Val CQ’s Easy Banana Bread Recipe (No Nut) 1985


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


After posting a picture of my banana bread on FB and being swamped with requests (three) to share the recipe I thought I would. This is the recipe I use when customers order banana bread, so why not? I live in a country where banana bread is not part of their baked goods culture, so I do not have a lot of competition. Nevertheless this is a great recipe. I have tweaked it over the years and cannot remember where I got the original recipe.

Easy Banana Bread Recipe (No Nut) 1985

Val CQ's Banana Bread 1985

It is moist and fragrant and delicious on its own. It toasts up a treat and is great with butter and lime marmalade. My therapist and partner-in-crime likes it with orange cream-cheese frosting. If you can get hold it guava jelly that would work too.

No great secrets, it is easy to make. Use the best ingredients you can. Baking does not magically turn crap into gourmet. Unless you are Rumpelstiltskin.

1 cup of unsalted and softened butter (225g)
1 cup of light brown sugar (180g)
6 large eggs (Yep – 6, that is not a mistake and best a room temperature)
2 cups of plain flour ( about 340g) (US call it all purpose flour)
2 tsps of baking powder (leveled off of course)
Good pinch of freshly grated nutmeg (about 1/4 tsp, you can use powdered nutmeg but I wouldn’t!)
Pinch of salt
3 ripe bananas. Lightly mashed. ( I have used all sizes to be honest, but tend towards larger ones. The recipe is quite forgiving though.)
2 tsps of vanilla extract (real please)

Please note, unlike many banana breads, there is no cinnamon or nuts. You can chuck in half a tsp of cinnamon if you want, but cinnamon in baked goods makes them all taste so similar. The minute amount of nutmeg gives it just a lift, and compliments the bananas beautifully. I do love nuts, but not in this. Only as decoration.

Before starting always prepare the pan. A 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. Butter and flour it. If the pan is rusted and a hundred years old because you never use it, then lightly butter the pan and line it with baking paper first. Mash the bananas and have them ready, I add the vanilla to the mashed bananas. Mix the flour, salt, baking powder, and nutmeg in a bowl.

Preheat the oven to 180°c or 350°f. If you use a fan oven then drop it a few degrees, but you will know that yourselves.

1. Cream the butter and the sugar in a large bowl with an electric mixer.

2. Add the eggs one at a time, beating really well after each addition. (They may look like they curdle a little as you get towards the fourth or fifth egg, but it does not matter. Keep beating!)

3. Add your dry ingredients a little at a time, and beat well after each addition. (I do it in 4 goes)

4. Add the bananas and vanilla and then just mix to combine. Don´t beat the living daylights out of it, a few lumps of banana is good.

5. Pour your prepared batter into the pan. You can decorate it with nuts if you wish to.

6. Bung it in the preheated oven.

7. Bake it until a skewer inserted into the middle of the loaf comes out clean. (This is not brownies, we do not want batter dripping off of or clinging onto the skewer, toothpick or whatever.) Baking time seems to differ, anything from 60 to 80 minutes. You will have to see yourself.

8. Cool the loaf for about 15 minutes in the pan then turn it out onto a rack an let it cool.

If you get a perfect banana bread, message me. I need an assistant.

Val CQ's Banana Bread 1985

Sorry that there is only picture of the finished banana bread, I didn’t know I was gonna post this!!

Banana Bussis


26 thoughts on “Val CQ’s Easy Banana Bread Recipe (No Nut) 1985

  1. Mmmhhm, thanks for sharing Val, this looks so good, I can actually smell it by just looking at the pictures. Now, I’ll bake my first Banana Bread at the weekend. And perfect that it doesn’t contain cinnamon since I am allergic to it. (It’s good to know that only three requests are necessary to talk you into something…I want an Easy Banana Bread Recipe 2015 now…).
    Hope you are fine!


    • I am not a cinnamon fan at all. And I HATE it in perfume. Ugh. Hmmm. 2015. Add some finely grated tonka bean? (Am busy baking with tonka beans at the moment – a new ingredient for me to work with.) I would love to know how the brea turn out.
      Lots of love. Bussi. Val xxxxx


  2. I can’t do bananas but my parents would love this.

    I don’t bake because of all the measuring. Maybe I should buy some cups and US cookbooks.

    Lime marmalade, orange cream-cheese frosting and guava jelly? I’m obviously not living.


    • No bananas? Not even baked into a bread or cake? Hmmmm. I mostly cook with cups. I just write grammes for those who don´t. And that nearly caused me a breakdown for this post. Hahahahaha. Rose´s do a great lime marmalade. xxxx


  3. Val,
    Thank you.
    I am seriously happy you put the recipe in. Friday evening I will make it for the crew. we’ll see how it turns out.
    Portia xxx


  4. Thank you for this NO NUT recipe, Val. I love banana bread but have serious issues with the usual additions of pecans or walnuts (not to mention the flour and eggs). I am going to give your recipe a try with egg substitute and gluten free flour. Even though I do eat bread and cookies from time to time (party time!) that are made with wheat flour, I always suffer for it. There is one local bakery that makes an excellent, moist gluten and egg free muffin so I know that it can be done. Do you have any suggestions?
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar . Oh gosh, although I do bake with gluten free flour etc, I am not an expert in it. Give it a go with substitutes, I bet it would work. The bananas would certainly keep it moist. Maybe throw in another one to makeup for lack of eggs? I have never used an egg substitute. I have used silken tofu, whipped up with little oil though …….. Hmmmm.
      Hugs. xxxxxx


    • Afternoon Daisy. I love banana bread. All kinds. Not such a fan of a banana on its own – but baked it always good. Perhaps I will move to New York and become yours. 🙂 xxxxx


  5. I already feared it’s a secret guarded with wild armadillos and I will never get my paws on it ?
    I’ll let you know the outcome !


    • Hi Poodle. Good to see you, as ever. Sorry I cannot help with your hunger right now. Make it in a couple of days for the next hunger attack. Then keep it in reserve. Last a good few days. Bussi. xxxx


  6. Yay! Recipe! Sounds yummy! I was never a fan of bananas ( i was tempted to say I wasn’t bananas about bananas but resisted the temptation. Or didn’t. :-)). But nowadays I seem to have developed a liking for them. Plus my family loves bananas- so will definitely try this. Next week maybe. Hopefully I will qualify to be your


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