Alanis Morrisette Top 10 Perfumes


Post by Portia


Hey there APJ,

What a great surprise, Alanis Morrisette is a FUMIE! She just uploaded her Top 10 and they are a really cool and diverse mix of the rare, expensive, mass-tige and niche. It’s a clever line up that gives me even more reason to think she would be a fun person to know. Clearly Alanis has been reading frag blogs too because she has a solid frag vocab that makes her pithy mini reviews totally understandable and easy to follow.

Alanis Morrisette Top 10 Perfumes

You can go check Alanis Morisette’s Top 10 Perfumes on Alanis Morrisette Blog

Her collection includes a Serge Lutens (a bell jar bought at the Palais Royale store no less), Byredo and Santa Maria Novella with a slew of others. Beautifully curated collection.

Alanis_Morissette_at_Espacio_Movistar WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia


Alanis Morissette – Everything (Video)

How about some Alanis Morrisette music to get you in the mood? Here is one of her less popular songs that I love. It makes me want to sing along. Go on, turn it up a bit and let the music wash over you. It’s Friday here in Sydney, let yourself go a bit.

Portia xxx

10 thoughts on “Alanis Morrisette Top 10 Perfumes

    • I know! You’d never think it would you. It makes me really happy.
      Then again, she has proven she is filled with creativity and heart. Fragrance people often are.
      Portia xx


  1. Thanks for the link. That post was a lot of fun! I love how she shared anecdotes about finding some of her faves. Pretty nice looking Golconda bottle. Also wondering how many scents she has altogether.

    I will definitely browse through more of her blog. And the guest posts look interesting too.


    • Hey Lindaloo,
      Yes, I was wondering if she has wardrobes full or just these incredibly cool and unusual ones. It would be very interesting to know the whole story.
      What do you think? Is this her whole collection?
      I have yet to spend a day reading her other stuff but maybe I will this evening.
      Portia xx


  2. Thanks for the link! I have enjoyed her music for a long time now. And now perfume too?! I did not even know she has a blog. Have a great weekend Portia. Xo


    • Hey sandra,
      I didn’t know either till all this happened. She gets 100% extra cool points now.
      Thanks for dropping by. Hug your young Sean from me please.
      Portia xx


  3. Who knew? What a great little read that was. With those perfumes in her collection she’s definitely one of us. Not to mention the fact that they meant enough to her to write about. I never imagined her to be a white floral girl either.


    • How exciting is the whole revelation Poodle. Funny that it comes out in a piece like this, after complete silence on the subject for decades. Perfectly chosen set of frags, really interesting and so unusual. If a perfumista was to create a list of the coolest it wouldn’t be too far off this very list. Impressive.
      Portia x


  4. I love her even more now! She’s got great taste – and a total frag-head mindset. I love the imagery her story congress up in my head: An international rockstar feverishly seeking out a tiny perfume shop right before a massive show that SHE is the star of- then swooning while she’s in there, then coddling her precious perfume treasure all the way home. She’s got her priorities! I want to try her California ones – they look delicious too.


    • You’re so right CyndiH,
      She sounds so real and grounded. How could you do ANYTHING before rocking a stadium? She is like, I’ll just go grab some frags. AWESOME!
      Portia xx


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