originally looked for a tubing one – the price point isn’t that important to me, if anything cheaper is better!

      I am shortly off on travels, I’ll look out for it then.

      I don’t specifically wear makeup to the gym, I realise I sound super vain! I put on makeup to go to work and it’s still on my face by the time I get to the gym later in the day 🙂


  6. Oh dear. More miracles have been claimed for mascara than surely any other cosmetic product. And you are right – the water soluble ones will smudge (no matter the denials of the cosmetic company) and the waterproof ones need serious removing at the end of the day with a serious makeup remover.

    I did try the Clinique tubing mascara – not sure now which one it is, sorry – and it was generally okay but had a tendency to flake (on me at least).

    I’ve had great success at last with Paula’s Choice Mega Length lash extending mascara. This one is water soluble (I think) but it does not smudge for me. Mind you, I don’t punish my mascara like you do! 🙂


    • Oh yes and mascara advertising – sheesh. I saw in the UK a brand had been challenged by advertising standards because of the photoshopped lashes – and fair enough I think.

      I’m glad I ended up with the MAC one on trial rather than the Clinique based on your experience with it! 🙂


  7. Never heard of tubing mascara! Sounds great though. Will keep an eye out for it next time around. Thanks AF! Currently on my second Dior, Portia got me on to Dior mascaras through a birthday gift. Previous one lasted me 12 months and did OK smudge-wise, but less $$ is appealing…..

    Tina G


    • It’s not very well advertised, you may need to do some research before shopping. I’ve hear good things about Dior and Lancome mascaras, but you’re right about the $$ – ouchie! 🙂 Hope you are well xx


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